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[during my ART395 class...]

-Classmate #1: What's the date today?
-Classmate #2: April 1.
-Classmate #1: Okay, thanks.
[ profile] reileen: No, it's not.
-Classmate #1: It isn't?
[ profile] reileen: APRIL FOOLS!
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The Filipino Name Generator. Come be a member of the tribe! Apparently my Filipinoized name (in the order of first name, middle name, nickname, and last name) is "Evangeline Magdalena Apple Pie Garcia". I...sound kind of delicious, actually. o_O

I totally have plans to write a Fil-Am-themed(?) urban fantasy story (stories?) featuring a protagonist named Angelina "Jelly" Sanchez. :D

Also, apparently my mom's maiden name, Moraga, means "barbecue" in Arabic! nomnombbq.


Aaaaand long time no post! I've been blathering on Twitter because it's easier, but I do have stuff to post out. Namely, lots of pictures of some of the work I did for my design classes over winter quarter. Buuuuut I've been too lazy to pull it all together, chu. In other words, nothing new under the sun.
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Today [ profile] lysis_to_kill and I witnessed what looked like a robbery.

We were getting off the northbound Brown Line at Belmont when a guy ran past us, laughing. A girl sprinted after him on the semi-slushy platform, shouting for him to give back to her phone. At first Liz and I didn't really think anything of it; we figured that maybe they were friends who were rough-housing on the platform.

But as we descended the platform staircase, we could hear more and more of the desperation and anger in the girl's voice, and suddenly it occurred to us that we had just witnessed a robbery in the middle of the afternoon on a crowded platform, and that the person may have gotten away with it.

I seriously hope that girl got her phone back and the guy slipped and wiped out on the new tile floors of the station.
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I Need to Get Out More, the picture I finally came up with for DePaul's winter thematic show.

You can also see a progress sheet of the picture here.

Ohmy gods why am I so tiiiirrreeeddd. This is bad, because I have two projects that need full-sized mockups by Monday and Tuesday and I haven't even started any computer work for any of them. I thought I was going to start one of them today, but then I was lying in bed finishing Blood Lines: From Ethnic Pride to Ethnic Terrorism by Vamik Volkan and I ended up taking a nap after it. (Not because the book was boring, I assure you. It actually was quite interesting, explaining the possible psychology driving ethnic clashes such as that of the Greeks and the Turks on Cyprus, or the Russians and the Estonians, and other similar conflicts.) I'm only up right now because Daddykins needed me to wash the dishes. This probably means I should start working on my projects, but my brain, she is dead for some reason.

Maybe I'll go paint Kirby pumpkins instead.
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I'm not sure that this is the complete list, since I can't seem to find the original list I made somewhere, but this is stuff that I've found by poking around on Amazon, Wikipedia, and other places.

Jan. 5 - Blood Cross (Jane Yellowrock) by Faith Hunter
Mar. 10 - Roadkill (Cal Leandros) by Rob Thurman
Apr. 6 - Changes (Harry Dresden) by Jim Butcher
May 18 - The Demon's Covenant (The Demon's Lexicon Trilogy) by Sarah Rees Brennan
Jul. 6 - Red Hood's Revenge (Princess novels)

Some Amazon reviews indicate that Jane Yellowrock seems to be less strong of a character in Blood Cross than she was in Skinwalker, but I'll see how it goes when I get it from the library. (The cover for it is just as smokin' hot as the first one, though.) I just finished the 4th Cal Leandros book, Deathwish, which I think has to be my favorite by far - I loved that Thurman included Niko's POV this time, and I hope she does it for Roadkill as well. Changes could be potentially absurd in a bad way (secret baby, WTF?), but I'm going to keep faith that it'll at least be an interesting ride that'll show off more facets of Harry's character. I'm a little disappointed that Nick won't be the main character of The Demon's Covenant, but I'll still check the book out because the world is potentially interesting. Finally, I am totally stoked for Red Hood's Revenge because I've heard that we get to find out more about Talia and see a showdown between her and Red Riding Hood. FUCK YEAH.

Feb. 14 - Auralei EP by Artemis
Spring - Body of Glass by Artemis
Spring - Tall Tales for Spring by Vanessa Carlton
Summer - Disturbed
Autumn - Within Temptation
Unknown - Weird Al Yankovic
Unknown - Evanescence

I was actually really disappointed with the samples I heard of the Auralei EP - it's a good thing I held off on buying the downloads. I'll see if there are any songs I might like on the actual album. I hope Vanessa Carlton includes a studio recording of "All Is Well", because I think that's easily her best song yet. Wikipedia says that the new Disturbed album is going to be even darker than Indestructible, but the musical style will be more reminiscent of their album Believe (which I've got somewhere but haven't listened to because I am so fucking bad with listening to stuff from the Music Fairy, ye-e-s). No clue what to expect from the Within Temptation album. Should probably listen to the Weird Al EP Internet Leaks to get an idea of what might be on the next studio album; I wonder if he'll do a Lady GaGa parody? That would be epic. No clue what to expect from Evanescence either, but here's hoping it's better than The Open Door.

