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Cynthia's Lullaby [Sendspace; mp3]
Named after one of my fandom OCs. The song's from her POV, singing her twin brother to sleep. Yeah. Uh. I'll just leave it at that.

I pretty much nailed down the main parts (chords, lyrics, melody, arrangement) on Wednesday, and have just been futzing around with the details since then. In particular I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with the brief instrumental part after the third stanza, but other than that, this song is mostly performable. Apologies in advance for crappiness on the part of the thing recording and the one performing.

Cynthia's Lullaby

darling, it's time to rest
hide away like the fading light
forget those sins unconfessed
and sail on into the night

darling, just close your eyes
I know you're tired from this fight
but don't you heed the angel's lies
it's okay to love the endless night

darling, we'll never be apart
we're the only thing here that's right
torn from each other at the start
we belong together in the night

darling, it's time for me to go
for the dawn is burning bright
but listen to me and know
I will always be there in the night


I have my art history mid-term on Tuesday. Part of said mid-term involves a 45-minute essay in which we have to write in detail about six works of art as they pertain to the essay question. I am not looking forward to this.

Also, I'm two chapters behind in Neuro. orz (Three if you count this week's chapter, but the raw for that hasn't come out yet.)

tuck you in, warm within, keep you free from sin
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What Reileen Ate Yesterday
Breakfast: Half a can of Mountain Dew.
Brunch: Two small packs of Welch's fruit snacks. Eaten during JPN104.
Lunch: Two fried breadsticks stuffed with pepperoni and a Mountain Dew from the soda fountain.
Lunchinner: One package of Maruchan pot ramen, chicken-flavored. A small bottle of water, followed by a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade.
Dinner: One hot dog with ketchup. Finishing up the bottle of Mike's Hard.

What Reileen Ate Today
Breakfast: A bag of regular chips (Miss Vickie's brand, yum) and a bottle of Mountain Dew. Consumed during ANT120.
Brunch: Another bag of regular chips; still working on that bottle of Dew.
Lunch: Five pieces of crab rangoon. Finally finishing up the bottle of Dew.
Dinner: Will be pasta, apparently, and another can of Dew.

I'm not sure why I thought this would be interesting to post, but there you go.


Despite staying up 'til 11:30pm working on an ANT120 lab report that I'd wanted to finish earlier and waking up at 6:00am grumpy and groggy as hell, I actually found myself less likely to want to nod off today. This may have been in part because 1) I had a lab today in ANT120 that actually required me to do work and to stay for almost the entire scheduled time of lab, and 2) I went to Chinatown today to stock up on incense, which required train travel and ambulatory travel. I bought sandalwood, cinnamon, strawberry, and "fragrant forest", and the total came out for around $11 for all of it. Yay.

Received my "specialty area" for ART233 today: it's Classical Greece, of course. Although I have to admit I was also leaning towards Sumerian or Babylonian art as well despite the fact that I skipped the lecture where the professor actually talked about these areas. I think I'll probably look those up on my own. Also, I'm wondering if there's a book or a few out there that deal specifically with studying temples from all over the world. In class today, we were looking at the temple of the Egyptian queen Hatshepsut, and I was "dfkljaldkfjaldkf GLEEEEEE!" I love temples. I can't articulate why, exactly, beyond "OMGCOOLANDPRETTY!", but I love 'em. If I'm in a game and we're exploring temples or temple-like areas, it's likely that I'm going to spend a large part of the game with the character just looking up and around at the exterior and the interior of the place. (The Temple of Time in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess makes me squee. Am also fond of many of the Sephiroth points in Tales of the Abyss and the Spirit Temple in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.) In short, I am a whore for nearly anything that evokes ancient pagan temples.

(...would that make me a "temple whore"?)

Anyway, I think that's it for interesting things from Reileen's life (which tend to be few and far in-between), so onto the link-o-llection!


