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I find myself utterly baffled that nearly all of the American-based "how-to" anime style artbooks feature some of the most generic, boring, or just plain bad anime-styled art out there. Manga Madness by David Okum is the most recent one I saw, on the shelves at Michaels while I was looking for other stuff for my ART113 project. Christopher Hart's stuff is slightly better, and this chick's work is generally competent, but this is just horrendous, totally amateur. I just...what? What?

I have a couple different reactions to being confronted with this sort of mediocrity:

1) Shame. I feel ashamed that my primary drawing talent lies in the animanga style. What makes this even worse is that sometimes I don't even think I have any ground to stand on when I talk about how crappy some of this art is. After all, what's special about my art? Not much, really, at the moment. It's generic animanga, albeit depicting characters from small-ish fandoms and occasionally a couple of OCs. I'm not such a hot-shot. [/ blatant breakage of Ebert's Law; I plead guilty by way of low self-esteem and a generally pessimistic nature]

On a bad day, Shame eventually gives way to...

2. Despair. Again, I have no reason to think that I'm any better than this mediocrity that gets published. I should just stop drawing right now, because I have no hope whatsoever of getting better because I can never focus on a single pursuit more than a few months at a time, and therefore I'll never improve. Real True Artists draw from life, or are super-realistic, or have an uber-distinctive trademark style that absolutely makes them stand out from the crowd and you absolutely cannot mistake their art for anyone else's, or they're heavily conceptual and convey lofty Universal Messages and are Slick and Edgy. Et cetera, ad nauseam, rinse, lather, and repeat.

On a good day, Shame eventually gives way to...

2) Defiance. Fuck that shit; I can draw so much better than that! I'm gonna be one of the best damn American-based animanga artists out there, yessiree, no doubts about that, fo shizzle mah nizzle. I'll practice my anatomy and learn how to draw normal people (instead of just good-looking ones) and awesomely detailed backgrounds (instead of abstract, potentially impressionist swathes of color) and figure out how to color oh-so-prettily and the whole fuckin' nine yards! AND EVERYONE WILL BOW DOWN BEFORE ME AND RECOGNIZE THEIR QUEEN

Right now, I'm currently having a Pretty Bad Day, possibly because I haven't extensively drawn in a while and so my skills are seriously out of whack. Lately I've been heavily focused on writing and music, and I've been struggling - as I have been for the past few years and as I probably will be for the rest of my life - with how to balance out a journey of improvement in three different artistic skillsets, none of which I'm willing to give up. Is there a way I can satisfactorily balance this? Or do I just have to put up and shut up and learn to prioritize one over the other? No real answers, yet.
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Summer never lasts long enough for me. Summer never lasts short enough either.

I've been in a very...limbo-y place in my mind lately. (And there aren't even any fucking tiki torches!) I like being alone with my thoughts, but the problem is that my heavy thinking eventually ends up paralyzing me. I need to find more balance in my life, as I learned from Dionysos a while back. I thought I could do it this summer, juggling art stuff (both leisurely and career-related) with some music and writing in-between, and maybe some gaming, reading, or language self-study, and even maintaining (le gasp) a normal-ish sleeping schedule instead of the schedule of a vamp. But all of a sudden it's August and I've been lazing about in my room, despite things that I've gotten done, I feel - as I always seem to do on vacations - like I wasted my break.

I haven't been able to motivate myself that well lately. I think to myself: "what's the point, I'm not good for anything useful anyway". I think to myself: "what the hell is wrong with me, that I can be so fearful when I have a support system to die for". I think to myself: "my dreams are too big for a meek little girl like me". All these questions and thoughts, just little pinpricks...but before I know it, they've pinpricked their way into heavy shackles tattooed on my heart, my mind, my soul.

Balance. I need to find balance. Maybe it rolled under my bed and started a family with the dust bunnies there.