Also, whatever happened with Ghost Orgy? I've been checking their MySpace and main website for news, and aside from an update on the main website about releasing an EP in early 2008(!!!), there hasn't been anything. I wonder what came up?
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Well, now this is interesting. I hadn't realized I'd been reading more over the past few years.

Table 1. Number of books read by Reileen, broken down by year and separated into fiction and nonfiction.

(i h8 u tables!!!)

Manga not counted in this, partly because it feels slightly like "cheating" and partly because I'm not sure how one would quantify reading the serialized chapters. Split it up between tankoubon and weeklies/monthlies, maybe?

Booklist 2009 )
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So, that GPS drawing I was babbling about in the previous entry? A horse A hoax. (Via [ profile] holyschist.) :(

Lynn Viehal blogs about the reality of a Times Bestseller. (Via [ profile] jimhines.)


I still owe giftmas presents to people, whoops. There's some I can ship out tomorrow once I pack 'em up tonight, but others will require a wee bit more browsing. Hopefully I can be done by this weekend.


Finished Mike Carey's Vicious Circle (which I enjoyed greatly) and Gail Carriger's Soulless (which was merely okay; I adore the cover design though).

To expand a bit on my reactions without devoting entire LJ posts to them:

Vicious Circle: Second installment in the Felix Castor series. Felix (whom I don't recall as having a physical description in the books, but even if it's there and I just forgot it, I will continue to amuse myself by imagining him as looking like Felix from the Golden Sun games) takes on an odd case where he has to find a missing ghost, but finds himself entangled up in Satanic plots to raise one of the most powerful demons of Hell. It's fairly obvious early on which demon it's going to be, and the Satanic cult in the novel itself is rather hokey. There's other more interesting things going on in the book, however: seeing the succubus Juliet kick some ass alongside Felix, the actual story behind the missing ghost and how it intersects with the Satanic cult story, and some worldbuilding stuff involving the legal status of ghosts. And - not to spoil it too much - but this is one of those novels where technically the good guy wins, and yet it has a completely depressing ending. I really enjoy Felix's character and this world, and I hope I can get my hands on the other novels.

Soulless: First book in the Alexia Tarabotti series. Takes place in a magical AU Victorian London. Alexia Tarabotti is a literally soulless spinster who accidentally kills a vampire in the first couple of pages of the novel. She didn't do it because she was soulless, though - it was the vampire's fault for being completely ignorant of his proper manners! Hijinks ensues as the local head of the supernatural bureau in this particular 'verse, Lord Maccon, tries to figure out what the hell is going on, among other things. A fun, fluffy read, though YMMV on the pseudo-Victorian tone and the romance. I wasn't as impressed by this as I thought I'd be, but I think I might check out the second book anyway (although the question of buying it or not is still up in the air).

I think I need to revamp the "books" tags into "authors" tags...
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Say hello to the Biggest Fucking Drawing in the World by Erik Nordenankar. He did it by FedExing a briefcase with a GPS device in it through the world, and the trail of the GPS device drew out a self-portrait when plotted on a world map.





Anyway. I'm back at this thing called school and I am tired and depressed (it is likely the former is influencing the latter). I think most people tend to have some kind of "back-to-school-blues", though; for me the last couple of quarters, it's been manifesting with this overwhelming fear that I'm not good enough at anything I do and am going to fail all of my classes. Even if they're just art classes. Because I'm nowhere near as good as I think I am, you see. No talent, no brain cells, no social skills, no worth. And there she goes again with her trainwrecks of thought! You should probably look away now if you want to be more productive that I ever will be.

ART228 is my Computer Applications For Design II class, and it's going to be heavily based in Adobe InDesign. Our three projects are 1) an information map about some event in Chicago history; 2) a conceptual travel guide; and 3) a collateral set (poster, postcard, and trifold brochure) for a Chicago nonprofit organization. That last project technically got assigned today, but then again since all of the project guidelines are in the syllabus, I guess you could say that the projects all got assigned today. All in ten weeks! Thank the Gods I only have three classes this quarter.

