May. 28th, 2009

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Have been up since 6:50am. Running on less than three hours of sleep. Have been walking around downtown Chicago for nearly four and a half hours straight looking for possible places to work. Am praying that the computer labs in the art building will be free enough for me to print the mockups for my ART264 project critique at 6:40pm, since doing it at Kinko's would've killed my wallet and then some. May return to the building early and wait there if I finish with doing job apps in the general computer labs or if I get bored.

Planning to apply at...

*House of Brides
*Borders (Beverly, State & Lake, North & Clybourn)
*The Body Shop @ Water Tower Place
*Through DePaul's Career Center online resume thingy...

Need to eventually follow up at...

*Urban Outfitters

I also want to check out some of the Belmont shops (though I highly doubt any of them are hiring), but I am way too tired to do it today. And I'd like to check out stuff near Orland Park as well. I'd really prefer to have a downtown job, though, just so I could hop a ride with my dad during the week and have him drop me off there on the way to work.

On a slightly lighter note, I bought this cute aqua-and-purple scarf at Nordstrom's using a gift card I had there. I'm...not entirely sure how I'm supposed to wear it (it's a square-shaped scarf), but that's what Google is for.

EDIT: Also, I am mightily annoyed that, once again, design advisors are not returning my inquiries! In this case, I e-mailed the professor of one of my required classes for fall quarter to manually add me to the class, since it was already closed when I went to enroll in it for fall quarter. Of course, he hasn't e-mailed me back!

Fuck this shit. When fall quarter rolls around, I'm showing up in that class and demanding that I be let in. I need that class; if I can't get into it for fall quarter, I can't graduate by next spring.*

and now I wait my whole lifetime for you

*Well, technically, this applies to any course I'll be taking during the next academic year. I'm miffed because the single HON350 listing is closed, and the Honors program has a policy of not allowing more than 20 students a class, so it's not like I can plead with the advisors to let me into the class. I was hoping to get it over with during fall quarter, because that meant I could focus on my experiential learning course for winter quarter and then my senior capstone for spring quarter. Maybe I can do a little something to get a spot to open up over the summer...


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