Kit Whitfield blogs about depression and children's fiction, comparing depictions of depression in Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and in Antonia White's novels. Hefty, but a very interesting read. In particular, I love her interpretation of the Fire Nation royalty in Avatar in the context of depression-running-through-families. She also nails down the strength of Zuko's character in the show - and by strength, I mean not only how Zuko himself would be a strong person if he existed in real life, but also what makes his character from the show so memorable. He struggles; he despairs; he makes mistakes; and ultimately, he grows. I was pleasantly surprised at the care given in drawing this portrait of him throughout three seasons of the show.

Here's a set of candid shots of Barack Obama taken before, during, and after the debate in Oxford, Mississippi last week. My personal favorites are this one, this one, and this one.

And here's Build-O-Bama, where you can cut and fold your very own Obama paper doll for...some...reason!

For every comment made on this blogpost, Tyson Foods will donate 100 lbs. of food to food banks in the Bay Area. Easiest charity since Free Rice. How do these types of things work, though? Technically speaking, this strikes me as a more charitable version of "Give me five reviews and then I'll update with the next chapter!"

Artist builds "temple of science". Let me tell you, I've got at least two characters in my headspace who are going all drooly-mouthed and starry-eyed at this idea. (For background, they're both scientists - or as much of scientists as a scientifically-handicapped person as myself can write - of strong divine heritage.) And now I'm tempted to see if I can build a "religion of science" in a novel. I can already see places where I'd be running into problems, but it would be a fun thing to play with.

[ profile] kaigou recounts an interesting anecdote that reveals insight into why a person might seem gluttonous when eating. She also now has a post up of 348 personality quirks that could be worked into a character, which would be an excellent reference for all the NaNoers out there.

Disgrasian wonders about where the hell Asian Barbie is in Mattel's current line of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Barbie Dolls. Meanwhile, Reileen wonders how it's possible that Barbie has gotten skinnier over the years.

At the Temple of Kraden, a Golden Sun forum (that I actually am on under my fandom name), there's a thread going on in which people post funny pictures, and others reading the thread try their best to get as far as they can without laughing. Man, I didn't even try that - I just wanted to see the lulz. Which there is a fair amount of. (Be warned, though - that thread is 38 pages and counting.)

Quoting [ profile] ysabetwordsmith for Major Fucking Truth from here: "In each faith are found strange and subtle truths. The study of comparative religions is learning the shape of the Divine by groping your way all around the elephant, in the happy company of other blind people."

Also quoted for MFT is this excellent post from [ profile] dien about writing fanfiction vs. writing original fiction:

So when you remove fandom from the equation, you're removing exactly what people came to fandom for in the first place: the characters and the worlds. You've got to create your own. And maybe writing in someone else's world has been like training wheels, maybe it's shown you the kind of thing you're going to need to do for yourself. Without having actually written narrative fanfiction, I still look at what JK Rowling's said about her process in terms of planning out a long series. What do you give away, how soon do you give it away--her decision to move Horcrux info from Chamber of Secrets to a later book, that kind of thing. But you're also in danger of having steeped in someone else's world for so long that you write your own thing, and it's like everything everyone's already seen.

Yes. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.

Eerily enough, look at [ profile] dien's list of things you learn writing fanfiction vs. what you learn writing original fic. Replace "things you learn writing fanfiction" with "strengths as a writer" and "things you learn writing original fic" with "weaknesses as a writer", and those two lists describe me to a big fat T. My strongest points are easily dialogue, characterization, and "the power of well-crafted language" (at least I'd like to think so). My weakest points are plot (which I quickly found out doing NaNoWriMo for the past few years), stories with staying power (again, NaNoWriMo pointed this out to me), and stories that matter.