At 1:00pm I have my final liberal arts requirement (except for my experiential learning requirement, but I can fulfill that with a major-related class), which is my Honors senior seminar about identity in the 21st century. I have 8 books to read for that class, wtf?
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Not the list of books I read over 2009 (that'll come once I update my running list on my computer and figure out something meaningful to say), but the books I just ordered from Borders using a $50 gift card.

I'm so excited! I don't know where to start first. D: Maybe with Soulless, since I have a friend who just ordered it from her library to read based on being interested from the Amazon description.

Half-assed New Year's Resolution: Re-read older favorites with a more critical, analytical eye, so I can learn how to do this shit myself. Especially with plotting and pacing. *sigh*
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Done with the usual meme of taking the first line of the first entry of every month, because I'm too lazy to do actual post write-ups. There's a lot to post about but I never really feel like sitting down and writing/posting. That, and every time I come back with something to talk about, I never think it's really worth posting about.

JANUARY: An interesting article about how Obama seems to be dealing with his fame.
FEBRUARY: From Kotaku: Suspect arrested for threatening to blow up Hudson
MARCH: Just a quick post before I have to work on my HON301 paper, which, uh, I still have no idea what I'm going to write about.
APRIL: It's only the first week of classes and I'm skipping already, whoops.
MAY: I didn't make a lot from Artist Alley this year, but that was about what I expected.
JUNE: I want to win this contest on Tuts+ like Burning Fire Bomb.
JULY: Gonna start off with the Serious Business stuff this time before I babble about fannish things.
AUGUST: Summer never lasts long enough for me.
OCTOBER: I've had this link-o-llection lying around for almost a month now.
NOVEMBER: RE: NaNoWriMo 2009
DECEMBER: Look, author.

Hrm. What an odd collection of lines. Later I'll type up my list of books read over 2009. My first book of 2010 is Spell Games by Marla Mason, which I greatly enjoyed.
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And boy is the weather outside frightful. o_o It's 43*F but we got lots of precipitation, and it's gray and icky.

Our family hosted the Christmas Eve party this year. It's the first time we've hosted a house party in a while. We used to be the go-to for the New Year's Eve party for our circle of South Side Filipino Faux Family, bu then someone else came along and her birthday is on NYE, so we've been going to her house for the past couple of years. Anyway, there's a lot of food at our house now. o_o We won't have to cook for the next week or so, lol. I spent part of the night watching the old Super Mario Brothers cartoon with my faux cousins (so bad it's good! I'm pissed that they took out the retro pop songs during the chase sequences, though), and then later on after midnight I watched John Woo's Hard Boiled, which I liked. I may track down his other gun fu films later. But if I'm awake for the rest of today (I am so frickin' tired, my sleep schedule is fucked up the wazoo), I may end up watching the second DVD of the SMB cartoon instead. So cracky.

Gifts so far include $40 in cash, a $50 check, $75 in Borders gift cards, a pair of black faux leather gloves,Gothic Charm School by Jillian Venters, volumes 2-5 of the Gintama manga, and a set of five plushies from the same series. My parents said they'll give out cash later because they were too busy/tired this entire holiday season to do much shopping, but whatever, I like what I got. Plus I have a good home with lots of food and a caring family and awesome friends, so that's plenty. Still, I'm not gonna turn down extra moniez. 8D I have my eye on a bunch of Emilie Autumn merch, including but not limited to an actual copy of the Opheliac CD and her book The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls.

Happy whatever-holiday-that-it-is-you-celebrate-in-winter! But remember, the axial tilt is the Real True Reason For the Season(tm).
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I have no particular desire to see James Cameron's Avatar, but this link features the creator of the Na'vi language sketching out the linguistic basics of it. I don't know half of the technical terms off the top of my head, but I am fascinated by the infixes that inflect verbs for speaker attitude. (Plus the fact that you can string together a whole line of vowels, lol!)

On that matter, here's a critical, contextual look at the racial themes of Avatar: When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like Avatar? For a snarkier look at the movie, [ profile] nihilistic_kid praises the film for being "a step forward in science fiction film in that it is only forty years behind science fiction literature rather than the usual fifty years".
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Being with other Filipinos is a lot like being with an extended family. Depending on my mood, that's either a really comforting thought or a really big fucking annoyance. Guess which one it was today? :D?


I wonder what would cost more: owning a three-story apartment building or owning a house with comparable living area? Because I was thinking that for the apartment building, if I owned the entire thing I could make use of all three floors, using one for living space, one for a library, and one as a music/art studio.
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I keep on meaning to update this thing with various posts that I've been randomly thinking about, but then I get lazy or distracted. Myu.

