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First off, some linkage!

Scientists are making steps towards creating a "cloak of invisibility". They've developed a material that will "cloak" an object from detection by microwaves, and they're trying to scale it up to include infrared and visible light. I wonder how long that'll take? I'm pretty sure that the primary use of this particular piece of technology would be for military purposes, but I wonder if it'll ever go "mainstream", for lack of a better term?

Eight commonly misinterpreted songs.

[ profile] ysabetwordsmith muses upon what makes a villain work in a story, and provides a collection of helpfully villainous links. Perfect for writers wishing to make their villains more than just The Big Bad.

From Namco-Bandai, who brought us the amazing and awesome Tales series of RPGs and the classic arcade game Pac-Man, we have...a really shitty-looking fighting game for PSP based on the upcoming live-action Dragonball movie. Holy hell, look at those graphics! The last time we had graphics like that was back in the Nintendo 64 era! (I wonder which'll be worse, this game or Superman 64...)

Over at Making Light, Teresa Nielsen Hayden posts a summary of the Bush administration in the form of a list of links to articles from the satirical newspaper The Onion.

Thanks to [ profile] kiirobon, I've gotten into an all-female Japanese rock band Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re. They have a very quirky, idiosyncratic sound, characterized by synthesizing a number of disparate, jarring elements either in the lyrics or in the music (usually both). The first song of theirs I ever heard was Manhole, the lyrics of which contemplate what lie beneath manholes. The video I've linked is particularly amusing for the sheer fact that the lead singer, Mari, is wearing this cute little pink dress with a matching set of cat ears WHILE SINGING THIS PUNK ROCK SONG ABOUT MANHOLES. But I think my current favorite is Ocha Ska, where the vocals alternate between sweet, cute harmonies reminiscent of usual female-fronted Japanese pop...and right-out death growls. Admittedly, Mari doesn't do the growls too well, but it works enough for the purposes of the song. I can't stop myself from giggling whenever I listen to the song; it's just so full of awesometastic WTF.

Finally, I just dissolved into a pile of fangirlish glee when I saw the artwork for the cover of Vienna Teng's new album. DO FUCKING WANT, HOLY SHIT! Why is it coming out earlier in Germany (February 6) than in the U.S. (April 7)? ;____;

(As an aside, the theme and composition of the artwork reminds me a little of the cover for Evanescence's The Open Door.)


I heard back from the performance manager at Borders, and now have a list of dates to choose from for my next performance. I'm still trying to decide on which one(s) I want - I'd want to perform when the weather might be warmer, but the later dates (2/27 and 2/28) are approaching the end of my winter quarter, and I don't think I want to be worrying about performing while I also have to worry about schoolwork (despite me doing some quick GPA calculations recently to see how much I can slack off this quarter. The answer: a fair amount, actually). Good thing I've transcribed major dates from my various syllabi onto my desk calendar, so I'll just have to take a look soon and figure out how I want to play things (no pun intended).

I've decided this time around that I'm going to have a setlist. I didn't have one when I performed in December, because I thought that surely, between my various covers, originals, and instrumental pieces, I could manage to just wing things. Which, well...I did. But I didn't feel very good about it, and due to my hands almost entirely freezing up due to extreme cold and extremer nerves, there were a couple of time-eaters songs that I had to pass up on performing because I physically could not play those songs. Luckily, my original songs are painfully simple, and so they are/were mostly safe from the curse of frozen fingers. Speaking of which, another change: I'm completely tossing out my classical pieces (and other miscellaneous instrumental pieces) and focusing on vocal covers and my original work. I enjoy playing classical pieces, but I'm not very good at them, and being a classical pianist isn't what I'm aiming for with my music anyway. The point of me imposing my screechings and plunkings upon unwitting Borders customers is to practice performing my work in front of total strangers without freezing the fuck up from stage fright. It would also get my music out there, as embryonically skeletal as it is at the moment, but really, performing at Borders right now is more for my sake than it is for the sake of publicity.

So, here's what my current setlist looks like, in no particular order:

Between the Lines
Cynthia's Lullaby
Bacchanalia (instrumental)
Gravity (Vienna Teng cover)
Harbor (Vienna Teng cover)
Woods Part of When (Noe Venable cover; a cappella)

Estimated total running time, not counting pauses between songs, etc., is a little under half an hour. Which is pretty short, I think, but it should be good as a starting point for a few reasons:

1) I'll get more chances to play those pieces in front of people per performance slot. I get two hours of performance time from 8:00pm to 10:00pm, and if I do the divvy I can play three half-hour slots with two ten-minute breaks.

2) People seem to be more inclined to tip when someone is finished performing. So having three chances to perform a complete set may, just possibly, net me more money in tips. And more money is good!

3) Having those rest times between sets will be good for me, since I don't yet have a lot of vocal stamina.

I was a little dismayed to find myself with so tiny a repertoire of original songs, but I'm not going to stress myself out with trying to get more original songs (such as "Wasted", "Hot", and "Daughter Mine") polished for performances in the near future. Despite calculating that I can slack off and relax a bit this quarter while still earning high grades, I will actually still have to do the work for those grades, and I need to focus on that right now. I think it's good, anyway, that I'll be forced to play my older songs, since although I can play them, technically, I haven't yet mastered them. In fact, I think as a result of going back to harder classes and working on learning "Momentum", I've forgotten bits and pieces of my songs. "Shit, what chord comes next here?" Or: "Aw, crap, I can't remember what I composed for this part!" Gotta start practicing those daily now, to reduce the chances that I'll have a brain fart in the middle of my performance.

you're pitiful, it's true
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ART105 was canceled today because the professor was sick. (She certainly sounded like it during the past three classes, poor thing!) Since I hadn't been planning on attending HON301 today, I don't have any reason to go out into the freezing cold. It's -9*F, for fuck's sake. Rawr. Although we don't have it as bad as parts of the northeast. Holy fuck, -32*F?!

Other random links:

Wii Sports dethones Super Mario Bros. as the best-selling video game of all time. Yes, the article does address the fact that Wii Sports is bundled with a Wiimote, which may be a factor in high sales.

PETA (a.k.a. People Educated in Total Assholery) is going on a campaign to rename fish as "sea kittens." Someone, somewhere, has made the argument that PETA is nothing but a large-scale exercise in modern performance art. I can't take these guys seriously, I'm sorry. Besides, I find fish cute and cuddly (they're my favorite animal!), and I still eat them! (Psst - found Nemo!)

Here's something that's not safe for work, and probably not safe for your keyboard if you're drinking something. In Korea, there's a park full of giant wooden penises. They were erected (snerk) to appease the bitter spirit of a local virgin girl who apparently died at sea a long-ass time ago because she got caught in a storm and her fiance couldn't save her.

I laughed way too hard at this icon of Azula.