Eidolon [.wav, on Sendspace]

by Reileen van Kaile

these are my puppet strings that bind you here
what is it in my eyes you fear?
I'm the faded photo you burned long ago
reborn from the ashes a million scissor lashes
resurrected by the heat of my hate

here we stand at the threshold to black
take my hand, go now to these lands
savor the salvation that came much too late

how far will my chains let me run?
how long can I believe in your grief?
how could you be so naive?
well, try to save this, just try to hide
from these feelings that you thought long died
you'll never escape these tangled threads that Fate has spun

these are the ghosts that have stayed the course
what need have they of remorse?
I see that still I clasp your tongue
mine to twist, so cease to resist
you'll never find your lady in the sky

I'm your demon angel, your seraphic plague
no disguise, you're wise to finally realize
I'll never return the self that you gave

how far will my chains let me run?
how long can I believe in your grief?
how could you be so naive?
well, try to save this, just try to hide
from these feelings that you thought long died
you'll never escape these tangled threads that Fate has spun

(can you hear me out there
the voice of your little toy?
can you feel my memory
bleeding you into the void?)

well, I've torn away your hellish night
ripped through all your silly lies
yet you deny what any fool can see
you no longer have any power over me

how far will your chains let you run?
how long will you wander your grief
searching for what's left of me?
well, I burned it all, but trust that I cried
for these feelings that have long since died
and now I stand, alone and proud...the battle won

The first draft of these lyrics were written about two years ago(?) after a surprise run-in with an unsavory someone from my past that I thought I'd left behind. I had to put this song through the wringer to get reasonably singable lines that still made some sort of weird sense. I especially had real trouble with the bridge, and I'm still not wholly satisfied with it, but it works. I also had the key in mind and the melody for the first three lines in my head for a while, but it wasn't until recently that I pulled together an arrangement that sounded...somewhat close to what I was imagining. As always, the vocals need work, especially for the chorus, but the piano arrangement is probably my best so far. I'm slowly getting closer to making the music I want to make.

However, since these are the kinds of songs I seem to enjoy writing, I have got to start finding more appropriate venues than the cafe at Borders, because these aren't..."safe" songs, in some ways. I'm definitely not claiming that my songs are edgy or offensive or anything like that, but they're darker than mainstream. At the same time, I don't feel that they're dark enough to be called "gothic" or what-have-you, so if I had to find, like, a gothic club to play these at, I fear I would be laughed out of the place. So I feel kind of...stuck. I have "safe" songs that I can play, but it's things like "Eidolon" and "Gospel of the Shadow of Nobody" that I want to perform. But I'm not sure, exactly, where they fit in terms of genre, in terms of a potential audience. I have no idea who the hell would want to listen to the crap I make besides my close friends that I inflict this stuff upon.

Tangentially related: I finally managed to get a reasonably decent recording of myself performing Tatakau Monotachi. I wouldn't ever feel confident enough about my ability to perform this at a (theoretical) concert, but it's good for catharsis. That's part of why I love playing music: it's intimately physical in a way that my art and writing aren't. Since I sit around on my ass most of the time with art and writing, at least with music I can exercise my arms and vocal cords for a while.

you've got my heart beating like an 808
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Two more blabberings about martial arts flicks.

Robin B Hood: Jackie Chan, Louis Koo, Yuen Biao. Chan and Koo play two successful cat burglars, Thongs and Octopus (...don't ask), who eventually get roped into kidnapping a baby by their boss, Landlord (...again, don't ask), who's looking to pick up the hefty reward money for doing so from a wealthy Triad mobster. But while on the run, the Landlord gets caught by the police, and asks Thongs and Octopus to look after the baby until he can get out of jail. Thongs and Octopus are initially reluctant, but eventually develop a strong relationship with the kid and thus refuse to hand him over when the time comes. Kung-fu hijinks ensue - as well as a couple of instances of surprising tugs at the heartstrings. Favorite fight scene is Chan vs. Biao inside Thongs'(?) apartment.

