Jun. 30th, 2009

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Two more blabberings about martial arts flicks.

Robin B Hood: Jackie Chan, Louis Koo, Yuen Biao. Chan and Koo play two successful cat burglars, Thongs and Octopus (...don't ask), who eventually get roped into kidnapping a baby by their boss, Landlord (...again, don't ask), who's looking to pick up the hefty reward money for doing so from a wealthy Triad mobster. But while on the run, the Landlord gets caught by the police, and asks Thongs and Octopus to look after the baby until he can get out of jail. Thongs and Octopus are initially reluctant, but eventually develop a strong relationship with the kid and thus refuse to hand him over when the time comes. Kung-fu hijinks ensue - as well as a couple of instances of surprising tugs at the heartstrings. Favorite fight scene is Chan vs. Biao inside Thongs'(?) apartment.

Battle Warrior: Tony Jaa and...other people who don't matter. Well, okay, maybe I'll mention the random G.I. Joe character, just for the sheer randomness of it. Oh, yeah, Panna Rittikrai plays a zombie. But other than that, hoo boy, this film was a waste of an hour and a half and I wished I'd spent it watching Police Story 4 instead. Horrid acting, boring main characters, and wyrd-ass lighting on some of the shots that made it hard to see anything. (I double-checked; it was definitely the movie and not my monitor.) The way the DVD was packaged and the way the movie was described made it seem like Jaa had a bigger part in the movie than he actually did - which was likely intentional 'cause otherwise I can't imagine that this would be a good-selling film. I only watched the entire thing so that I wouldn't miss any potential scenes with him, 'cause fast-forwarding and rewinding on DVDs would almost be as annoying as just letting the movie run its course. However, the lone redeeming point of the movie (which I shall now poetically liken to the faint remnants of an ancient start in the murky night sky of downtown Chicago) is that Jaa actually plays a villainous character instead of a rampaging Muay Thai Hero of Great Justice. (Jaa is the right-hand bodyguard/fighter/whatever for the over-the-top military general dictator person thingy deep in the middle of bumfuck Thailand. Er...yeah.) I demand to see Jaa in more villainous roles! That would be hot. (Even though Jaa can't, uh, really act. Then again, he hasn't been given a lot of roles that require him to act aside from emoting ">:|!!!!!!", so maybe he just hasn't been given a chance to shine.)


I am re-thinking my plans to apply for JET this coming academic year. The issue isn't that I'm chickening out on it - yeah, I am scared to hell about it, but the more scared I get, the more determined I am to actually do the program - but that I simply won't have the start-up funds needed to get to and live in Japan before I receive my first paycheck. Not counting anything that I might need to buy prior to going to Japan (extras of stuff that I can only get easily in the US), I'm gonna need at least $3000 to pay for the first month of rent + amenities, as well as to live off of. I refuse to make my parents pay for that, and there's little to no chance I'll be able to get and/or hold a job during this last year of my schooling.

Even if I do miraculously get a job during the school year, however, I wouldn't be able - well, willing - to put in the hours needed to scrape up that much money. Because I just really, really need to get the fuck out of school. I need to focus on my schoolwork so that I can do well enough to graduate by next spring. That's really top priority in terms of real life issues. Once I get my degree, I'll start worrying about really investing the time/energy/sanity into looking for a job.

For now, I'll continue to cruise craigslist for mini-gigs.

...although I really should get cracking on customizing YouTube and MySpace for my music. And attempting to bid for graphic design projects on Etsy. aldkadjglkjakgjlakjglkja. At least I've got a $70+ CG commission from a friend coming up soon. Which is barely going to start paying off the Vegas tickets that my parents bought for me, but at least it's something. I'm also looking at eLance for writing gigs but am realizing how very little legit credentials I have to list for my editing skills, besides "Ask my friends how much I like to shred apart their writing."

oh, virginia, we didn't know you had it in ya


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