One of the biggest problems in pagan spirituality - or any sort of spirituality/religion, actually - is telling the difference between a legitimate spiritual experience and serious psychological problems such as hallucinations or delusions. The essay Between Sanity and Madness discusses this issue from the standpoint of a current Wiccan (...Neo-Wiccan?) high priestess, who has heard otherworldly voices and has had otherworldly experiences since she was young.
By contrast, the psychic experience could seem hallucinatory but is not considered an illness. The psychic experience is distinguished by a resourcefulness, an elasticity, and an ability to return to normal after the experience. She also said that schizophrenia is usually frightening, nightmarish and shattering, projecting harshly critical and negative parts of the self. She said she had never heard of a positive experience in schizophrenia, that it always carried a sense of negative energy. The important distinction between that and even a frightening initiatory shamanic experience is in the recoverability. Schizophrenics will continually insist on an experience of everyday reality that just doesn't fit, Nancy pointed out, such as the CIA having wired their teeth for sound. "Thought disorder, which can be relatively subtle distortion of logic, language and meaning, is virtually diagnostic of schizophrenia, and is not found in shamanic or psychic or altered state experiences, " she said.

(I'm a painfully ordinary pagan/witch, it seems. True, I've had some experiences, but they've been pretty minor up 'til now; more like little elusive taps on the window getting my attention and teasing me than completely crashing through the window brandishing an AK-47. But considering the amount of things that already go round and round in my mind, I suppose if I did have the supernatural equivalent of a person crashing though my window with a gun, I'd probably lose it completely for a while. Despite being an HSP, I find myself spiritually and psychically dense, and I can't decide if it's because I simply don't have the talent for noticing such things, or if it's a partially-unconscious defense mechanism against being overstimulated.)

[ profile] matociquala, a.k.a. F&SF author Elizabeth Bear, discusses writing The Other in fiction. This particular quote from her pretty much explains why I myself tend towards F&SF:

Please note, as a fantasy and science fiction writer, I spend a lot of my time writing things that are really Other--intelligent wolves and giant talking stag-headed ponies, for example. Also angels (fallen and otherwise), hyperintelligent supercolloids, virtual winged dinosaurs, and other stuff. So I keep thinking, well, if I can write something that doesn't even have the same senses I do, how hard can it be to write a Jewish former Army Captain from St. Louis?

Well, the problem is, I'm much more likely to run into a Jewish former Army Captain from St. Louis. And she'll tell me I'm getting it wrong. The talking stag-headed flying ponies don't have much of a lobby here on our planet.

Her main point is that The Other is not, well, The Other. They're us - that is to say, people. They have emotions and feelings and thoughts just like us. The problem, though, comes in getting down the specific, particular details that engender those kinds of thoughts in someone from a particular set of backgrounds. For me as a writer, it's easier to make up those details (based on general life experiences) than it is to find them. Bear gives some pointers in her post for doing the research for real life details and experiences that may be completely foreign to you.

Finally, we've got the first glimpse of exoplanet atmosphere from Earth.

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An interesting article about how Obama seems to be dealing with his fame.

The music video for "Path" by Apocalyptica, featuring the band having a rock-off with their shadows. Badass - and it's an awesome song too. (Thanks, [ profile] dantaron!)

A look at hacker slang and hacker culture. I have to admit that I haven't fully read this yet, but it looks interesting.

In more loltastic news, here's a Neuro AMV set to a Dane Cook skit about wanting to be a fireman as a kid and learning how to talk. Hilariously perfect.


For the past few years, I've recorded the books I've read in a notebook, just to see how much I read and what I read.

The Things Reileen Read in 2008 )

TOTAL: 90, with 15 of the books being nonfiction. A modest count.

Quick thoughts on some of the books, in no particular order and drawn from a very spotty memory )

Ugh, damn, it's late as hell and I don't feel like writing anymore. I actually tried to go to sleep earlier but couldn't, so that's why I stayed up to write this entry. Boo.

waiting for my thoughts to fade
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In this village in Germany, you pray for your rent - literally.

In honor of the King Tut exhibit at the Dallas Museum of Art, a 26-foot-tall statue of the jackal-headed Egyptian god Anubis was installed at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Seeing as Anubis is associated with the afterlife, I'm not sure that this is such a hot idea, and surely giving the statue a candy cane staff is grounds for a smiting from this guy. Although, taken in another light, since Anubis oversees the journey of souls, "it almost becomes a very large ancient Egyptian response to the St. Christopher medal". I think I'd almost prefer Anubis over seeing a statue of freakin' Icarus in an airport I was going to be flying from. Because, y'know, a mythical figure associated with mechanical wing failure is such a reassuring thing to see in an airport! Cripes.

(Other worthy comments regarding the Anubis statue include a variation on the 'opening of the mouth' ceremony and Egyptian LOLdog...)

While I was talking about Oliver Sacks' Musicophilia with [ profile] vyctori, she pointed me to this amazing pianist/comedian (...pianidian?) Victor Borge, who I think I'm going to have to add to my personal list of idols. Here's a plethora of YouTube links for y'all to check out:

*Playing Lizst's Hungarian Rhapsody No.2.
*Playing Chopin's Minute Waltz. ("As you can see, we don't have much time, really, so therefore, we have decided that you will play 30 seconds, and I will play 30 seconds. That way, together we can play the Minute Waltz.")
*Playing a humoresque, with humorous antics.
*A hilarious reconstruction of Mozart's opera The Magic Flute.
*Here, during an encore, Borge improvises on a song that he's heard but has never actually played before.

For something more somber, here are two sarabandes from Bach cello suites. I was YouTubing sarabandes for inspiration while I was working on the lyrics for a song that I'd previously thought was a lost cause.

Still continuing on a musical motif (hur hur), the von Trapp family isn't as harmonious as the musical would make it seem.

And finally, a link posted by Eridanus on Twitter: 16 Habits of Highly Creative People.


I start classes again in eight days - that's a week and a day. WTF WTF WTF.

So, to amuse y'all (and distract myself), here's a slightly blasphemous list I came up with last night, inspired by something [ profile] vyctori said and taking some suggestions from [ profile] kiirobon. It's a little early for the season, true, but since we just finished with Advent...


-"My virginity."
-"My self-respect."
-"Respect for my fellow humans."
-"Using the Bible as a furniture prop."
-"Personal hygiene."

lock the last open door, my ghosts are gaining on me
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Reileen's Christmas Loot (Because Hobviously Everyone Cares About What I Get)

+Three pairs of mildly crazy tights and three pairs of crazy socks. Anyone who knows me from my high school days knows my penchant for wearing the weirdest, most obnoxious socks/tights with my school uniform (our school had a really lax policy on socks and shoes, as long as we wore the uniform correctly*). The thing that has me most sad about leaving high school is that I don't get to show off my socks as much. Still, I love collecting the things, and I have no less than two dresser drawers full of the stuff. Which is clearly not enough socks pour moi, no sir.

+Brown knit duster. I have a black one and an off-white one already, but it's nice to get a little more variety ( in my wardrobe.

+$205. Not only can I buy a set of new Prismacolor pencils (...or should I get Copic markers instead?), but I'll be able to buy Vienna Teng's Waking Hour songbook and a shirt from her shop. Fuck yeah.

+$25 gift card to Borders, $15 gift card to Kohl's, and a $20 gift card to Carson's. Plastic is always fantastic!