Battle Warrior: Tony Jaa and...other people who don't matter. Well, okay, maybe I'll mention the random G.I. Joe character, just for the sheer randomness of it. Oh, yeah, Panna Rittikrai plays a zombie. But other than that, hoo boy, this film was a waste of an hour and a half and I wished I'd spent it watching Police Story 4 instead. Horrid acting, boring main characters, and wyrd-ass lighting on some of the shots that made it hard to see anything. (I double-checked; it was definitely the movie and not my monitor.) The way the DVD was packaged and the way the movie was described made it seem like Jaa had a bigger part in the movie than he actually did - which was likely intentional 'cause otherwise I can't imagine that this would be a good-selling film. I only watched the entire thing so that I wouldn't miss any potential scenes with him, 'cause fast-forwarding and rewinding on DVDs would almost be as annoying as just letting the movie run its course. However, the lone redeeming point of the movie (which I shall now poetically liken to the faint remnants of an ancient start in the murky night sky of downtown Chicago) is that Jaa actually plays a villainous character instead of a rampaging Muay Thai Hero of Great Justice. (Jaa is the right-hand bodyguard/fighter/whatever for the over-the-top military general dictator person thingy deep in the middle of bumfuck Thailand. Er...yeah.) I demand to see Jaa in more villainous roles! That would be hot. (Even though Jaa can't, uh, really act. Then again, he hasn't been given a lot of roles that require him to act aside from emoting ">:|!!!!!!", so maybe he just hasn't been given a chance to shine.)


I am re-thinking my plans to apply for JET this coming academic year. The issue isn't that I'm chickening out on it - yeah, I am scared to hell about it, but the more scared I get, the more determined I am to actually do the program - but that I simply won't have the start-up funds needed to get to and live in Japan before I receive my first paycheck. Not counting anything that I might need to buy prior to going to Japan (extras of stuff that I can only get easily in the US), I'm gonna need at least $3000 to pay for the first month of rent + amenities, as well as to live off of. I refuse to make my parents pay for that, and there's little to no chance I'll be able to get and/or hold a job during this last year of my schooling.

Even if I do miraculously get a job during the school year, however, I wouldn't be able - well, willing - to put in the hours needed to scrape up that much money. Because I just really, really need to get the fuck out of school. I need to focus on my schoolwork so that I can do well enough to graduate by next spring. That's really top priority in terms of real life issues. Once I get my degree, I'll start worrying about really investing the time/energy/sanity into looking for a job.

For now, I'll continue to cruise craigslist for mini-gigs.

...although I really should get cracking on customizing YouTube and MySpace for my music. And attempting to bid for graphic design projects on Etsy. aldkadjglkjakgjlakjglkja. At least I've got a $70+ CG commission from a friend coming up soon. Which is barely going to start paying off the Vegas tickets that my parents bought for me, but at least it's something. I'm also looking at eLance for writing gigs but am realizing how very little legit credentials I have to list for my editing skills, besides "Ask my friends how much I like to shred apart their writing."

oh, virginia, we didn't know you had it in ya
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Looks like I won't be getting my usual nap today. In addition to having to work on the final version of my poster for ART264 (which shouldn't really take that long, but just in case), I need to:

1) Continue doing the necessary research and sketches with regards to getting saleable goods for ACEN. (Which I just started during ART227 class this morning, lol.) MAN! It's even more expensive to get 500 custom Post-It books printed (that's the minimum number of pieces I have to order) at that one site I was looking at than it is to order 144 multi-color screened T-shirts (again, min. number of pieces). Le WTF?! Back to the drawing board again.
1a) I have to design my business card, some sign stuff (commission information + product pricing), and then a banner for our entire table. Will have to talk with Lauren about this. I still need to work on Selasphoria's logo. lkjelkranldkfmlakdmfadf WHY DID I PUT THIS OFF SO LOOOONNNG.

