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I Need to Get Out More, the picture I finally came up with for DePaul's winter thematic show.

You can also see a progress sheet of the picture here.

Ohmy gods why am I so tiiiirrreeeddd. This is bad, because I have two projects that need full-sized mockups by Monday and Tuesday and I haven't even started any computer work for any of them. I thought I was going to start one of them today, but then I was lying in bed finishing Blood Lines: From Ethnic Pride to Ethnic Terrorism by Vamik Volkan and I ended up taking a nap after it. (Not because the book was boring, I assure you. It actually was quite interesting, explaining the possible psychology driving ethnic clashes such as that of the Greeks and the Turks on Cyprus, or the Russians and the Estonians, and other similar conflicts.) I'm only up right now because Daddykins needed me to wash the dishes. This probably means I should start working on my projects, but my brain, she is dead for some reason.

Maybe I'll go paint Kirby pumpkins instead.
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