+A USB rechargeable digital photo album. Mommykins got this for me. Phwee? *wonders what she should put in this thing*

+A set of purse-sized hand lotions from Victoria's Secret. Which one should I use first: Love Spell, Amber Romance, Pure Seduction, Pear Glace, or Berry Kiss? 8D?

+Greece: A Traveler's Literary Companion from [ profile] vyctori, like I mentioned before.

+Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World from [ profile] kiirobon. Now to find time to steal the Wii away from my buttmunch brother...

+Musicophilia: Tales of the Music and the Brain. omg I love this book. It's so fascinating.


The Philippines' biggest TV station has picked up the rights to make a TV series adaptation of Twilight; people are convinced that this is officially going to turn the series into a trainwreck, despite the fact that the canon features sparkling vampires. I hope this series turns Edward into an aswang. Then again, given that one of the activities attributed to the aswang is that it eats unborn fetuses and small children, maybe Edward already is one! It's perfect! [/Breaking Dawn snark]

A preview of the Yoshiwara arc for the Gintama anime. gods taht l00kz hawt. Kamui (KAMUCHAAAAAAAAAN) also has a sexy voice. His VA is Hino Satoshi, who doesn't seem to have done a lot of overly famous roles, although he voices Sai from Naruto Shippuden. He's apparently collaborated with Rie Kugimiya before - he sounds good (RLY GOOD) as Kamui.

Take a look and cower in fear at Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz, a humorous look at complicated, unreadable orchestra scores. Make sure you read all the little interpretation comments!

Making Light has collected various translations of Luke 2:1-14. This makes the language nut in me very happy.

Hope the rest of y'all are having a nice winter holiday!

Grandma got run over by a reindeer

*"Correctly" = shirt buttoned up, skirt zipped up, no ankle socks (this was a really stupid rule, I still can't imagine why they came up with it halfway through my high school years), no flip-flops. You'd be surprised how many girls found these specifications incredibly hard to follow.
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The oh-so-great Fandom Lounge has cheerily informed me that Keanu Reeves is angling to play Spike Spiegel for a live-action Cowboy Bebop movie.

Fox News has begun development of a dramedy about a quartet of female werewolves living in New York. The title? "Bitches." This could either be really awesome or Really Fucking Disastrous (to the point that it Requires Random Capitals). Not that I'd necessarily be following this series' run, since I don't watch TV, but...

HOLY CRAP THIS IS TOTALLY NOT SAFE FOR SANE MINDS WORK: Vagina-shaped soap-on-a-rope, with that added touch of the ultimate in femininity: her menstruation! Guys, I don't even know. I just don't know.

Because I don't know when or how to shut up about Vienna Teng, here's another interview with her about her latest album, in which we get a better idea of the kinds of tracks featured on Inland Territory. lkjaldkfjaldjfadlkjf WANT NAO PLZ. I've got a lot to look forward to next year: Vienna Teng's new album, Jim Butcher's new Dresden Files book, Kanon Wakeshima's album...


You know what's really tasty? Brazilian Pudding Pocky.

I had no idea what it was before, but I saw some at Mitsuwa Marketplace when I went up there about a week and a half ago, and I went "Ooh! Pretty box!" and snatched two to try it out. Delish. I'mma gonna have to stock some more soon.

Also, I sat down recently and finally plunked out a reasonable sounding cover for the first ED to Bomberman Jetters, Chiisana Koro no Chiisana Kioku (Little Memories of When I Was). I also managed to do some stuff for the second ED, Love Letter, but I haven't nailed down a playable piano arrangement yet. That'll come when I actually sit down and listen to the song again, instead of doing it from memory at 3AM in the morning. Dear gods, I miss this anime. It's innocent and sweet, but surprisingly deep in many places, and it has a stellar soundtrack and well-done animation and background art.


Just came back from my parish's celebration of the final night of Simbang Gabi. My parents had volunteered me to be a reader for a special themed segment in the middle of mass, which is why a hellbound heathen like myself was there.

The Simbang Gabi is based on the Misa del Gallo, the traditional midnight mass in most Spanish-speaking countries. However, in the Philippines, the mass occurs every night over the span of the nine days prior to Chrismas Eve. (I suppose stretching it out over nine days is a variation on the prevalent trend called "Filipino time". Also, our Simbang Gabi mass started at 7PM, not 12AM. That's either really early or really late, depending on how you view things.)

(Interestingly enough, there was a recent post on [ profile] hellenic_pagans regarding Hellenic versions of winter holidays and celebrations. One of the suggestions posted was a modern festival called the Heliogenna, intended to honor the sun god Helios (and other gods!) during the winter solstice. Depending on your tastes, it can either be a three-day festival or a nine-day festival, with the winter solstice falling right in the middle of the things.)

Various Tagalog carols and hymns were sung in place of the usual hymns at the Simbang Gabi here. Even if the sound system were clearer than glass, I wouldn't have been able to understand any of it. However, the two Tagalog carols I'm familiar with, and which I have a certain fondness for, are Pasko na Naman (Christmas is Here) and Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit (Christmas Has Arrived...don't ask me what the difference is between the two titles). Interesting factoid: Ang Pasko ay Sumapit was apparently originally composed in Cebuano. Viva la bisdaks!

Parol: The traditional star decoration used in the Philippines to represent, among other things, the star above Bethlehem that led the three kings to baby Jesus.

Parole: The conditional release of a person from prison before the end of their maximum sentence.

Spelling: It Counts, Bitches!


Also, I just found out that my aunt wants me to drag my keyboard over to her house when we go there tomorrow for the Christmas party so that I can entertain the folk there. Well, I suppose it's better than sitting around wondering when the hell I get to go home.

the first thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me is finding a Christmas tree
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A REASON WHY OBAMA ROCKS: Because he looks almost like a Pinoy. And Pinoys are awesome, of course.

A REASON WHY OBAMA SUCKS: Because he invited Rick "The-only-difference-between-me-and-Dobson-is-tone" Warren to give the invocation at his inauguration. Seriously? Seriously?!

World's oldest computer is RE-A-SEM-BLED!

A rather...trippy...take on click-based adventuring. (WARNING: It will take a long while to catch up with the current panel.) The dream logic in this is amazing. I only wish that I could be half as coherent when I'm being incoherent. (Thanks, [ profile] dracobolt!)


I went on a bit of a watching spree yesterday, which is kind of a rarity for me (and not something I should really be doing all that often anyway).

Spirited Warrior - In a tiny village nestled in the forests of Thailand, a weapon-wielding maniac known as the Spirited Killer is murdering hapless travelers unfortunate enough to wander into his territory. Tony Jaa plays a villager leading a band of other villagers and surviving travelers against this Spirited Killer (played by Jaa's mentor, Panna Rittikrai) and the voodoo doctor who controls him. This was Tony Jaa's second film in which he was an actor instead of just a stuntman. The acting is laughable, the plot is a bit meh until you get to the end (WTF?), the fight choereography is solid. I wouldn't consider this a must-see, but it's decent enough.