2) Attend a Visual Art and Design career workshop in the student center from 4pm-6pm. Well, okay, so I don't need to do this, but it would help. A lot. And I want to get there early so that I can get as much information as possible before I have to leave for Typography I at 5:45pm.
2a) Melissa forwarded me an e-mail she got from Tokyopop. They're apparently looking for design interns?! OMGYESPLZ. Alas, Tokyopop is located in L.A., which is decidedly far from me. However, I'm checking with them now through e-mail about when their winter and spring sessions are - I'm just wondering if I can just move to L.A. for my winter vacation next year and do the internship during that time. If I can (...which seems unlikely), then I have to check with my advisor to see if it'll actually count for credit (junior year experiential learning, hopefully), and with my family to make sure that they're actually willing to let me fly out to do this internship. It seems unlikely, but it's for school, so maybe they'll relent. I wonder if Tokyopop also has available summer sessions...?

Am debating on whether it's possible for me to do most of my schoolwork in advance so that I'll have more time to cram (if needed...which is probably is) when it comes closer to ACEN time. I think it's feasible for JPN106 if I just sit my ass down for a couple of hours with my workbook pages, textbook, and a heavy dose of Japanese music blaring in the background. I'll definitely need to do research for HAA115 early on and turn that research paper in early (not that I have any idea what the fuck is going on in that class). I'm a little less certain on getting ahead for ART227 and ART264, but I should be able to stay current with those classes, at least.


Slowly rediscovering Metallica's Load album. I liked a lot of songs from this album already ("Hero of the Day", "The Outlaw Torn", "Until It Sleeps"), but there were other songs that didn't grab my attention from the outset, so I'm giving them a closer listen on my commutes on the train (well, when I can hear them over the roar of the El) and seeing what I make of them now. I really prefer the musical styles on Load, Reload, and the Black Album over Metallica's other work, such as from Death Magnetic, which is too thrashy for my tastes. I can't listen to the Black Album anymore, though - I think it wore out its welcome for me a couple of years back. (That album was, incidentally, my gateway drug into Metallica.) I still like the songs on it, and I still think it's a pretty solid album, it's just...I don't know, the thought of listening to the album now is like taking stale gum from the bottom of a chair and trying to chew it.

I have a similar problem with Evanescence's Fallen, which was my gateway drug into Evanescence's music and into gothic/symphonic rock in general. But at least with Fallen I can sometimes load it up for the sake of nostalgia. Despite discovering Metallica around the same time as Evanescence, I don't have that same sense of nostalgia for the Black Album.

(But I guess I should actually listen to the album now and see what it feels like, instead of just thinking about what it might feel like listening to it.)

I was also able to listen to Karl Sanders' latest solo installment, Saurian Exorcisms. Initial impressions were positive, but since I had it on as background music for something else I wasn't able to give it my full attention, so I'll try to give it a closer listen later and write up moar thotz.

Unfortunately, I was less thrilled with Lacuna Coil's Shallow Life, which should be out in the U.S. today but which I was able to listen to earlier. With Karmacode, Lacuna Coil's been moving away from the gothic stylings of Comalies, Unleashed Memories, and In a Reverie, which is disappointing to me. But Karmacode still felt lush and full to me when I listened to it years ago.

Shallow Life, on the other hand, feels...well...shallow. Again, I had this playing in the background while I was doing something, so maybe I'm just missing something, but I honestly wasn't very impressed with it. Then I went on Wikipedia and found out that it was produced by a Don Gilmore, who is well-known for producing Linkin Park's first two albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora, along with some other work for Avril Lavigne, Good Charlotte, and others. Take that as you will.

On the other hand, I love the album cover for Shallow Life.


Am I the only person who can tell the difference in taste between bottled soda and canned soda, and prefers canned soda?

the higher you are, the farther you fall
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Although I've been more spiritual lately (meaning, in the past couple of months) than I usually am, I still feel like I am falling woefully short of the mark. Am I Doing It Wrong? What am I missing? Is it okay that I can only do pitiful, tiny offerings every month to Artemis and Hermes and can't do a lot of research (yet) into ancient Greek religion? Why do I not seem to be as "in tune" to the Divine and to spirits as other people? Am I meant to be this spiritually dense? What do the Gods want from me? Do the Gods even want anything from me? Is this the right path for me? Ad nauseam.

