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From, we find out that procrastination works fine in a world where the future is perfectly predictable, and that the cure for procrastination is discipline!

Shock! Amazement! Enlightenment!

I'm...not sure what the kicker is supposed to be here. The revelations presented seem pretty commonsensical and self-evident to me, and I'm a simple-minded individual, so I'm trying to figure out why this is on a site about the latest groundbreaking developments in the different fields of science...


I got charged a $39 late fee on my Chase credit card. Oops.


A pithy chapter title from a manga series called Alive: The Final Evolution, which I'm finding a little too personally relevant to my own experiences at the moment:

There is something curiously boring about someone else's happiness.

Although you could replace "boring" with "infuriating" and it would work even better for me.


you made the wrong decision and it's easy to see
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After being woken up by my mom this morning to eat breakfast, I fell back asleep and dreamt about:

-being in some forest reserve with my family and my annoying aunt, uncle, and cousin; I recall gleefully taking pictures of the trees and grass to use eventually in texture and reference for my art; which somehow segued into...

-being at some anime convention with people who were apparently my friends, and seeing some person near us get disqualified because already famous in something or other? Also, I was coloring on some pizza with Crayola markers in order to get them to match to a friends red-and-blue Lolita outfit. Also, some black girl at the hotel apparently had the World's Largest Irish Cream Birthday Cake or something, and when she blew on the unlit candles, they lit up; which somehow segued into...

-playing as Sthertoth's God of Chaos form from Bomberman 64: The Second Attack, and pwning all the other knights, which somehow segued into...

-a nightmare in which I was taking a Discrete Mathematics class as part of my liberal arts curriculum in college, and in which I had a very spiteful teacher/teacher's assistant who marked everything on my homework wrong when he came around to check our work in class, and I didn't understand anything that was going on, and I bitched to a friend that I was going to have to hit up [ profile] vyctori's younger brother for help, because boy howdy I didn't understand anything except that the holograms used in the beginning of class to demonstrate some principle or other were that of the Astral Knights (also from Bomberman 64: The Second Attack).

Yikes. I think it's time to get up now, get some Dew, and start working on more art.

no shelter for this child in mazes lost
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From MSNBC: Museum displays big and small family jewels

HUSAVIK, Iceland - Sigurdur Hjartarson is missing a human penis. But he's not worried: four men have promised to donate theirs to him when they die.

Hjartarson is founder and owner of the Icelandic Phallological Museum, which offers visitors from around the world a close-up look at the long and the short of the male reproductive organ.

His collection, which began in 1974 with a single bull's penis that looked something like a riding crop, now boasts 261 preserved members from 90 species.

The article describes the museum as "part science lab, part trophy room." Trophy room, eh? Here's what I want to know - is there a day where people decorate the mounted cocks with sunglasses, paper streamers, and party hats? Because that would be pretty loltastic.

Also, this museum would make a pretty...interesting...set for a porno movie.

ACEN tomorrow!

so put your hands down my pants, and I bet you'll feel nuts
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(First read on Making Light. Also on Firedoglake.)

In response to Obama's overwhelmingly popular platform of change, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) unveiled its new campaign slogan: "The Change You Deserve."

Barring all semantic issues with the phrase (ranging from images of fat cats tossing a nickel to a homeless person begging for change to the illogic of "wait, but your party's incumbent right now, so...?" and other such exercises of morbid imaginations), it's also problematic because the phrase is already being used to market the antidepressant Effexor:

The Change You Deserve™

Are these symptoms of depression interfering with your life?

  • Not involved with family and friends the way you used to be?
  • Low energy, fatigue?
  • Not motivated to do the things you once looked forward to doing?
  • Not feeling as good as you used to?

Not exactly inspiring, is it? Especially when you consider that the drug's been under a Black Box Warning for promoting suicidal tendencies since (oh, the irony) 2004.

there's no escaping because my fate is horror and doom
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I'm on FastWeb, looking for teh free moniez to pay my way through DePaul. I come across two particularly promising ones:

The Illustrators of the Future Contest is open to artists from allnations. One entry is considered three black and white works illustrating a science fiction or fantasy story with no recurring theme. Your entry may not have been previously published. There are four quarterly deadlines each year (September 30, December 31, March 31 and June 30). You may send an entry at anytime, however you can onlyhave one entry per quarter, your entry will be entered in the current quarter. Send photocopies only. Individual artists retain copyrights.Three prizes per quarter of $500 each and a yearly grand prize of $4000 are offered.


The Writers of the Future Contest is open to amateur writers. Your entry must be a new short story or novelette with a science fiction, fantasy, horror or speculative fiction theme, that has not been previously published. Poetry and children's literature cannot be accepted for this contest. There are four quarterly deadlines each year (September 30, December 31, March 31 and June 30) with three prizes per quarter of $1000, $750, $500 and a yearly grand prize of $4000 is offered.

Sounds awesome and completely relevant to my interests, right?

Except that both of those contests are sponsored by L. Ron Hubbard.

Yeah. Back to the searching board I go!

when I thought it was over, only begun
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In what world, Bizarro or otherwise, is it okay to title a romance/erotica novel Death by Ploot Ploot?