Yesterday night I finished Draft Zero of an experimental/exploratory fic of mine. I already had three chapters done and most of a 4th chapter drafted for a couple of months already, but about a week ago I said to myself: "Self, you are entirely sick of leaving your million-and-one ideas unfinished. So, why don't you knock out at least one of those ideas, and finish a draft of this particular fic within a week?" I set my minimum wordcount for at least 1000 words a day, which I made with varying degrees of pwnage (from "just barely" to "PWNED"). I clocked out last night at 13 chapters and almost 27,000 words. I'm also proud of myself because I made myself write out the important plot scenes, instead of (as I tend to do in things like NaNo) writing "[insert important plot scene here]". The only places where I did that were for a fight sequence (which started and ended with important plot stuff that I wrote; it's the actual action part that's missing) and for some flashback stuff in the last chapter that really only serves to deepen the main character (he's a one-time character from the fandom, and the flashback refers to canonical stuff, with my own personal twists). So I'm taking a break and spending the weekend doing anything but being productive.

This means that I finally sat my ass down and watched something. In this case, it's the first five episodes of an anime called Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra. One of Crunchyroll's newsletters mentioned this anime, and I was sold from the moment they mentioned the "Armed Librarians", which made me think of Yomiko Readman from Read or Die. Plus, well, come on. "Armed Librarians" just sounds awesome. I would want to be an Armed Librarian! They'd be badass and bookish.

Anyway, the series is set in a fantasy world where people's souls "fossilize" into stone tables called Books when they die, which other people can read just by touching it. The Armed Librarians collect and protect these Books and keep them in the Bantorra Library, named for the god of the past. Opposing them is the Church of Drowning in God's Grace, which refuses to give up their Books to the Bantorra Library. Their basic tenet is in self-fulfillment of material desires, no matter what they are, so they can make themselves as happy as possible. This means that when they die, their Books will be perfect and pure and will ascend to God in Heaven. Thus, they refuse to hand over their Books to the Bantorra Library.I was really excited for this...but in the end I was pretty disappointed.

The main character, Volken, is an Armed Librarian who is extremely skilled in battle but with a strong sentimental streak - in other words he's a typical do-gooder hero. In fact, that sentimental streak gets him sidelined from the main action going on in episodes 2-4, and the particular circumstances of that lead him to make a run for it at the end of episode 4. The only redeeming trait so far is his badass action sequence in the first episode, where he controls these bladed rings to attack and float (if he stands on them) - he uses the rings as a moving staircase up the side of a ship. The other characters so far range from "could be interesting" to "snorefest." Volken's (likely) Designated Love Interest, Milepoch, feels like she should be more badass than she actually is. Minor spoilers: As a result of Volken stealing this one priceless artifact with an utterly unpronounceable, unspellable name and fleeing Bantorra Library, Milepoch ends up so distraught that she's distracted from her duties as an Armed Librarian, and gets permission to use this other artifact to wipe out her memories and feelings about Volken. Really? Really? I can see how this is going to end fifty miles away without my glasses on. If the anime doesn't do what I think it's going to do with this plot, good on them. Hamyuts Meseta, the leader of the ALs, is at least entertaining - she's this boobalicious woman who inexplicably leaves her button-up blouse undone all the time, and is laid-back and playful yet tough, to the point of seeming heartless. She has the ability to kill people just by flicking pebbles at them. 'Cause ya see, she's so strong that she can fling pebbles - either with her fingers or with a sling - fast enough to break the sound barrier. Another potentially interesting character is Ireia, who is an elderly maid at the Bantorra Library but also an Armed Librarian herself, one of the strongest. In the opening sequence of episode 5 (they changed it suddenly from the previous four, which I'm actually glad for 'cause that one was pretty boring for the liveliness of Ali Project's opening), they show Ireia lifting up this huge-ass rock above her head, which is pretty epic to behold. Wikipedia was where I confirmed her strength and status in the ALs, but it was also where I confirmed that she's going to die at some point, which is a bummer.

In terms of animation, the first episode was really good looking. (I guess it would have to be, since it was action-oriented.) And then it went downhill pretty damn fast. Like, by episode two fast. (Interestingly, the way I noticed was when Hamyuts drops from a flying plane onto the ground below for a mission. When she stands up and stretches, you can really tell that the quality went kaput. This probably says really bad things about my mind.) And although it pulled itself up a little for the major fight in episode four, overall it was rather standard. The backgrounds are quite nice though. The characte designs are okay - I'm mostly confused by the fact that there seems to be some sort of uniform for the Armed Librarians, yet the only significant character who ever wears it is Volken. Milepoch's wearing some sort of military uniform for some reason. One of the secondary characters, Noloty, is dressed as though she's going to a freaking beach. Everyone else is pretty much unremarkable. The music does its job, although I really enjoy the opening song "Datengoku Sansen" by Ali Project.