Also, check this interesting analogy in the original entry from ETA 2: "...we might think of fanfic versus original fic as two different musical instruments-- you can learn how to play music on either a guitar or a piano, but learning how to play one doesn't necessarily mean you will automatically be able to play the other."

your eyes tell of a star's death
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Got really fucking carsick on the way to DePaul today while riding in my dad's work car. I tend to get some semblance of motion sickness in that thing, because it's tiny like a clown car but nowhere near as cool-looking, but it was so bad today that Daddykins had to drop me off at the Midway station so I could just ride the train instead. I don't get motion sickness as bad on trains or buses or vans, or roller coasters, even; it's usually small cars that do it, even if I'm sitting in front. (Not if I'm driving said small car, though. At least, I don't think so.) There's a pressure point right behind my ear that I can press to alleviate some of the nausea, but that only helps for so long. Plus, my arm starts to get tired holding that spot real quick.

Feeling slightly better now, although I'm still groggy from having to actually wake up this morning. ANT120 is in thirteen minutes, but whatever. Lab's today, though I have no idea what it is and I'm too lazy to check Blackboard.


Yesterday was a pretty interesting day. After JPN104, I decided to follow some of my classmates to the cafeteria and hang out at the anime/gaming (...anigaming?) Corner of Geekery there, since I had an hour to kill (again!) until I had to meet with [ profile] lysis_to_kill. 'Tis very odd to be, um..."socializing" again. But I think I might start haunting that place more often, and see where things go from there. Definite highlight: finding out that my classmate Lydia, who was the first person I started talking to in Japanese class, is not only a huge Bomberman Jetters fan, but also a Nougami Neuro fan. I mean, dude! What are the odds of that happening on the 'tubes, never mind in meatspace?! (Too bad she wasn't also a Gintama fan, 'cause then it would've been the royal flush of otakuness for me. But there's room for conversion, I think. Meanwhile, she's determined to get me to watch Keroro Gunsou...)

Once I met up with [ profile] lysis_to_kill, we roamed the Loop trying to find a DVD of The Boondock Saints, which is Liz's current movie obsession and which we were planning to watch later at her house (which we did, and it was quite enjoyable, despite the movie's flaws). After walking a couple blocks around to a Borders and some independent music/movie store, we finally found it at an FYE that was seriously right off the train stop we'd gotten off at. Durr. But I also scored a quality used version of the first season of The Big Bang Theory, which made me happy.

Oh, hey, what do you know, it's 8:31. Class time!

and I'm not breathing for you

  • If you microwave a donut, you'll end up with just an empty, dried out husk of a pastry.
  • If you microwave a bar of soap, you can get it to expand and become all foamy and shit.
  • Sex on the beach (referring to the actual act, not the drink) is not as romantic as movies etc. make it seem.
  • The professor will be displeased if you go out and rob a grave in the name of scholastics. She will be very pleased, however, if you decide to have a beer and pretzel in the name of scholastics* (only applies to those over 21).
  • Oh, yeah, and some guy named Sneferu had an obsession with pyramids and stuff.

ART233 is an interesting class, and the professor is knowledgeable and friendly, drawing amusing modern analogies to things she's talking about from history (see the first starred point at the bottom). And it has given me the interesting definition of art as "valued visual culture."

The problem is that, after waking up early to attend my 8:30am Science of Archaeology class, I'm freakin' dead after that. I was planning to have that chunk of time (3.5 hours on Tuesdays, about 5 hours on Thursdays) as a "Well, I'm already downtown, so let's good off around the city while I can!" sort of thing, but I totally underestimated how tired and lethargic I would be. I think I just need to get used to being up that early and actually being active, but it's still really disconcerting.


When I wasn't busy obsessively refreshing webpages and falling unconscious at the computer lab, I was lyric-sketching. I got down two songs, one of which is tentatively titled "life: notes from your mistress", but that needs a hella lotta work before I can think of even showing the rough draft (and I'm seriously contemplating relegating it to the "failed experiments" bin). This one fares better; I only half-hate the lyrics. The sentiment behind it is similar to Evanescence's lyric "I want to stay in love with my sorrow" from their song "Lithium", in that the narrator of this song (whoever s/he may be) is unwilling, for whatever reason, to give up that which isolates them from life, love, happiness. (Actually, now that I think about it, the narrator of this song could very well be Aya Asia from the Nougami Neuro series. Fancy that.) I have a vague inkling for how the music might go, but I'm still not sure if I want to go through with turning this into a performable song.