Chocolate - The autistic daughter of a former mafia mistress sets out to collect money from the people who owe her mother so that she can pay for her mother's costly cancer treatments. This sounds just a bit unbalanced until you realize that the daughter's special talent is that she can perform martial arts moves just by watching them over and over again, either in person or on-screen in a movie. I first heard about this movie when I was browsing Tony Jaa's article and it mentioned that while Jaa was working on Ong-Bak 2, director Prachya Pinkaew and action choreographer Panna Rittikrai were working on a movie starring a female martial artist named Nicharee Vismistananda, a.k.a. Jeeja Yanin*. Of course I had to check it out, and amazingly enough I actually managed to find it subbed in English, in nine parts, on YouTube. (Here's the first part.)

Jeeja's main training is in tae kwon do, but she trained with Rittikrai's stunt team for a while before Pinkaew and Rittikrai developed the script for Chocolate. As such, while Jeeja isn't quite yet on the level of Jaa, I imagine that in a few more years, she'll be ready to co-star alongside him in a movie of ass-kicking proportions. (This is my grown-up Christmas list!) Part Four on YouTube showcases two fight scenes: the first one in which Zen (Jeeja's character) finally flips her shit in an ice block warehouse something-or-other, and her second fight (my favorite in the film, followed by her ending fight sequence) in a packing storehouse. Jeeja's only 5'2" (which is about my height), so it's fun to see her flip and fly all over the place. Her third fight takes place in a butcher's market, which is...pretty interesting, to say the least.

While I like Jeeja herself, I wish she had a better character. Seriously, the rare time that we actually see a female martial artist as a lead, and she's cast as an autistic girl, infantile and helpless except for her martial arts ability? I guess it was so she wouldn't have to act so much and could just show off her talent (which she's got a lot of!). I hope Jeeja gets better roles from now on, since Chocolate is actually a pretty good movie. It's also interesting to see that even though her mother's weakened by cancer later on in the movie, she can still take some names as the movie approaches its climax.

Michiko y Hatchin - Set in a fictional Brazil. Michiko Malandro has escaped from a supposedly inescapable prison for the umpteenth time. Not long after, she rescues 10-year-old Hana "Hatchin" Morenos from her abusive foster family. This seems kind of random until you find out that Michiko once knew Hana's father, Hiroshi, and is searching for him at the moment. Michiko and Hana also share the same tattoo on their stomachs.

Yeah, my summary of the plot doesn't exactly sound titillating. But trust me, this anime is worth checking out, for a number of reasons.

1) Characterization - Michiko and Hatchin, as weird as it may be, suit each other quite well. Michiko is hot as hell in a jalapeno and can seriously lay the smackdown, but she's also irresponsible and has a bit of a hairpin trigger temper. Hatchin offsets Michiko's immaturity with her own world-weariness, hard-earned from life with her foster family, but she still wants/needs a mother figure, which Michiko is willing to provide (albeit a bit awkwardly at this point in things). I'm not sure exactly where these two are going in the series or how they're going to get there, but Studio Manglobe has convinced me to go along with the ride.

Then there's the other characters. Atsuko Jackson, sporting the fiercest 'fro I've ever seen, is a police officer who grew up in the same orphanage as Michiko, and was responsible for Michiko's arrest about 12 years prior to the start of the series. Atsuko appears to have some sort of score to settle with Michiko, but the two of them sort of have a Dist-Jade relationship from Tales of the Abyss, in a way (especially once you hear Michiko mention Atsuko's possible masochistic tendencies during one flashback scene). Hiroshi Morenos, Michiko's own Prince Charming, actually seems like a bit of a dope (and is probably smoking some) when we see him in the flashback scenes. Pepe Lima's an exotic dancer trying to scrape together enough money to get IDs for herself and her younger sister Lulu so that they can jet to someplace better; the owner/cook of a ramen shop that Hatchin works at for a while, who claims "my kung fu send you to hell!"; the criminal syndicate henchman Shinsuke Rodriguez is about as sadistic as Nougami Neuro with the looks of Sideshow Bob crossed with Ryuk; and so on and so forth.

(Oh, and apparently Hatchin can get drunk off orange juice. Orange juice. drunk!Hatchin is an amazing thing to watch. So is drunk!Michiko, for that matter, especially when she's yelling at Pepe "YOUR TITS ARE TOO STIFF!" and then starts shaking her own at her. Yeah.)

2) Art/Animation - Michiko y Hatchin has some seriously beautiful backgrounds with amazing attention to cultural details, and the animation is top-notch as well. Michiko also wears some fucking awesome outfits. The graphics used for the episode title screen and for the middle-of-episode break screens are different in each episode, which is fun to look for/at. I can just imagine the research that the art team did for this series. "Okay, guys, we're gonna live it up in Rio de Janeiro for a couple of months. Party hard, bitches!"

3) Music - Music? Is awesome. Listen to the OP if you don't believe me - it's a really fun, jazzy tune. (TANGENT: If you're watching the OP and you're thinking to yourself, damn, that really looks/sounds like the OP to Cowboy Bebop, that's because Shinichirou Watanabe, who was the writer/director for Cowboy Bebop, is also the music director for Michiko to Hatchin. Fancy that.) The beginning of episode two also has this awesome electronic riff. I freakin' want this series' soundtrack.

The first five subbed episodes can be found on crunchyroll here. For the rest, start here on YouTube with part 1 of episode 6 and check the "More From" box on the right side (up to episode 9 has been subbed so far).

I've held on too long to let it go now

*I don't know how she ended up with this name, but I once had a Thai co-worker whose real given name was Ruchaneewan, but we all called her Meaw. Yeah.
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What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North

You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

The Midland
The Northeast
The South
The West
North Central
What American accent do you have?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

What's wrong with calling it "pop"?! D:


Saturn's largest moon, Titan, may have active ice volcanoes. Coooool.

The animated movie Delgo has the worse wide release opening ever. Ouch! (This is the first time I've heard of this movie, which probably goes a way in explaining why it did so horrendously at the box office. Noble intentions with an ignoble end...)

Dubai is planning a refrigerated beach. WTF?! I think someone's missing the point of beaches, here!

Need something to amuse you? Here's a parody of Harlequin novels, with a chapter to be posted a day until the 22nd.

The lingerie sold in some Syrian stores would be enough to make the late Bettie Page blush. I find it interesting that under Islamic law, sexual non-satisfaction in a marriage is grounds for divorce. How do you prove this to the judge, if at all? *ponders*

Finally, I've got a selection of SRS BSNS stuff going on. Here's a hefty piece: what we talk about when we talk about. It's a discussion of the race issues surrounding the whitewashed casting decisions for the live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender movie.

cut for a lengthy but meaty excerpt from the essay )

This particular link doesn't deal with Avatar specifically, but to the wider question of "Why do manga characters look Caucasian?"

And [ profile] glockgal addresses some of the more common racist responses to the whitewashed Avatar casting.


[ profile] vyctori bought me Greece: A Traveler's Literary Companion for Christmas, which I received in the snail mail today. Thank you!

Speaking of Vyc, I finished another commission for her today, featuring the Ninth Doctor with Rose Tyler. It has its good and its bad parts, but overall it's not too bad.

