Jan. 8th, 2009

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...not that I've used it much in the past year and a half or so.

Trying to reassemble the gears and pistons that power the clockwork heart of my intellect, which up 'til now has been collecting rust and dust like Pokemon cards. My HON301 class (Multiculturalism and the Ethics of Identity...man, I can already feel my back breaking from the weight of that title) and ART200 (Art and Artists in Contemporary Society...hey, did I just hear my spinal column snap?) look to be very thought-provoking - provided, of course, that I pay up enough thoughts for it. Which means sitting my ass down at my table, doing the readings, and taking notes in the text that don't just consist of some variant of "WTF?"

I don't really remember specific things that I learn in my classes. Usually the things I learn have nothing to do with the class. Comedy Screenwriting? I learned that everyone is funnier than I am. Animation II? I learned that I didn't have the patience (...or talent) required for animation. AP Language and Composition, back in high school? I learned that I'm the only one who will even touch chicharron. AP World History, also back in high school? I learned the very useful phrase "No. No. A thousand times no." Basically, I could tell you what was being taught, but what I learned? Not so much. I'm pretty sure that's just me having a shitty-ass memory, though, instead of me being taught by incompetent teachers, since I know I had some pretty amazing teachers and some really interesting classes.*

At any rate, I'm back in classes that actually require me to think up more layered piles of bullshit to get through them. Angst. But it turns out that I'm almost done with my Honors requirements: I just need to get through HON301, and then I need to take a senior Honors seminar (or to do a senior thesis) and then fulfill my experiential learning requirement (which I'll do by going abroad, hopefully to Japan next winter vacation). As for my art & design major, well, I'm taking Two-Dimensional Foundations, which is like my high school art class on the college level. It's nothing that I don't already know, but it's a nice review and a great way to relax prior to trudging off to HON301 in the Chicago cold.

be my guest, sever me from the source of all my agony

*It might also be the fact that my brain seems strongly wired for remembering general ideas and concepts rather than specific facts. ("I know what I know. Don't confuse me with facts!") This is why I prefer writing in worlds that I make up myself: I can take enough knowledge of this world and transform it into something similar - or different! - in my constructed worlds, but I simply don't trust my own perceptions of this world enough to write something set in it. The last time I did that, I was in 3rd grade, making up really weird stories about myself and my new friends. It was, incidentally, the first time I ever really started writing stories.


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