it's so coldly warm in here
don't want to migrate to tropic minds
where the sun will burn me
turn me aside
love, please don't cry
there's no need to melt my frozen heart
with the white-hot of your sorrow

I'm all right, I swear
bathed in the ice of my despair
embraced in a blizzard of
that which speaks to deepest blood
all that glitters is only cold

pleas in the air freeze before they die
you tried to save me from the winter storm
but found that I've only ever loved
the eternal snow

I'm all right, I swear
bathed in the ice of my despair
embraced in a blizzard of
that which speaks to deepest blood
all that glitters is only cold

nothing you can do will set me free
from this prison of eons old
come closer and you will see
all that glitters is only cold

nothing you can do will set me free
from this prison of eons old
come closer and you will see
all that glitters is only cold

behind the door, should I open it for you?

*Apparently a common food offering to the dead in ancient Egypt was bread and beer.
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A working, functionally complete version of Bacchanalia [YouSendIt]

I have issues with this regarding melodic and chord progressions and overall structure, but I can perform it live if I wanted to. Will be leaving it for a while to simmer and cool down before I start trying to work on it again, if I'm inclined to do so.

I also showed this piece to [ profile] sannion, who is a devoted follower of Dionysos, and he wants to play the song during the next ritual he's going to do for the god. Which is good, because that's sort of why I was doing the song in the first place (albeit a few months late).



I left my ANT120/ART233 notebook at home today. *facepalm* So I couldn't study for the ANT120 quiz I had this morning (which wasn't hard, actually, but it's the principle of the thing I'm talking about here), and I had to/will have to take notes on looseleaf.

Am falling asleep here trying to murder time again (fucking thing just keeps coming back from the dead! Do I, like, have to cut off its head and gag the mouth with garlic or something?!) until I have to meet with Professor Akiyoshi at noon. Need something to eat, since I only had a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with milk for breakfast and then a can of Mountain Dew during ANT120. Am craving sushi again.

In the middle of reading Greek Folk Religion by Martin Nilsson. There's nuggets of information here and there, but the style is impeccably snore-inducing. I can't go more than a few pages at a time, because otherwise my eyes start glazing over. That is why I am here killing brain cells on the Interwebs instead of killing brain cells on studying the history of my adopted spirituality and taking notes. My logics, it is invincibles!

Am also obsessively refreshing Twitter, what.


The recent issue of the Hudson Fanclub Insider newsletter has pointed me to the official English site for the Bomberman Blast game for Wii. There's still no release date for the American version. Wiccapedes says that the WiiWare version of the game was already released in Europe on the 12th (wtf? What's the logic in that?), while the Japanese console and WiiWare versions will be released on September 25 and 30, respectively.

Wiccapedes also reports an overall positive reception to the game, with critics making favorable comparisons to the similar Bomberman Live. But y'all know I'm a little Bomberbitch who doesn't really care about multiplayer, so the comparison is mildly useless to moi. I'll probably ask the buttmunch to go pick it up if he can (thank the Gods that we have similar tastes in games), but I'm not sure I'd be willing to shell out the cash for it not in the least because I have no cash to shell out.

To slightly paraphrase [ profile] mia_noire's sentiments on finding a parking space at MVCC for my own use: "Who the fuck do I have to blow around here to get a decent Bomberman single-player platforming adventure game again?!"

there's no need to tell anyone, they'd only hold us down
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I should get a DePaul-related icon on here...

