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I Need to Get Out More, the picture I finally came up with for DePaul's winter thematic show.

You can also see a progress sheet of the picture here.

Ohmy gods why am I so tiiiirrreeeddd. This is bad, because I have two projects that need full-sized mockups by Monday and Tuesday and I haven't even started any computer work for any of them. I thought I was going to start one of them today, but then I was lying in bed finishing Blood Lines: From Ethnic Pride to Ethnic Terrorism by Vamik Volkan and I ended up taking a nap after it. (Not because the book was boring, I assure you. It actually was quite interesting, explaining the possible psychology driving ethnic clashes such as that of the Greeks and the Turks on Cyprus, or the Russians and the Estonians, and other similar conflicts.) I'm only up right now because Daddykins needed me to wash the dishes. This probably means I should start working on my projects, but my brain, she is dead for some reason.

Maybe I'll go paint Kirby pumpkins instead.
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Yes, there is a reason I re-used the title from this entry. And it's because, once again, one little thing after another kept popping up as I was trying to be productive and bit by bit it katamari'd my rage to levels over 9000 and I really wanted to maul someone.

Today, I woke up, intending to finish off my ART260 project. I...

1) Became increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of the last few pictures I had to draw and outline. "Well, whatever, this is just for school and it'll be at a smaller size anyway, and it fits the style a bit too, so it's not that big a deal."

2) Scanned the pictures in, played around with Illustrator's Live Trace function, only to find that it wasn't producing the kinds of lines I wanted - it looked more as though I'd just run all the sketches through a Levels or Curves adjustment on Photoshop. "Grr, whatever. Smaller size, fits the style, and I'm running out of time."

3) Took way longer than I thought to color in all the sketches. "Blah! No way am I going to get this done in time to head to campus and print out at the lab. I'm going to go to Kinko's and pay for a print so that I don't show up tomorrow without a project."

4) Went to the nearby Kinko's and got told that my 13"x19" color print was going to have a 24-hour turnaround. "OH FUCK NO!"

5) Went back home, proceeded to try and save my original .psd file as a .jpeg so I can resize it, only to find that Photoshop won't save my .psd as a .jpeg because of a program error. "WHAT IS THIS I DON'T FUCKING EVEN"

6) Saved the file as a .png, resized it, brought it to Kinko's, got it printed, found out that the skin tones on the people were wonky looking. "...I GIVE UP, MAN. I GIVE THE FUCK UP."

For what it's worth, here's the final project, although because it's on Photobucket as a resized JPEG, the quality is incredibly blurry, but you should still be able to read the text. I'm planning on revisiting this at some point to get smoother lines and better coloring, but that point is definitely not now. GRAR.

(Also, I found out later that I could, actually, have just saved my .png file as a .jpeg if I needed/wanted to. I think there must be something wrong with the .psd file itself, though fuck me with scissors if I know what it is.)
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My ART260 professor submitted my second project to the student curator, to be put up for display in the hallway of the third floor of the art building. The objective was to tell or suggest a narrative of some sort primarily through manipulation of type. That sort of thing is one of my (many) weak points as an artist, and overall I'm not really impressed with what I churned out. But then again, I'm not overly disappointed by it, either. It fulfilled the assignment requirements, and my professor thought it was good enough to put up, so I guess that's that.

Apologies for the bad lighting quality plus the flash; I was using my point-and-shoot (instead of the department's sexah digital DLR camera).

There's also a current call for student works to be submitted to the winter quarter thematic show.

Hide, Hyde, Hide and Seek: Winter Quarter Thematic Show
Submission deadline: January 15, 2010
Exhibition: Jan. 27 - Mar. 1
Opening reception: Jan. 27, 4:30pm - 6:00pm

This thematic exhibition will explore the notion of word play in three different ways: Hide, Hyde, and Hide and Seek. The interpretation can be literal; people or things, lost, missing, leaving or metaphorical; seeking, searching in spiritual, psychological and philosophical ways, as in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The artwork can adopt one of the three words or all three. Work selected for this exhibit may or may not initially appear to conform to this theme. However, consider what is hidden and what is revealed in both the work you see and the work you create.

I'd love to be able to do something for this. However, I am currently running into a big honkin' white brick wall of non-ideas at the moment.
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I find myself utterly baffled that nearly all of the American-based "how-to" anime style artbooks feature some of the most generic, boring, or just plain bad anime-styled art out there. Manga Madness by David Okum is the most recent one I saw, on the shelves at Michaels while I was looking for other stuff for my ART113 project. Christopher Hart's stuff is slightly better, and this chick's work is generally competent, but this is just horrendous, totally amateur. I just...what? What?

I have a couple different reactions to being confronted with this sort of mediocrity:

1) Shame. I feel ashamed that my primary drawing talent lies in the animanga style. What makes this even worse is that sometimes I don't even think I have any ground to stand on when I talk about how crappy some of this art is. After all, what's special about my art? Not much, really, at the moment. It's generic animanga, albeit depicting characters from small-ish fandoms and occasionally a couple of OCs. I'm not such a hot-shot. [/ blatant breakage of Ebert's Law; I plead guilty by way of low self-esteem and a generally pessimistic nature]

On a bad day, Shame eventually gives way to...