Just. No. Nooooo.

(I dare you to UrbanDictionary the phrase "ploot". Double-dog-gone-with-the-wind dare you.)

when I come back to bed, someone's taken my place
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Okay, that's it, self. You are not charging anything else to your credit card unless it's an absolute emergency. Seriously. True facts.

Possessed by the-Gods-only-know-what, I yanked these items off Amazon:

Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Jennifer Rardin
Greek Folk Religion by Martin P. Nilsson
Gunsmith Cats 1 by Kenichi Sonoda
Pagan Meditations: The Worlds of Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hestia by Ginette Paris
To Write Like a Woman: Essays in Feminism and Science Fiction by Joanna Russ
New Moon: Book One of the Oran Trilogy by Midori Snyder
Not Flesh Nor Feathers by Cherie Priest

And my order on Phoophie Kawaii Shop will have to wait as well, since it's mostly just miscellany. Yeah, okay, the name is rather silly (I mean, seriously, "Phoophie"?!), but holy shit this site is so full of cute that it's almost painful, like gorging yourself on your favorite foods. I can't remember the last time I've seen so much fucking kawaii in a single place.

/goes into all-out girly girl mode

Speaking of all-out girly girl mode, I've been feeling girlier than usual lately and it's scaring me. D:

1) Getting into romance stuff? Check. (Though I blame this on this stupid hormone patch the fact that the vast majority of the kickass reader/writer blogs I follow happen to be romance-oriented. I think the sole exceptions are John Scalzi's "Whatever" and Ann Crispin and Victoria Strauss' "Writer Beware".)

2. Craving chocolates and sweets? Check. (I have re-discovered my love for Le Petit Ecolier dark chocolate cookies. omgggggg I need to go out tomorrow and re-stock.)

3. Squeeing harder than usual over cute things? Check. (PHOOOOOOOOPHIIIIIEEEEEE!)

4. Wearing skirts more often (at least around the house)? Check. (I can't wait until spring, because then that means I can wear my skirts out without worrying about freezing my legs off. I'm currently wearing my long black crushed velvet skirt right now, but I have to wear my black velour track pants underneath 'cause otherwise, uh, it would be a bit nippy down there, get what I'm saying?)


I need to change my default icon and re-do my profile page not that anyone pays attention to either of those.

I also need to watch my Firefly complete boxed set that I got for Christmas. Hmmm.


EDIT: Forgot to add that I raided the thrift store again today! I ended up with:

-a really cute white sheer scarf with cherries on it
-Criminology (4th ed.) by Donald R. Taft and Ralph W. England, Jr.
-The Canterbury Tales of Geoffrey Chaucer edited by Daniel Cook
-Politics by Adam Thirwell
-A pair of Hot Topic brand black boots

All for the grand total of $6.97! And the boots alone were just $5. FIVE GREENBACKS, BITCHES! That would be, like, 1/6th of what you would probably pay in retail for these fuckers! Happy day for ze Reileen.

one day, you'll see I was the one
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omg chicken siopao. I'm not a true Pinay I haven't had this in years but omg sooooooo good and WANT MOAR PLZ. *there were only two left in the freezer and Mommykins stole the other one*


Dear Victoria's Secret:

I am very disappointed with your selection of bras for girls with strawberries. They pale in comparison to the choice of bras you have for girls with watermelons. Newsflash, bitches: 32AA girls want to wear cute bras too.

No love,
my boobs, my boobs, my boobs are OK
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So I've just found out that my 28-year-old cousin living in the Philippines is marrying a 75-year-old middle-class Filipino immigrant who lives in Long Beach, CA.

Okay, look, if you're going to marry old to get to the land of the free shit, at least marry rich, too!


I've been indulging in a lot of new music lately, almost to the point of being a glutton. One of my favorite Japanese bands, Yousei Teikoku, just released a new 7-track album called metanoia in November, but artists that I'm mostly new to include Poe, Blink-182, Flogging Molly, and Avenged Sevenfold.

I also have almost 10GB of music on my external hard drive, and I still have to rip songs (like the entire Golden Sun soundtrack) to it! Awesomesauce.

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When I was last at Borders a couple of days ago, I passed up buying "Heroes and Thieves" by Vanessa Carlton, an album whose release I'd been eagerly anticipating, and instead picked up "The Alchemy Index Vols. I & II" by Thrice, a rock band that I'd never even heard of, all because it had "alchemy" in the title.

In my defense, I'd heard the leak of "Heroes and Thieves" on and wasn't overly impressed with it. How dare she not give the studio treatment to "All is Well"! /dramatic, heartbroken sigh

I'm not exactly regretting this particular investment, though. Though I have some number of rock albums in my music collection (like The Offspring's "Americana" and Metallica's Black Album, lolz), it's not a genre I tend to go for. But I do like the stylings on "The Alchemy Index." The album consists of two EPs, one with songs themed on the element of fire and the other themed on the element of water. I personally preferred the water-themed EP, but in accordance with the watery element, the songs on there are a lot easier on the ears for me than the fire-themed EP. Still, I like both. The album containing the EPs themed on earth and air is apparently due to come out in April 2008, and I'll be sure to pick those up, although I'm not sure if I'm curious enough about this band to check out their other music besides the second Alchemy Index album.