Wonder of wonders, I actually managed to get a hold of one of the art & design professors! I'll be meeting him tomorrow between 12:00-2:00pm to see if I can do any credit transfers from my animation classes. (Thinking back on it, I wonder if I could get my History of Animation class to count for art history credit, but I think the point is rendered moot, seeing that I'm, um, taking an art history class at the moment and it's too late to switch classes and no way am I going to withdraw.) Also need to ask him about employment/internship opportunities mentioned in a newsletter I just got last night from the art department. I'm starting to second-guess the wisdom of this, though, seeing as it wouldn't really be a good idea to overexert/overstimulate myself when I just got back into classes after a year off and am still trying to adjust to a non-vampiric schedule. *flail*

(And as if I needed more ways to procrastinate on my homework, we now have virtual bubble wrap.)

My Japanese professor suggested that, to get the most out of Japanese class, we should study the language for at least two hours a day. Which I don't have a problem with, technically speaking. It's figuring out how to use those two hours that's the problem. I'm not a very, and I don't have a particular system of studying that consists of anything other than "I'll read through things and maybe something will stick in my mind." Possibilities for Japanese study time include:

  • reviewing stuff from the Nakama I textbook (holy shit I need this soooo badly, you have no idea)
  • going over what we're currently studying in class (as of this entry, it's weather-related things - oh joy)
  • keeping a journal in Japanese (I started doing this around JPN102 or JPN103 but tapered off on it for obvious reasons)
  • doing translation work (under my fandom name, I translate 4-koma anthologies for Golden Sun and Bomberman, and this week I'm supposed to start translating the Weekly Jump raw chapters for Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro ("Come, slave, it's translation time..."))
  • IMing with a friend who, while not a native Japanese speaker, nevertheless is more knowledgeable about the language than I am

I'll probably attempt to re-distribute the hours a bit, though, considering that I come home later on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and it seems that myself, [ profile] lysis_to_kill, and [ profile] mia_noire have established Monday as "Monday Movie Matinees", which means that we probably won't be productive on that day at all. Speaking of Liz...


After watching The Silence of the Lambs at [ profile] lysis_to_kill's apartment (excellent movie), I caught the season finale of this sitcom called The Big Bang Theory, which is basically the webcomic XKCD in sitcom form. F'rreal. I am dead set on finding the first season and watching it, because the geeky win is clearly over 9000. (I guess in numerical form, the sentiment could be described as win/9000...)


A piano instrumental currently called "Bacchanalia" has taken a hold of me over the past few days. I've been adding little bits and pieces at a time ever since I first created the main riff randomly while working on "Wasted." I really like it - and I hope Dionysos does too, because this is a song I've owed Him for a few months already. Whoops.

In far more productive news than my own, it seems that Miss Teng is pretty damn near close to finishing recording her fourth album. I am excited liekwhoah. I have to wonder how many songs will be on it, since at the moment we're aware of thirteen new songs:

White Light
Grandmother Song
The Last Snowfall
Stray Italian Greyhound
No Gringo
Olive Tree
In Another Life
St. Stephen’s Cross

If all thirteen were on there, that would be so fucking sexy. :D


Okay, I needz foodz before I hop on the train to go back home.

our innocence is all the worse for fears
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GOOD NEWS: I finally got my hands on this coat from Express in teal!

BETTER NEWS: I used a coupon that I got in the mail to save on the price!

BAD NEWS: It was only $30 that I saved off the price, so I still ended up paying around $151 for this with tax.

WORSE NEWS: I used my dad's credit card that he originally gave me to buy my schoolbooks. He was all right with it, but I still felt bad about it (I've been having lots of money issues that encompass both the tangible...thing...of having money, and then psychological guilt/worry over people spending money on things for me and me not having anything myself to pay with...did that make sense?).

WORST NEWS: I somehow got coerced suckered into signing up for Express' credit card program by an overly friendly saleslady. I could've saved 15% on my coat if I used it, but I'm having enough issues trying to pay off my Chase credit card, for fuck's sake. Gonna have to cancel this account, oy.

SLIGHTLY BETTER NEWS: I bought two more obnoxiously colored cotton dresses from Kohl's on clearance for use around the house. I was going to use my dad's credit card again, but they wouldn't let me use it because I wasn't the owner of it, so I used my debit instead.