I got the confirmation for an Artist Alley spot! Unfortunately it looks like I wasted some money on doing badge mailing this year, ("Do not request badge mailing on any of your badges, you will not get the correct badge in the mail and will have lost the $1.50"), but it's small change.

give me all that you've been given, and I'll stand to speak your mind
David Tennant picspam. I love this guy and I haven't even seen a single episode of Doctor Who (thanks, [ profile] vyctori :P).

These screenshots of Emperor Peony of Malkuth from the Tales of the Abyss anime make me happy in my skirt. (Once again, thanks, [ profile] vyctori.)

Aaah! Real Sumo Wrestling(tm)! (A.K.A. "What Happens When You Cross Sumo Wrestling With Street Fighter Effects.")

[ profile] ysabetwordsmith has a nice post here about designing business cards, which will come in handy for me assuming that me and my friend Lauren manage to snag a table at Anime Central this year. I've been obsessively checking the main site for a while now, and I saw that they'd put up a registration link on Sunday night, so I went and filled out the form. Now I'm just waiting for it to be processed, or so the site says.

"If Twilight Was 10 Times Shorter and 100 Times More Honest." I could do without the fat jokes, but other than that, it's hilarious.

Rounder's press release about Vienna Teng's fourth album.

Also, an awesome shot of Vienna from her performance at SanFran's Palace of Fine Arts on December 13. Will you just check those boots! And the dress. And the hair clips.

The other day, I ate some mitarashi dango that I bought from Mitsuwa Marketplace. Oh, man, the soy sauce syrup completely ruined it for me. Next time I'm getting the bocchan dango or the hanami dango.


Been catching up a bit on Gintama subs on crunchyroll. I had to stop after 88, though, 'cause the subtitles on 89 were borked, le sigh.

RE: Gintama 84

Gintoki stabbed someone with a subtitle. No, I'm serious.

RE: Gintama 88

I think this has to be my favorite episode of the series thus far. If only for the use of "constructing the dirty Tower of Babel" as a running euphemism for FtM sex-reassignment surgery. ONWARDS, NOBLE WARRIORS OF BABYLON! Oh, yeah, and cute Kyuubei is adorable.


Am finishing up chapters 3 and 4 in The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory, which involve scales, musical modes, and major and minor keys. I've been busy working on an art commission for [ profile] vyctori, so I haven't been able to sit down and do the audio exercises, but I took some notes from the book. I also went on the Wiccapedes and found this helpful article, which dumbs down musical modes enough for me to play them myself without breaking my brain too much. (Yes, apparently a book called The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory didn't dumb down modes enough for me; I had to go to Wikipedia. I'm pretty sure this says something unflattering about me.)

SURPRIZE VIENNA in the Lydian mode article, which claims that her song "Momentum" shifts between Lydian and major. Also, Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and "Sad But True" are in Locrian mode? Whoah.

The next dungeon for me to challenge is Rhythm and Tempo. That's going to be a killer, f'rreal. But I really gotta learn this shit if I want to get any further in my musical career thingamabobber thing.

you're pitiful, it's true
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I finally sat my ass down and started working through a book I've had for a while, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory by Michael Miller. I've always felt a little odd as a pianist who's played since 3rd grade and yet had no idea what the hell was going on with those damn intervals and chord progressions and such. If I'd just wanted to recite pieces, I probably wouldn't really need to learn the stuff - I'd just have to memorize the pages and pages of notes. But since I'm foraying into original composition, I have to learn how this shit is put together and what piece of this shit is called in Musicalinese and yadda yadda yadda. Which is a bit brainbreaky, but a girl's gotta do, y'know? I got a little extra help from [ profile] vyctori the Music Major, who helped me out with a few tips on memorizing the formal names of scale degrees (tonic, supertonic, mediant, subdominant, dominant, submediant, leading note).

I managed to cover chapters 1 and 2 today (respectively, pitches/notes and intervals), including all of the audio exercises from chapter 1 and 1/3 of the audio exercises from chapter 2 (which I'll finish as soon as I write this entry). I have to say that having my extensive background in playing an instrument (and, uh, having composed a few original songs and covered others already) helps a lot in the audio exercises, since I don't have to futz about trying to remember which note is where on the keyboard, and my musical ear seems to have developed enough to the point that I can identify the really simple one- or two-note soundings with relative ease. Next up in chapter 3 is scales.


This macro of our president-elect kills me ded. Obama is the new fandom bicycle in political RPF! (Taken from this Fandom Wank entry, in which Gay Politicians is Serious Business.)

In this short film, it is thusly proven that God is a DJ. (Thanks, [ profile] dantaron!)

Four toys that have gone to war for America.

I don't even really know what to say about the complete idiocy of this next one: In Soviet Russia, all your smiley are belong to us. Seriously. (Thanks, Eridanus!)


My friend [ profile] kiirobon likes to write song lyrics. This is all well and good, except that his lyrics tend to be...not very singable in their original form. Which sucks, because he's always got interesting things going on in his lyrics. With his approval, I took the title, images, and themes from one of his recent songs and made it into something more resembling standard song structure.

Gospel of the Shadow of Nobody

I'm the doorbell that rings your mind
At three-thirty in the morn
I'm the cab driving you late to work
Taking a million detours

I'm the specter of past lives lived
Appearing in shower steam on glass
I'm that little light of hope
You know will never last

Hate me, berate me
Stick me with knives
Hallucinate me burying you alive
And cry yourself to sleep when you realize
I'm the Nobody part of you that will never die

I'm a parent who kicks you out
Knowing you'll come back
To black eyes and insults thrown
Around your ghetto shack

I'm your god who lives
On your sweat and blood
Who drinks the cup of your tears
And grinds your dreams into mud

Hear me, fear me,
Fuck me with your hate
Smear me with the crow that you ate
Deny it all you want or blame your fate
I'm the Nobody part of you that you create

Yeah, though I dwell in the valley of death
I live in the broken mistakes of your life
And though you think you can know me
You'll never outgrow me
Never throw me away
But show me what you got
And just try to take one last breath

Hate me, berate me
Stick me with knives
Hallucinate me burying you alive
And cry yourself to sleep when you realize
I'm the Nobody part of you that will never die

Never die, never lie
Never die, never lie
Never die

Now here's something to ponder. When I was reading the original version, I was thinking to myself that it sounded like something that was meant to be either spoken word or rapped. Then, as I was doing mental revisions, I thought that maybe the music could be something jazzy (which may or may not have been influenced by the fact that I was listening to Vienna Teng's "Boy at the Piano" earlier yesterday...). Then, as I was actually writing the lyrics, potential music started manifesting itself to me as metal rock. ("It's like a revolving door of genres!" sayeth [ profile] vyctori.)

Which pretty much prevents me of having any hope of performing this song myself, since a little Asian girl with a piano isn't exactly the most hardcore image ever. I imagine there are some gifted individuals who could make piano sound hardcore; I can't imagine I'm one of them. (Though it'd be nice to do more angry songs someday a la Emilie Autumn.)

the pain is much more than physical, beyond belief
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Stressed out, pissed off, and need to unwind? Break some plates for that cathartically refreshing feeling! I think we need something like this in America.