2. Despair. Again, I have no reason to think that I'm any better than this mediocrity that gets published. I should just stop drawing right now, because I have no hope whatsoever of getting better because I can never focus on a single pursuit more than a few months at a time, and therefore I'll never improve. Real True Artists draw from life, or are super-realistic, or have an uber-distinctive trademark style that absolutely makes them stand out from the crowd and you absolutely cannot mistake their art for anyone else's, or they're heavily conceptual and convey lofty Universal Messages and are Slick and Edgy. Et cetera, ad nauseam, rinse, lather, and repeat.

On a good day, Shame eventually gives way to...

2) Defiance. Fuck that shit; I can draw so much better than that! I'm gonna be one of the best damn American-based animanga artists out there, yessiree, no doubts about that, fo shizzle mah nizzle. I'll practice my anatomy and learn how to draw normal people (instead of just good-looking ones) and awesomely detailed backgrounds (instead of abstract, potentially impressionist swathes of color) and figure out how to color oh-so-prettily and the whole fuckin' nine yards! AND EVERYONE WILL BOW DOWN BEFORE ME AND RECOGNIZE THEIR QUEEN

Right now, I'm currently having a Pretty Bad Day, possibly because I haven't extensively drawn in a while and so my skills are seriously out of whack. Lately I've been heavily focused on writing and music, and I've been struggling - as I have been for the past few years and as I probably will be for the rest of my life - with how to balance out a journey of improvement in three different artistic skillsets, none of which I'm willing to give up. Is there a way I can satisfactorily balance this? Or do I just have to put up and shut up and learn to prioritize one over the other? No real answers, yet.
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I orginally started this piece intending for it to be a quick speedpaint of Luke and Kira, but as soon as I got to Kira's fur I was like, pffffffftno I definitely was not going to get this done in any manner considered "speedy" without fucking things up. So I took my time on it.

Here are two in-progress screenshots of this thing )

Aaaaand here's the final! (with closeups) )

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I actually envisioned Kira as large enough in her sphinx form for Luke to ride comfortably on her back. But I was having problems with getting the proportions right, so I decided to stick close to the proportions of a real lion(ness) for the moment.

we are wolves of the sea
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I didn't make a lot from Artist Alley this year, but that was about what I expected. I did, however, learn a lot, and will be better armed to take over the Alley next year. (Beware an invasion of Kirby pumpkins!) I think, based on this initial experience, that I actually prefer being in the Artist Alley as opposed to being a regular patron of the con, because at least that way, if I don't want to go to any panels, I won't be stuck in my hotel room feeling like I should be doing something. (It also prevents me from wandering the dealer's room for too long and dropping my cash on stuff. As my friend Lauren said: "Earn, not burn!")

Major highlights for me include seeing my two pet fandoms - Bomberman and Golden Sun - in meatspace, holy crap. I ran into this Bomberman cosplay and this Isaac cosplay, both of which surprised the hell out of me. I also found Gintoki and Neuro and Yako! There was also a bunch of Abyss and Symphonia cosplayers. And I discovered two other Bomberfanatics in the Artist Alley. We are out there, yay!

Here's the booty I scored from the con this year, which isn't much but which I am very satisfied with. Am trying to figure out where I want to put the Gintoki and Bomberman pins. Missing from the picture is a $2.00 Okami fanart bookmark that I got from Lydia's friend, who had a table in Artist Alley. The clips were made by another artist in the Alley who graciously let us hang out by her when we were in table limbo early Friday morning (long story short: there was a database error that assigned two studios to one table, and the other studio had claimed the table first, so we got shuttled to a free table that was in a dinky corner of the Alley).

-Sora G. Silverwind
I want to be awakened right now
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Hrm. I think I'm going to have to rethink my ideas about trying to sell T-shirts this year at ACEN. Doing that shit is more expensive than I thought; a 6-color design on a standard ladies' tee with ten pieces per size and five different sizes total runs almost $800 on this website. One multiple-color design, fifty T-shirts total, $800. I imagine the price to be similar elsewhere, considering that apparently more colors cost more because the printers have to set up the equipment and stuff.

I think I can easily adapt my "Shiroko Studios" designs to single-color silhouettes for the time being, if only because I want at least some T-shirts for ACEN. I'm much less optimistic about my "Anime: Because It's True" designs, though, because though inevitably will require a fair amount of color. (I tried doing a practice quote on a full-color shirt design out of curiosity and found that the minimum size order for such a design had to be 144 pieces. orz! Not gonna happen in the near future.) I should probably just look into prints and posters for those for the time being.

[insert some emo stuff here that I'm not even sure I want to talk about on LJ...]

and I coughed this up in a sooty perfume


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