REALLY FUCKING FANTASTIC NEWS: For both obvious and not-so-obvious reasons, I've been recently looking into finding places/events at which I can perform live. The dear and lovely [ profile] mia_noire has just mentioned to me that, at the Borders she works at, they allow musicians to sign up for a slot of an hour or two where they can perform in the cafe, either original work or song covers. Monetary compensation is likely to be little to nothing at all, but if I can get the experience of performing in a venue that I could be comfortable in, that would be great to just start with. I found a site called, but I really didn't want to just show up at some random place to get up there and perform. Playing at the Borders where Emily works would be better for my frazzled, n00bie nerves.

the words have been drained from this pencil
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I bought sunflowers (3 for a dollar) at the farmer's market going on in the plaza near City Hall downtown today. It made me oddly very happy, even though I had to carry those poor things around with me for a couple of hours before going home - I bought them early in the afternoon because Liz had told me that the farmer's market closed fairly early, and since I had a late afternoon class I didn't want to miss a chance at getting some greenery. I gave the flowers to Mommykins, who cut them and put them in a vase on our kitchen table. The thought of them still makes me happy.

The thought of going to Japanese class tomorrow in the rainy morning, however, dampens the sunniness a bit.


I did some minor edits to what I had of "Wasted" from a few days before. Save for one line that is bugging the fuck out of me, I'm pretty satisfied with this current incarnation of the lyrics, and will keep them unless musical constraints demand that I do more rewordifying. (I swear, I need to learn to write shorter songs...)


The things I pack in the suitcase of my heart
Don't always fit like they should
Ancient locks forced on unfolded dirty laundry
And stubborn mementos eat up space
That should be reserved for necessities
Of a future time and place

I'm just one face of many in your life
But I can't face being incognito in your eyes

Because the words that I've spoken
Would end up broken upon the ground
The tears that I've cried
Would only chide me for my grief
And the bitterness I've tasted
Would just be wasted on you

I'm ready to ditch this dusty hotel
Gonna leave it behind and hit the road running
Thoughts of you cut straight and true
To my heart and leave it bleeding
But that's okay, I can walk it off
I'm still breathing

There's something to be said
For leaving you for dead

But I know, I know
I'd plant the seeds of hope at your grave
And that's how the road to hell would be paved

Because the words that I've spoken
Have been broken upon the ground
The tears that I've cried
Have chided me for my grief
And the bitterness I've tasted
Has been wasted on you

Does he know that she holds what he wants to find?
Does she know how to forgive an innocent crime?
Do they know, do they know
Do they know, do they know
Do they know, do they know
Do we know if it's all been wasted?

The words that I've spoken
Have been broken upon the ground
The tears that I've cried
Have chided me for my grief
And the bitterness I've tasted
Has been wasted on you
On you...
On you...

Okay, cool. My musical conscience is now free to work on minor things, like the homework that's due for Japanese tomorrow. To borrow a sentiment from Emperor Peony IX of Malkuth for my own purposes: "Pfft, kanji! Who needs 'em?"

Dude, [ profile] vyctori, Peony has a Facebook account. I just found this out when I googled his name to double-check which number Peony he was in the Malkuthian royal line.


EDIT: The PV for Yousei Teikoku's new single, "Weiss Flugel"! I love how, instead of the electric guitar, this song - which is a slower one than the previous single, and a slower one than "Wahrheit", which was the first YT song to have a PV - has Takaha Tachibana rocking out on violin. Badass.

you, in somber resplendence, I hold
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Reileen's Resolutions (...ish...things) For The School Year 2008-2009

1. I shall not go without caffeine in the morning. (Or a decent Reileen-portioned breakfast.)
I was woken up at 6:50am after about five hours of unsleep (unsleep : sleep :: undead : dead). In-between doing my morning pages (thank you, Julia Cameron), trying to get my perpetually stubborn sister to go get dressed for school, and checking my usual net haunts, I attempted to eat a package of Pop-Tarts, but found out that I was too sleepy to get through even 0.5 of one. That and one paper cup of Arizona Iced Tea was the entirety of my sustenance until noon, upon which I snagged a bag of white cheddar Cheez-Its to munch on while reading Martin Nilsson's Greek Folk Religion in the library, waiting for [ profile] lysis_to_kill to get out of class.