With my brain drowning in this skepticism, I sat down on the train Wednesday morning and began to read through Dancing in Moonlight's entry about the Artemisian festival of Mounukhia, set on the night of the full moon in April (which is tonight, if my Googling skills haven't failed me). I put on my iPod, which had been paused in the middle of playing "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne, and let it finish through that song because there was only a few more seconds left of it.

The next song that came up?

"only begun" by Artemis.

when I thought it was over, only begun
love I thought I could handle, grow so strong
when I thought it was over, only begun

you drifted to me like a wisp of a cloud
soft lips parting utter not a sound
I felt so warm cradled in your arms
but now I see you were only floating freely

when I thought it was over, only begun
love I thought I could handle, grow so strong
when I thought it was over, only begun
only begun

my heart was written in an ebony stone
you cracked it open, kisses like rays of sun
I thought I'd go crazy when you were gone
but now I see you surround me, laughing in dreams

I close my eyes, the night glitters
and you beckon to me
I tiptoe softly, so not to waken
from angelic slumber
I read your letters, the ground trembles
and the stars come down to whisper

when I thought it was over, only begun
love I thought I could handle, grow so strong
when I thought it was over, only begun
only begun...

Only coincidence? Maybe. But an intriguing one.

The goal of the modern Mounukhia festival is to help people understand the ways in which Artemis can strengthen ourselves and the world around us. Women should get a chance to revel in the camaraderie of sisterhood and feel that their femininity is embraced, honored, and supported by the community.

-Thista Minai, Dancing in Moonlight: Understanding Artemis Through Celebration, p.51

I thought about putting off my personal observance of this festival until later, because it's Thursday and y'all know how I feel on and about Thursdays this quarter. But then I realized, well, it's not like I have class tomorrow, and anyway this is a festival well-suited to be celebrated at night. (Even though it's so cloudy that you can't really see the moon out tonight, le sigh. It was really nice yesterday, though.)


Yesterday, I caved and bought the latest installment of the Dresden Files, Turn Coat, at nearly full price at Barnes and Noble.* I was blown away - this is easily one of the most epic books of the series. I'm always fascinated at how Butcher neatly ties up threads from previous plots while also introducing new ones. I also love how he balances the dark, serious business with cynical light-heartedness that (usually) doesn't take away from the gravity of certain situations, but instead reads more as...I'm not sure how to phrase it. A celebration of life, I suppose, if I wanted to be cliche and cheesy. Or - and this would be more in line with Harry Dresden's personality - it's kind of a "fuck you" to the bad shit that happens in the Dresden Files (and some pretty bad shit happens, let me tell you). Even when the plots hit the readers with darker and more depressing curveballs, there's always something that softens the blow a bit.

One thing that had me confused was that the cover features Harry with a sword instead of his usual staff. The staff is still on the cover, true, but it's no longer the main focus of Harry's image (it's hidden behind the book title). So I originally thought that the story was going to involve the whole subplot with the Knights of the Cross and the sword Amoracchius (of which Harry is currently the caretaker). But after reading the book, it then occurred to me that the Wardens of the White Council carry swords as well, and that's probably what the sword on the cover is referring to, because the entire plot of Turn Coat is about White Council intrigue.

I realize I'm not being very eloquent, articulate, or thorough about this book, but I'm hungry and I have a ritual to do. Long story short, Turn Coat is pretty damn amazing, although I wouldn't recommend picking it up if you haven't ever read the Dresden Files before, since it relies heavily on acquired information from previous books.


I am not looking forward to my first major ART227 project. We have to go out in a neighborhood and take pictures of an actual place that we're going to design a virtual mural for. By next Thursday, I need thirty photos plus a "research" paper describing 1) the atmosphere of the neighborhood and 2) how our favorite mural artist will inspire and guide our design.