(In case anyone is curious, the other thing I bought at Borders were a paperback version of Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things short story anthology and Frank Herbert's Dune.)

Also, one of the chefs at the grill in the cafeteria downstairs thought I was 15 years old, and was wondering what I was doing wandering a college dorm building all by my lonesome. I swear, I'm going to get carded for buying M-rated games when I'm 40 years old.

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Tió de Nadal

The Tió de Nadal (roughly "Christmas log"), also known as "Tió" or "Tronca" ("log") and popularly called "Caga tió" (poop log in English), is a mythological character in Catalan mythology relating to a Christmas tradition widespread in Catalonia. A similar tradition exists in other places such as the cachafuòc or soc de Nadal in Occitania, or the Tizón de Nadal or Tronca de Nabidá in Aragon.

The form of the tió de Nadal found in many Catalan homes during the holiday season is a hollow log of about thirty centimetres length, typically standing up on two or four little stick legs with a broad smiling face painted on the higher of the two ends, enhanced by a little red sock hat (a miniature of the traditional Catalan barretina) and often a three-dimensional nose.

Beginning with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8), one gives the tió a little bit to "eat" every night and usually covers him with a little blanket so that he will not be cold at night.

On Christmas day or, depending on the particular household, on Christmas Eve, one puts the tió partly into the fireplace and orders it to "shit" (the fire part of this tradition is no longer as widespread as it once was, since many modern homes do not have a fireplace). To make him "shit", one beats him with sticks, while singing various songs of Tió de Nadal.

The tió does not drop larger objects, as those are brought by the Three Wise Men. It does leave candies, nuts and torrons. Depending on the part of Catalonia, it may also give out dried figs. When nothing is left to "shit", it drops a salt herring, a head of garlic, an onion or "urinates". What comes out of the tió is a communal rather than individual gift, shared by everyone present.

Man, Spencer's could do some really twisted products with this idea...

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I have just discovered today that a spoonful of sugar helps the diet Mountain Dew go down~*

in the most delightful way**

*Our family was having some family friends over today, and at my request, Daddykins bought a liter bottle of regular Mountain Dew. For some reason, though, he also bought a liter of diet Mountain Dew. All the regular stuff is gone now, so only the diet is left. But I hate the taste of diet Dew, and since I didn't want to waste it, well...
**Not exactly delightful, but it's more bearable than it normally would be.
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When I was really little, like maybe around 3-5 years old, I distinctly remember reading through the child care books and magazines that were lying around my house numerous times.*

Contrast this with the fact that all throughout my life, I have had no real desire to be a mother.**

papa, oh papa tonight/papa, oh I'll be all right

*This was in addition to the children's books and medical reference books that lined the shelves of my family's one-story apartment space on 3701 W. 79th St.
**In a similar vein, I also don't think I ever asked my parents where babies came from. Either I found out on my own through my reading (very likely), or I simply never thought to ask because after all, who'd ever want to have those little monsters? [/tongue-in-cheek]
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I'm not even halfway through the introductory chapter of Levitt and Dubner's Freakanomics and I've already learned that the reason for the sharp drop in crime rates by 2000 is the result of legalized abortion killing off most of the children that, had they been born into the adverse conditions that most of their mothers weathered, would have grown up to become criminals.

Holy hell.

for I must die for what I've done
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Anna Nicole Smith collapses, dies at 39

I think someone's been putting that Death Note to good use. Though I really wish it were Paris Hilton instead. Or, you know, Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell or someone like that. After all, Paris is mostly harmless.


Mmm, crab rangoon, fried rice, and Mountain Dew. Such a divine meal.


"Triskaidekaphobia" is about 75% figured out right now. I have most of the main melody done, I just have to figure out the accompaniment for a couple of parts. And yes, it is vaguely tango-ish in its tune. But it's fun to play - hella lot more fun than "Queen of Denial."

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Having three classes to go to today, one of which I had a project due in and another in which I said I'd turn in late homework for, wasn't enough to get my ass out of the dorm and into the cold.

Having no Internet connection, however, was.

Clearly I have my priorities completely straight.

the Internet is for porn
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From Yahoo!News:

Coca-Cola Trade Secrets Trial to Open

Prosecutors say a former Coca-Cola secretary took confidential documents from the beverage giant and samples of products that hadn't been launched with the aim of selling them to rival Pepsi.

Oh, the drama will be great with this one.

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Apparently Blood and Chocolate is being made into a movie. And said movie has totally raped the novel up the ass with ten spiked dildos.

Uh. Yeah. What else is new?*


The sketches for ANI220 )

a curse for every mile of ocean crossed

*And it's a damn shame. I don't usually go for werewolf stories, but I actually liked Blood and Chocolate. I first read it back in my junior high days, then re-read it as "research" for the werewolf character I was writing for my NaNoWriMo 2006 project. Admittedly, I was WTF over some 24-year-old guy lusting after a 16-year-old girl, no matter how cool I thought she was, but overall, it's a great little read.


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