So. Yeah. One grande mocha frappuccino at the very least. Supplement with Mountain Dew during the day, if feasible. Wind down with water or iced tea near the end of the day. Otherwise, I will end up like in this picture:

This pretty much sums up what today was like for me. And I only had one class.

2. I shall study for some-yet-undetermined number of hours a day. F'rreal.
I will be waking up at normal-people times for once. I end classes fairly early in the day, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when I have two classes, I have a couple of hours in between those classes. I can spend that time either studying or otherwise being productive (for certain values of "productive"). If I follow Resolution no Ichiban, I should be reasonably conscious and coherent enough to continue being productive up until nightfall. I has no excuses.

3. As often as possible, and as comfortably as possible, I shall "dress up" for classes.
Mainly just to amuse myself. But I got compliments from three different people* on the blouse I wore today, which was a black-and-purple-and-white plaid ruffled dress blouse with slightly puffed sleeves and a black ribbon tied around the waist, which I am quite fond of myself. Fuck chicken soup - compliments are good for the soul. Also, I'm a girly-girl and I like experimenting with my fashion style, which ranges from goth-ish to bohemian-ish to punk-ish to Harajuku-ish.

4. At the very, very least, I shall make an effort to put up the facade of being a normally sociable human being.
I'd intended to stay mostly anonymous during JPN104 today, but somehow I ended up being decently chatty with the person sitting next to me, a Korean girl named Lydia. I think it started because both of us were bitching about how we didn't remember anything from introductory Japanese. Which then led to discovering that the both of us are fourth-years who will have to take an additional fifth year to get our shit done (though our reasons differ). She also thought she had seen me in one of her classes before, but decided that she was mistaken. I decided, what the hey, I'd just introduce myself then, since it seemed like a good chance to do so. In addition, there's a line of folks on her other side with whom she seems somewhat acquainted, and who seem to be - if their self-introductions and side conversations are any indication - fellow anime/gamer fans. Which could either mean total awesome or complete fail. Time will tell. I'm still trying to acclimate myself to living out in the real world again, and I'm the type of person that gets completely drained of energy even just by talking in-person with a really close friend. Some people are energized by person-to-person interaction; I'm not one of them. In going to classes, I find that I'm torn between conserving energy by keeping to myself, and making acquaintances so that class-time is slightly more entertaining.

5. I shall try to explore Chicago more.
Me and [ profile] lysis_to_kill always talk about visiting this place and seeing that thing and checking out that store over there, but we have a hard time materializing plans. (We have a hard time materializing plans about anything, actually.) But we're finding that we have free periods that coincide with each other, particularly in the afternoons because we both have morning classes, so it's easier for us to meet up in the SAC Pit after classes and figure out how the fuck we want to murder time today. From there, we can both plot how to take over the world. She's a criminal-obsessed Polish housewife; I'm the Asian call girl. Together, we fight time! Er, crime!


To my utter surprise, I actually managed to finish a working version of the lyrics for "Wasted." I basically took the lyric sketches that I'd done at the DMV yesterday, wrote them on pieces of notecards, set them out, and tried to cohere them into something that made some amount of sense. Once that was done, I hit upon the chorus melody almost immediately, with chords for it and the rest of the song following soon after.

I hate you, why are guys so lame

*One of whom was the hyperactive barista who served me my frappuccino at the Starbucks near 87th and Cicero. Apparently being in the proximity of that much caffeine does odd things to someone.
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ART233 - Ancient Art
A survey on the principal works of architecture, sculpture, painting, and the industrial arts created in the Mediterranean basin and in Europe from the Paleolithic times through Roman Empire.