Okay, first off, who the hell - even in arts majors - just casually has a "favorite mural artist"? I barely have favorite artists, period, and that number drops if we're not counting people on deviantArt (yes, I realize how failtastic this sounds). Secondly, the stuff is due Thursday, but really, I'll only have time to do this on the weekend. So it's either Friday or Saturday that I gotta drive out around Burbank (yeah, I'm taking the easy way out and staying close to home...although Burbank is so dreary that pretty much any building in this area could use some color).

Oh! But then I also have to have a paper subject for Monday for my HAA115, which is going to require going out to the Art Institute and wandering around until I find something that I like enough that I'll be able and willing to do the legwork to write a 5-6 page paper on it (due May 8th, on ACEN, ha). Granted, this isn't technically hard, but it's the principle of the thing - I just don't want to go out right now. I want to stay home and be a vegetable. What kind of vegetable should I be? A carrot? A tomato? A cauliflower? Baby corn?

And then I also have some poster mockups plus a quiz (where I'll actually have to write stuff instead of just doing fill-in-the-blank like the previous quiz) for ART264. Thank the Gods I was able to get Illustrator to work on my laptop, because otherwise I'd be nearly screwed for this assignment: the labs will all be closed from Friday to Sunday for Easter weekend. I feel bad for the girls in my class who don't have Illustrator and don't readily have access to it.

Okay, I should probably stop this entry here and go tidy up my room a bit before I do Mounukhia stuff.

Speaking of Artemisian festivals, it amuses me that Thargelia - the joint festival for the birthdays of Artemis and Apollo - falls on the sixth and seventh of May, which is right before ACEN this year. Yeah, that's real convenient, right there!

snowy peaks lost in the clouds

*I have it up on sale for Amazon right now for about $14. Yeah, it sucks I'm only getting half my money back, but if someone bought it, at least it'd be something and I could use the money to get the paperback versions of Proven Guilty and White Night. When the hell is Small Favor gonna come out in paperback, srsly?
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Hrm. I think I'm going to have to rethink my ideas about trying to sell T-shirts this year at ACEN. Doing that shit is more expensive than I thought; a 6-color design on a standard ladies' tee with ten pieces per size and five different sizes total runs almost $800 on this website. One multiple-color design, fifty T-shirts total, $800. I imagine the price to be similar elsewhere, considering that apparently more colors cost more because the printers have to set up the equipment and stuff.

I think I can easily adapt my "Shiroko Studios" designs to single-color silhouettes for the time being, if only because I want at least some T-shirts for ACEN. I'm much less optimistic about my "Anime: Because It's True" designs, though, because though inevitably will require a fair amount of color. (I tried doing a practice quote on a full-color shirt design out of curiosity and found that the minimum size order for such a design had to be 144 pieces. orz! Not gonna happen in the near future.) I should probably just look into prints and posters for those for the time being.

[insert some emo stuff here that I'm not even sure I want to talk about on LJ...]

and I coughed this up in a sooty perfume
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Today is the last day of my TuTh classes. As some people may remember from this entry, my ART105 participation grade was on the edge of adversely affecting my final grade. So, last night, after helping [ profile] vyctori out with a problem of hers, I went to sleep relatively early - before midnight instead of after.

I woke up today to find my mom knocking on my door, demanding to know if I've actually got classes today or not.

I looked at my cell phone, which was supposed to wake me up - as it usually did - at 9:15am on Tuesdays and Thursday.

The display showed the time as 10:45am.

Class would start in an hour.

If I still lived on campus, it would be no big deal. But seeing that I'm stuck down here in the 'burbs, there was no way I was getting to class anywhere on time.

*sigh* It bites that I'm going to end up with a B in my ART105 class just because of my attendance grade. It's not the fact that it's a B that's bothering me (witness me being ecstatic about a week from now if I find out I've got a B for HON301). It's that I'm getting one in a really easy art class about two-dimensional foundations of art. Ridonkulous, y'all. Just ridonkulous.

Consolation prizes: I'm coasting on a 96% for JPN105, which is far higher than I originally thought, but hey, I'll take that A. And despite my worries at the beginning of the quarter, I'm likely getting an A in my ART200 class as well. And assuming I don't completely bomb my final argument for HON301, I'll probably end up with a B in that class. That would put my cumulative GPA at 3.545, which is certainly a step up from my current GPA of 3.486, and which gives me more leeway before I lose my scholarship, which has a GPA cutoff of 3.300.