Manny Pacquiao beats the crap out of Oscar de la Hoya. PINOY REPRESENT.

Check out twelve living fossils. I think my favorite is the mantis shrimp at the end. That's cool, dude.

Photos of an abandoned military base in Ukraine. If you love the aesthetic of the urban wasteland as much as I do, join the communities [ profile] abandonedplaces and [ profile] urban_decay!

Online coupons FTW.

In Taiwan, we can haz a Hello Kitty hospital.

People procrastinating on real projects Academics invent a mathematical equation for why people procrastinate. Personally, I'd replace the D (personal Delay factor) with an L (personal Laziness factor) so that the equation reads U = EV/IL. But, y'know, this is probably why I Am Not a Scientist.

Liberals voice concerns about Obama.


Gintama's gearing up for the Yoshiwara arc by January of next year, which means that, barring Sunrise deciding to do a bit of backpedaling, the anime's going to be ending pretty soon. Mum's the word on who's going to voice the new characters, but Gintama's had that tendency for a while now. No one knew who Kyuubei's VA was until her first appearance in the anime; hell, no one knew that gutterfucking Koyasu Takehito was gonna be Takasugi until his debut episode aired. (Everyone knew that Mitsuaki Madono was gonna be Itou, but he's pretty veteran anyway.) A lot of people - including myself - want Romi Paku to voice Kamui (Kagura's older brother) because Rie Kugimiya was the Al to her Ed in Fullmetal Alchemist. My friend [ profile] kiirobon doesn't think that's likely, since nearly all of the main male characters in Gintama are voiced by male VAs (with the possible coming exception of Seita). It might be possible that Paku will voice Tsukuyo instead, which would still be pretty cool. For the others, I'm thinking Daisuke Gouri for Housen, Masami Iwasaki for Abuto, and Yukana or Houko Kuwashima for Hinowa.*

But lemme tell you, if Hiroki Takahashi gets Kamui, that would just make my entire fucking year. XD

take me away, a sweet escape

*This is, of course, assuming that Sunrise isn't just going to drag in virtual unknowns. But the main players of Gintama all have pretty well-known seiyuu, so maybe this is a moot point.
An Etymologist's View of the World features a series of maps that appear to be just regular maps, but look a little closer and you'll see that more familiar place names have been replaced with what they translate as. Totally awesome, and if you were looking for ideas on how to name places in your fantasy/sci-fi worlds, this might give you some inspiration.

[ profile] elfwreck brings us the Pagan Bingo card, for when you're really sick and tired of all the "witty" responses that come from mentioning that you're pagan/a witch/et cetera. (I haven't had this problem much, myself, since I don't really talk about spirituality all that much, even in my tight group of friends who respect me and accept me. My parents have leveled a few of these at me when I first admitted I'd turned away from Catholicism, though.)

[ profile] kaigou has a series of interesting posts here and here regarding various aspects of Japanese culture with regards to the anime Mo No No Ke.

The Turkey City Lexicon gives names to various recurring patterns in genre fiction, particularly science fiction and fantasy. Man, I wish I'd known the term "countersinking" a year or two back - I was MSTing a fic that was absolutely riddled with the problem.

This gives a whole new meaning to the term "fundies." Bzuh?!

A rather concisely humorous overview of the political clusterfuck going up in Canuckistan.

Holy crap! It's NaNoWriMo wank that has nothing to do with NaNoWriMo being the death of Real True Writing!


I finished reading Female Serial Killers: How and Why Women Become Monsters by Peter Vronsky, which I borrowed from [ profile] lysis_to_kill a couple of months back. It's a brief, accessible overview to the history and psychology of female killers, and if you're interested in the subject and don't know much of anything about it (unlike [ profile] lysis_to_kill, who knows a shitload), I'd recommend it. (It would be nice to see a book on this subject done by a woman, however.)

One thing I found jarring, however, were the major shifts in Vronsky's tone that popped up every now and again in the first half of the book, but became really pronounced during the second half, especially towards the end when he begins talking about the "Nazi bitches" Irma Grese and Ilse Koch and the Manson Girls. He keeps a casually academic tone for the most part, but then you run into things like a footnote on LaVeyan Satanism on page 415 with regards to one of the Manson Girls that reads:

*LaVey was the founder of the San Francisco-based Church of Satan - a pseudosatanic cult for wankers with fat wallets and small brains.

And then earlier on, on page 19, as an editorial comment on a quote from a radical feminist:

Perhaps this will yet represent a frightening future wave of feminism that will insist, as Morissey's publisher describes her book's argument, "that by denying the possibility of female agency in the crimes of torture, rape, and murder, feminist theorists are, with the best of intentions, actually denying women the full freedom to be human."

Please, a little less freedom and humanity for all of us then!

Whether you find his comments to be spot-on or not (I actually do think he has his points in his scathing comments regarding the ridiculous ways in which feminists of a certain stripe hold up female serial killers as martyrs and victims of a phallocentric patriarchy), they also seem ridiculously out of place in this layman's academic text, and it had me going "Just shut up and get on with the facts!" every so often. Seriously, man, what are you writing, a post for a snark community or an informational book?


Making progress on learning "Those Who Fight", although there's no way I'd be able to perform it in time for Borders on 12/5. Not that that particularly worries me, since it's not like that'll be the only time I'll perform there (...I hope). I am proud of being able to hit difficult notes with some relative measure of cleanness without completely killing my wrists or fingers, and I can roughly play the first three pages from memory now. I'm working on memorizing the next three pages (though I have a random part from them sort of memorized), and I'm learning the last three pages (which I didn't even touch the first time I had this sheet music). I can play through up to page 7 with some degree of competency now, though.

we're here where the daylight begins
Ask-A-Ninja: You Got Questions, Ninja Got Answers.

From the Angry Asian Man comes news of the Stanford Laptop Orchestra, a.k.a. SLOrk.

From the Smart Bitches comes a musing on the value of bad books.

[ profile] cleolinda does the Twilight movie in fifteen minutes. "I AM VAMPIRE. HEAR ME TWINKLE."

Can't seem to get yer werdz written? Check out Write or Die, a web app where you...well...write or die. Depending on how hard you tweak the settings, non-writing gets punished either with pop-up boxes or with the application actively un-writing what you've written. (Disclaimer: Despite being ridiculously behind in NaNo, I have not tried this out yet.)

I finally upgraded for Firefox 3 (because it became compatible with ljLogin, yay!) and I got this gorgeous steampunkish skin for it.

An article that discusses racial diversity in speculative fiction. Yes, people, it is okay for your main characters to be non-white, non-male, and non-Christian/non-non-theistic! You can still get good stories!

Joel Johnson completely pwns a Motorola astroturfer. I love the parody comments near the end of the article.


Your rainbow is shaded gray and violet.


What is says about you: You are a creative person. You appreciate tradition and wisdom that comes with age. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it. You depend on modern technology and may feel uncomfortable without it.