JPN104 - Intermediate Japanese I
Intensive practice in the use of Japanese through listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and continued enhancement of the cultural awareness intrinsic to those skills.

ANT120 - Science of Archaeology
Archaeology spans the academic worlds of the physical sciences and the social sciences. In this course, the physical science qualities of the discipline are introduced. Students explore the various ways archaeologists use model building, statistical inference, and evidence analysis to reconstruct past human experiences. The course includes two hours of lab and two hours of lecture/discussion per week.

JPN104 is my first and only class on Wednesday. I have the same teacher and the same room (I think) as I did when I first attempted the class last year. It's like I never left! [/sarcasm]


Went to the drivers' facility place or whatever to get my license renewed. I is nao organ donor. \o/?

While I was waiting for my number to be called, I began working on the vague, hazy threads of a song that I am currently calling "Wasted," which is, mind you, not about going out and getting trashed or high. Images are coming into view, sliver by sliver; the story is much more stubborn in coming out.

love your hate, your faith lost
Yahoo!Tech: 16-year-old drops out of school to play Guitar Hero

But how much gaming is too much? For North Carolina native Blake Peebles, there's no such thing. Guitar Hero is his title of choice. "I usually play till I can't anymore," he says, in this profile from the News & Observer.

In fact, young Mr. Peebles is dropping out of high school... in order to focus on Guitar Hero full time.

No, no, f'rreal. F'rreal.

However, I worry that Peebles, who's just 16, may have a tough road ahead trying to break into competitive gaming. The costs of traveling to tournaments alone can totally outstrip earnings, and the amount of training can be grueling. Sponsorships are often a pipe dream. And then there's the issue of games going out of date and being replaced by something new. Traditional athletes never have to worry about, say, distance running being upgraded with a new version, but many games can go out of style, fast. In the end, there's just not much cash there: One gamer, quoted at the end of the linked article, says that in eight years his total earnings are about $25,000 total, and that's including a national championship in Halo 2.

I didn't even know you could make $25k from competitive gaming. Though that probably proves how out-of-touch I am with the gaming world. Dude, just give me my RPGs and my Mario and Zelda and my button-mashing fighters and I'm a happy Reileen.

*** Catch you later, Colonel Mustard: 'Clue' goes tabloid

Goodbye, professor. Farewell, colonel.

Toy maker Hasbro Inc. has updated its classic Clue game for today's tabloid culture to include younger characters, more weapons, and new rooms, including a spa and guest house.

The six characters' last names remain the same, but their first names and bios have been updated. For example, Miss Scarlet is now Kasandra Scarlet, a famous actress often featured in tabloids. And Mr. Green is now Jacob Green, an African-American "with all the ins."


You know what I used to love reading back in the day? The mini-mystery compilation tie-in novels for Clue, where you'd get to read a couple of mostly innocuous mysteries before ending with a "NAO MR BODDY IZ DED FROM _____" scenario (which would always be revealed to have Made You Look if you bothered to read the next successive novel - I remember one particularly ridiculous retconning where Mr. Boddy explained that he had been shot with one of his trick bullets, which pierced everything except human skin - no, f'rreal). I very rarely tried to figure out the mystery myself, thus single-handedly defeating the entire point of the novels, but the characters were so much fun. I wonder if any of the libraries in the area have these books? I can't remember what the hell happened to mine.


I just noticed that DePaul's revamped Campus Connect site has something called a "Course Cart", where you can temporarily save class listings until you can actually enroll in them. The name just makes me think of going down the aisles of the DePaul Class Department store, shopping for classes, with this coupon in hand:

"DePaul's Demonic Blowout! Buy two classes, get one free! Not applicable to sale items. Void where prohibited. Valid until September 10,2009. No cash value."


"birthday" now has a workable chorus melody and piano accompaniment! Chord patterns are mostly set...I think?

I really, really want to write a song mocking Twilight fandom, but there's just so much to mock - I'd end up having to write the equivalent of "American Pie" for it.

and I know I cannot bear it all alone


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