Jul. 26th, 2009

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I was psyched when I found out via Twitter and LJ that Emilie Autumn was going to be holding an impromptu, informal meet-up/book-reading somewhere near the Lincoln Park Conservatory & Zoo on July 25. She's been mostly performing in Europe for the past couple of years, and any US shows she might've had were either out of my way or I just couldn't go. So something like this was a real treat. Plus, it was free, so like hell I was going to miss out on this! There were some issues and annoyances, but otherwise I'm glad I made it out there.

I dragged Liz ([livejournal.com profile] lysis_to_kill), Lauren ([livejournal.com profile] bluemaiden88), and Melissa along with me. We met up at the Fullerton station and then made Liz lead us to the conservatory/zoo (she'd been to the zoo a million and one times for bio classes, so I figured that her knowledge of where to go was better than mine, which was only informed by two solo jaunts in the years I've been at DePaul). Along the way, we got stopped by two people who asked us if we were going to the EA meet-up, which I guess meant that we were clearly dressed for the part. (Me, my plans for finding the meet-up location once we arrived at the general area was to follow all the gothic people, so there you go.)

Once we got settled at the final location, we had to wait a bit for EA to show up. I think her friend fLee explained what the issue was, but from where we got stuck sitting we couldn't hear much (though once EA arrived she bade us to scoot closer so that we could hear better). Anyway, EA showed up fashionably late, in her steampunk-ish floofy dress and corset and wild pink hair, toting what looked like a nicely handmade big-ass storybook. She spent the next two hours and a half (or somewhere around there) dramatically reading excerpts from her upcoming book The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls, which seems to be half-autobiography, half-fiction. EA's a joy to watch; she's very theatrical, with enough stage presence and charisma to fill the Sears Tower. It made me miss my theatre days, even though in those days I mostly did crew work, not actual acting. (Kinda wish I'd done more acting, though.) The only bad thing about this was sitting on the bumpy ground with barely nothing but my black knit sweater between my ass and the grass.

After reading, EA performed "Fairweather Friend" and "The Art of Suicide", with her producer(?) accompanying her on guitar. And then after that came the Meet N' Greet, at which point me and my friends proceeded to be stuck in a near-dead line for nearly a half hour or more. The problem was that, once EA announced that she'd be doing autographs on your tits - no, for serious, she announced this, "LET ME SIGN YOUR BREASTS BECAUSE YOU ARE AWESOME", there was this blob of fans surrounding her that she had to attend to first, and then from that blob was this line (where we were at) that spun out from the blob like the tail of a sperm cell. But we got there eventually, so all was well. I had her sign a print of the picture used on her Opheliac cover (which I'd printed out on photo paper earlier in the day). I saw two people who'd brought their violins to be signed by EA, and wished that an 88-key weighted keyboard could be so portable as to easily tote to a VT show to be signed by Miss Teng herself. Oh, well, signed sheet music and a CD aren't bad, but I digress.

and here there be pictures! )

In conclusion, Emilie Autumn is made of frilly, insane, plague-ridden* win! She said that she was planning to do an official show in Chicago in November, so I hope to the Gods I can go see it. She is truly amazing.

pull me up, 'cause I am waiting

*I mean this in a very complimentary way. Anyone who's been following Emilie's recent posts on either LJ orthe main site will know why.


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