May. 20th, 2009

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Have been sick with flu-like symptoms over the past few days. No idea if it's swine flu. Am annoyed that I cannot be productive, but otherwise am not dying. I think. Been staying home the past two days anyway.

In the meantime, DePaul has had its first confirmed case of swine flu.


I also got a Dreamwidth account, though hell if I know what I'll use it for. I'm not really active in many communities yet on this account, and I really only got a DW because a lot of people I followed here ended up moving their primary posting platform to DW. Feel free to add me or not.


Quick notes on stuff that I've listened to recently.

Dragonforce, Inhuman Rampage: Wow, it's amazing how every song on this album sounds exactly the same! I mean, yeah, okay, I happen to really love "Through the Fire and Flames", which is the first song on the album, but I don't want 7+ iterations of it on the same album, okay? Maybe it'll grow on me after a few more listens, but the crazy guitar riffs, as awesome as they are, get tiring when you listen to them one right after the other.

Pentaphobe, A Tribal Metamorphosis: Nice atmospheric music, if you need something dark and primal.

Yael Naim, Yael Naim: A nice low-key serving of quirky folk/acoustic, with a wide sampling of musical tastes. It hasn't settled with me, but maybe one of y'all might like her?

Tori Amos, Abnormally Attracted to Sin: Reminiscent of To Venus and Back with its electronica elements and darker sounds. I actually prefer this kind of sound for her. My main gripe with this album is that it's too long - listening to it is like dealing with an overflow of tomato sauce in a cheese pizza. I haven't decided yet which songs she should've cut, though. My favorite so far is "Give", which is the first song on the album; will be giving this a few more spins once I'm actually conscious enough to pay attention.

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