Find the colors of your rainbow at


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
32,296 / 50,000

If I can just get to 35k...! I hope to be able to do a post here soon about the various characters, places, and things in Seera Kai, at least the way those things stand now in NaNo. (Most will probably get a huge-ass overhaul once I return in about a year for revisions...)

the Vengabus is coming
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I recently finished watching the live-action series Nodame Cantabile, which is based off a manga by the same name. It's eleven 46-minute-ish episodes, with two two-hour "special" episodes set in Europe, and it revolves around the story of two music students at Momogaoka Music Academy: Chiaki Shinichi the super-serious student with aspirations towards being a professional conductory, and Noda Megumi a.k.a. "Nodame" the...uh...super-not-serious student with aspirations towards being a kindergarten teacher. Wacky hijinks, of course, ensue.

I recommend giving this series a try, although depending on what type of media you usually consume, you may be put off by the animanga-style effects and outlandish characters that populate the story. And, of course, it's a drama, so yes, there is ~*~*~draaamaaa~*~*~. But overall, I found the series to be enjoyable, touching, and even a bit inspiring. It's a very feel-good series, and to me it has a nice balance of Serious Business and Cotton Candy Fluff. And new pieces of classical music are introduced in every episode! How could you not love that? By the end of it, you'll never be able to hear Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 without thinking about Nodame Cantabile. might not find an enjoyable thing, depending on your tastes in music and whether you like the series or not.

Also, the actor playing Chiaki is kinda hot. And Ueno Juri is a cutie.

You can find the episodes here on crunchyroll.

In more depressing news, the Chinese scanslations for Neuro 183 is out and daaaamn. D:


From come a series of "Top ___"-style lists:

*The 7 Most Terrifying Disney Movie Deaths
*The 6 Cutest Animals That Can Still Destroy You
*The 5 Most Horrifying Bugs in the World

But this is my kind of list: The Top 10 Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Sex

Here's an interesting Pagan sci-fi short story entitled "Until Forgiveness Comes", done in the style of a news article.

iSerenity has free ambient sounds that you can use as background noise when you don't want to turn on music! (I think I'll employ this for when I get back to NaNoing.)

John Scalzi ruminates on whether we, in the year 2008, are actually "living" in a sci-fi movie.

Thinking of or needing to make maps for your stories? Here's some things to think about.

Finally*, I present thee with Pornogami. No, srsly.

I will fuck you up

*Actually, no, I have one more thing I'd like to inflict on you guys. I dare you - dare you with whipped cream and cherries on top - to watch this video for Tila Tequila's recording of organized noise song "I Love U". With the sound on. Because I did**, and therefore you guys have to suffer too.
**Okay, yeah, so I had to keep pausing the vid every now and again, but that was mostly because I was ranting to [ profile] vyctori about how bad it was.
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First off, let's start with something from Mindy L. Klasky's The Glasswright's Apprentice, a YA fantasy novel I just read and was very impressed by. This is the Guildsman's Prayer, which is recited by craftspeople of all sorts in the world of TGA, and which I would love to personally adapt as a general prayer for creativity to Artemis (at least until I can write my own):

May all the gods look upon my craft with favor, and may they take pleasure in the humble art created by my hands. May Jair himself be pleased with the offering I make, and may the least of my works bring glory to the world. May my works guide me to the Heavenly Fields in my proper time, as the gods do favor. All glory to the Thousand Gods.


Music links! Today's theme is "completely cracked out."

The Kirby theme sync'd to Relys' "This Is Why I'm Hot", thus vastly improving the original.

A death metal cover of - I shit you not - "Baby Got Back", done by Throwdown. I need to find this song...

Another death metal cover: this time it's Children of Bodom rocking out to "Oops I Did It Again".

And finally, Weird Al is just too "White and Nerdy." A parody of "Rollin'" by Chamillionaire.

Substantially less funny is a complete demo of "Almost". I wish I could do a semi-proper recording instead of just relying on my recorder on my digital camera so that I could get something that doesn't sound like it got run through the audio equivalent of a meat grinder, but alas.



Elizabeth Barrette has a quick post on the Internet invading the reaches of outer space. No one can escape the LOLcats!

Kit Whitfield discusses how different type of escapist plots cater to different sorts of weariness in one's life.

[ profile] metaquotes's got a list of fun fandom facts about our president-elect! (Which seems appropriate, given this speech in which Barack Obama reveals his origins not as the Son of God but as the Son of Jor-El...)
I'm a big girly-girl, but I tend to not put on any make-up (aside from tinted lip gloss) when I go out of the house, mainly because I'm lazy as fuck. However, Aromaleigh's selection of eyeshadow is making me rethink my laziness...


Time to WikiGoogle the artworks I'm missing for ART233! And then tomorrow or Friday I need to write the final paper, which isn't really all that bad because all I have to do is review an article the professor assigned to us in a 2-3 page paper.

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Yes We Carve: Stencils We Can Believe In. Carve your very own Barack O' Lantern!

McCain and Palin Campaign Video: Bollywood Style!. I think the link name should explain it all.

The sixth largest pyramid in the world stands empty. No, it's not located in Egypt.

'Twas the Evening of Samhain is a parody of that familiar Christmas poem, adapted with a more pagan feel.

A site listing and describing ghost towns in America.

Cursebird is a website that collects real-live "tweets" from Twitter in which people swear, cuss, profane, blaspheme, etc. Using this opportunity to say: Eridanus, I fucking hate/love you for pointing this site out to me. XD...

I'm one impressive mother-fucker now, wouldn't you say?
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It is, instead, going to an audition for an art instructional DVD on using colored pencils to enhance marker colors laid down on a drawing...only to get to the studio and realize that, hey, you left those colored pencils of yours at home!

Thank the Gods the studio happened to have a set of colored pencils that was apparently on loan to them from Prismacolor. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do much of anything besides hide in a corner. As it was, it appears that the audition went well - I wasn't nervous, and the director seemed really impressed with the fact that I possessed the ability to draw and talk at the same time. (lol.) I think I should hear back from the studio some time next week - they'll be meeting with Prismacolor reps on Monday and show them the demo footage they took of me and the other artists using their stuff. It was kind of odd - this was the first time I've actually gone out in real life under my Reileen nomer, as opposed to my real name. I did warn the director on the phone the other day that Reileen wasn't actually my real name, but I wonder if she remembers.

And, because I haven't posted too many links in a while, here's one that should appeal to the Greek mythology geeks out there. It might be hard to believe, but someone actually managed to take the tragic tale of Prometheus and turn it into the basis for a gag comic strip. Oh, yeah, I lol'd. Be sure to click on the title at the top of the page to get more comics. And then, of course, there's "advanced divine intervention"...

Also, the giant pink rabbit that can be seen from space. I imagine that this might baffle any aliens that are keeping an eye on the third stone from the sun.

October is Filipino-American Heritage Month! I wanted to do a big-ass link-o-llection about this, but now I'm tired and the month is halfway finished anyway. :( Maybe if I find some Rex Navarrete stuff...

In unhappier news, the banks are sinking in the land of the Rising Sun. "Origami Bank has folded, Sumo Bank has gone belly up and Bonsai Bank announced plans to cut some of its branches..."