Speaking of HON301, turns out I'm not doing the 9-12 page final paper after all. My HON301 professor is apparently swamped with work and doesn't feel like reading more things than he absolutely has to, so he sent out an e-mail to those of us who had "turned in all of our assignments in a timely manner" (...I'm not sure how or why he included me in this, since I forgot to write two of my critical responses and posted some other ones late) the chance to, instead, come to his office during finals week and talk/discuss/argue with him for about 20 minutes WRT our response to the topic of our final paper. I was waffling back and forth on it for a while, but ultimately decided in the end that it would save time if I just went to his office and babbled about things, and that as long as I did enough prep work and sounded reasonably coherent, I'd be getting a B. Today, in class, we're supposed to sign up for timeslots, so I'm hoping for a Thursday or a Friday time.

So, prep time schedule for finals:

-Friday I have no class, so I'm thinking that tonight and tomorrow I'll be working on my ART105 final project, to get it out of the way (even though it's not due 'til next Wednesday).
-Saturday and Sunday will be devoted to Japanese. And partially to ART105 if I don't finish what I need to on Thursday and Friday.
-Monday through Wednesday or Thursday (depending on when I get my timeslot) will be devoted to HON301.
-ART200 doesn't really require studying because it's an open book, open note final that requires us to do what we've been doing for, like, the past couple of weeks. A bit involved and somewhat tedious, but doesn't actually require studying.


The gals over at Disgrasian posted this special effects video done by a 12-year-old. I demand to see this kid working in Hollywood!

Penny Arcade, meanwhile, takes me back to my brief days of working at Gamestop with this comic.

theta_aquarii on Twitter posted this wicked awesome link of 'shopped movie poster spoofs. I think one of my favorites has to be You Don't Mess with the Lohan. President Evil: Extinction is pretty loltastic, too. Humper shouldn't be that funny to me, but it is.

I have next to no faith in my ability, as a writer, to write decent sex scenes. However, I do have the small consolation that my sex scenes will probably be better than this dreck from a published (not self-published) fantasy novel called Silk & Steel by Ron Miller. I swear, it's like this guy had a case of purple balls while writing this thing! (BONUS: Check out the horrifying fanart a commenter did based on the copious description of the heroine. Yeah, I'd definitely hit that...WITH A MYSTIC ARTE.) And just when you think it can't get worse, it does. I can't decide which gets me the most. The flaming phallus? (Or should that be "phlaming phallus"?) The buzzing pubes? The names "Spikenard" and "Thud Mollockle", both of which sound like names JKR would come up with if she were drunk and stoned out of her mind?

EDIT: o hai u gaiz it wuz intentionally bad LOL.

And LEAVE RON MILLER ALONE! Also, his paintings, while competent, are kind of dated. He did the covers for this particular series of books, too.

'cause you're hot and you're cold, you're yes then you're no
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GOOD NEWS: Apparently my HON301 professor decided that our poor brains needed a break from the SRS FSCKIN BSNS of multiculturalism and the ethics of identity, so while we're supposed to see a movie on Thursday, he's just going to let us DL an .avi of it from his computer tomorrow in class and we can watch it at home on Thursday. Meaning, class is canceled for this Thursday. Huzzah!

BAD NEWS: Our 6-9 page paper on the different frameworks of racial identity we learned about over the past month is still due on Thursday! Boo.

WORSE NEWS: I have absolutely no fucking idea what I'm going to write about for this paper! Angst. I'm going to attempt brainstorming some stuff tonight, though. Once I finish ka-plunking around. Making decent progress on "Gospel of the Shadow of Nobody", don'tcha know.

Also, for some reason I got the idea today to write a song in the key of G-minor in 9/8 time. Huh.


I just realized I haven't done a link-o-llection in a while. Whoops.

I believe in miracles


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