I have a slightly unhealthy urge to re-organize my tags on this LJ.

but a-one step, two step, you fall behind
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From Tokyomango: I wanna have sushi like this!


Yahoo!News reports on finding the remains of a lost medieval Jewish capital in Russia.


[ profile] kaigou posts very helpful links to a global speech accent archive and body and weight index guide.


A Discworld wedding cake!


The Friday videos from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books are fucking hysterical. The Whose Line one with Richard Simmons participating in a game of "Living Props" Really gay. Gaaaay.


I'm closing in on finishing translating the second page of Neuro 174.

I've been at it for about an hour or an hour and a half now.

The chapter is nineteen pages.


all I ever wanted was to get away
I was gonna post these yesterday, but I got my ass out of bed way late (4:00pm, natch) because I'd stayed up late talking to [ profile] kiirobon about Gintama, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro, and the joys of crotchbleeding (it was for something he was writing - that poor soul). Not long after waking up, I soon had to be dragged off to my cousin's graduation party. We stayed until 3:00am, which effed up a daily sleep schedule that was, for a few precious moments, looking to be a little less vampiric. I mean, I was getting up before noon, before ten o' clock for the love of Mihaele! Yeah, I ended up falling asleep about an hour after technically waking up and waking up in the afternoon, but you gotta start with baby steps.

Anyway, here we go. There's going to be another link-o-llection soon after this one, themed on Barack Obama's veeper, Joe Biden, and related things. I can't promise intelligent or well-informed commentary on my part, but I can link to where such things are taking place.


[ profile] lwood writes about a potential security flaw in Gmail accounts and how to fix it. If you've got a Gmail account, you might want to look at this.


Smart Bitches Trashy Books: Go Topless:

Got plans today? Kathryn gave me a heads up (or something) that today is Go Topless’s protest day around the US, where women will gather without shirts to protest the ridiculous standards which make it socially acceptable for men to go topless, but not women. The New York City gathering place is the Merchant’s Gate of Central Park, aka the Columbus Circle entrance across from the Time Warner center. Other cities hosting topless rallies include Bloomington, Chicago, Miami and Omaha. The Denver rally will be on the 26th to coincide with the start of the DNC (Welcome to Denver! Here are our boobs!)

I think that this "Go Topless" day is probably a better idea of trying to promote the de-mystification of women's breasts than that one fiasco a while back about the "Open Source Boob Project." OSBP took place at a Michigan con (the name of which I can't remember at the moment) where some woefully misguided SF fans attempted to enable public groping (through handing out buttons that said "Yes, you may" to any woman who decided that she was A-OK with getting groped by total strangers) under the excuse of "empowering women".

There was, of course, no male equivalent to this. For reasons ranging from trying to point out the idiocy of the idea to sincerely trying to make this an equal-opportunity situation, various females tried to suggest a similar place on the male body that they could perform the badtouch on, such as the ass or the balls. But the leader of the project, [ profile] theferrett, basically said OMG NO GROSSS AND SKEEVY. No irony there, no, sir!

(For the rundown - and be warned, there is a <>lot to run down, I didn't even check out most of it - check this post over at Unfunny Business on JournalFen.)


So we all know by now that Republican presidential candidate John McCain has no fucking clue how many houses he owns. Man, I wish I were so rich that I'd forget how many houses and condos I owned. Oh, no, wait, I don't. Mainly because I already have problems with never remembering where my mechanical pencils or pen erasers went, even though I'm holding the damn things in my hand. It's a nightmare to contemplate how I'd handle remembering houses, which the last time I checked were worth helluva a lot more than a Papermate mechanical pencil.

In situations like these, I prefer to laugh because otherwise I will cry hysterically, so have a list of "John McCain's Got a Lot of Houses" jokes:

Don't blame McCain.  He couldn't resist that "buy six mansions, get one free" sale at Countrywide.

Hey, didja hear?  John McCain has so many houses they're giving him his own monopoly board!

Seven houses?  That's one for every day of the week!  What a coincidence! I've got a 'Friday' house, too. That's because Friday's payday ... and it takes my whole check just to keep it.

Check the comments for some other gems.


Hallmark assimilates gay marriage into the Jingleborg! Good on them.

On the flip side, this has caused Assholes For America...I mean, American Family boycott Hallmark. Of course. Because the Gods forbid they taint themselves with TEH GHEY. [ profile] ysabetwordsmith nailed the hypocrisy of this move here:

Hmm, let's see, a big company is putting out a product that allows more people to celebrate the precise type of family they are forming; and a "family association" is trying to stomp on both the families and the company. "Family-friendly" means promoting all types of families.

I'd bet my entire Bomberman manga collection that the AFA folk are also the same kind of people who can't see the logical disconnect that results from essentially whining how they don't have the freedom to suppress other folks' freedoms. ("HELPS! I IS BEING OPRESSEDED BY EXISTENCE OF GODLESS HEATHENS, O NOES!") It's like that one Gospel parable where the king pardons the servant of his debts, only to have that same servant whirl on a fellow servant and demand repayment of his debts or else. There's something distinctly ungrateful and misanthropic about the attitudes of people like these.


Moving onto less serious business, try catching a couple of humanified Pokemon. The humanified forms of originally non-human characters is generally referred to in anime/manga fandom as "gijinka", but here they're called "Moemon", combining the Otakunese term for describing anything that's cute or endearing and the "mon" from "Pokemon". The site I linked to is in Japanese, but you can pull up the list of Pokemon on Wikipedia and use their Pokedex numbers to look them up in the sidebar on the site. Myself, I was too lazy to do that when I was sent this site last night by a friend, so I just randomly clicked around and amused myself that way. (The Pidgeot chick is bordering on sexy badass, what. So's Mewtwo. No, seriously.)


There's a new Bomberman game being developed for the Nintendo DS. It is currently called "Bomberman II" and looks to be as creative and imaginative as its title. I'm starting to give up hope on Hudson Soft ever developing a single-player platforming mode along the same lines and caliber as the N64 games, but I suppose that's business, and there's more business to be had by focusing more on Bomberman's multiplayer possibilities at the expense of his single-player adventures. I might still get this game, though, because it looks to be more on the lines of the SNES gameplay than the original Bomberman game for NES, which uses a formula that bores me to death. At this rate, I'll take what I can get, although I still haven't played any of the Bomberman Land Touch sequels.


Not links, per se, but I've been getting a lot of spam mail lately with interesting titles, such as:

"Paris Hilton's Vagina Bites Penguin"
"Paris Hilton Sold Her Soul to the Devil, Admits It on Larry King"
"Britney Spears has Fanny Magnets Grafted In to Attract Paparazzi"
"Britney Spears' New Hair Extention are Lindsay Lohan's Pubes"
"Brad Pitt and Angelina Are Adopting Britney Spears"

I'd be hard-pressed to pick a favorite. I'm giggling at the thought of Paris Hilton having a set of vagina dentata, and the idea of using pubic hair in hair extensions is hilariously wrong.

it's all right to come undone


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