Plot? I don't know, there's so much going on. And not necessarily in a good way. I'm going to let this review of episodes 1-6 (spoiler-free) speak for me:

With its interesting fantasy conceit (books that, when touched, provide direct access to the memories of the deceased), superior production values, and a triptych of strong, sympathetic and tantalizingly interconnected leads, Tatakau Shisho initially seems poised on the cusp of fantasy excellence. The first sign that there's trouble in paradise comes when the visuals start slipping in episode two, and before long it becomes clear that the series is spinning dangerously out of control. It wants very badly to be a daring mixture of political fantasy, shonen-styled action and transcendental romance, but ends up pulling itself in so many different directions that it simply falls apart. Intriguing ideas are floated (the destructive capabilities of religious zeal, the persistence of humanity in the face of inhuman degradation) only to be abandoned and left dangling; the memory-book concept devolves into a hollow gimmick; the romance gets shunted aside to make way for fantasy riffs on bioterrorism and free will, which are in turn sidelined in favor of destructive action-movie thrills. Far from excellence, the resultant series is a flailing mess.

As it barrels forward, scattering half-finished subplots in it wake, the series somehow manages to hold itself together long enough to salvage a reasonably exciting climax from the rushed and ruined remains of its plot. All else failing, Hamyuts Meseta makes an excellent action heroine, and her train-top showdown with Shindeki nasty Cigal is a genuine jaw-dropper. Which brings the series to episode five where, as if exhausted by the effort of maintaining cohesion, it falls completely to pieces. Without even a cursory attempt to address its myriad of loose ends and orphaned ideas, the series lurches into a second story arc, abandoning with shocking callousness both Colio Tonies and his time-tripping romantic partner Shiron. By episode six Hamyuts Meseta too has basically exited the picture, leaving her dull do-goodnik underlings to carry the story. The series might as well have put a shotgun in its mouth and pulled the trigger. Hamyuts, Colio and Shiron aren't just characters in the series, they are the series, and without them…well, it ends up with its brains—or more accurately, its heart—all over the roof.

While I'm not sure that I'd classify Hamyuts, Colio, and Shiron as the series itself, they are the characters that have (had?) the most potential to be really interesting. But by the end of episode 4, it feels as though they've already ended the particular arc with Colio and Shiron, and it's like, what? Why? Why even include that in the first place? Was the point of it just to provide a justification for the D.E.M.-like ending?

And now I'm reconsidering my impression that Volken was the main character of this series, because if you look at the promo art on both the review I linked and on the official anime website, the most prominent character isn't Volken, but Hamyuts. (And she's listed first on the character list too.) Which makes me feel slightly better about the series, and it would explain why Volken got shafted for episodes 2-5. But considering that the review I linked says Hamyuts goes offstage by episode 6, well...she'd better come back soon.

TL;DR Epic premise, disappointing results. Which goes to show that execution is everything, whether that means executing the premise with style and panache, or executing the premise with style and panache at the guillotine.
Look, author. If you're going to have a pronunciation guide at the front of your novel that spells out the correct way of pronouncing certain Welsh(?) and Irish words that may be unfamiliar to most of your audience, couldn't you at least have done a little bit more research and also spelled out the correct pronunciation for the Japanese word "kitsune", too? It's not kit-soon, it's kit-soo-nay (roughly, since the "tsu" is its own syllable in Japanese). I can understand explaining the pronunciation for some of the words, because I definitely would've been lost on trying to independently figure out the pronunciation for "Daoine Sidhe" (doon-ya shee) or "Luidaeg" (lou-sha-k). But at least the American English transliteration of "kitsune" sort of looks like how it's pronounced, and it's just one itty bitty step to adding that last syllable, "ne", into the mix.

On the other hand, most of these other words have me scratching my head as to why the author thought they'd need to be included in a pronunciation guide. Seriously, "manticore"? "Nixie"? "Kelpie"? "Puca"? And the author even helpfully provides the plural forms, too! Did you know that the plural of "banshee" is "banshees"? I certainly didn't, no ma'am!

This makes me want to chuck the book against the wall and I haven't even read a single page of prose yet. But I want to give this book a chance because it's been getting good reviews from authors I respect.

[/I'll take overreactions brought on by personal frustrations and late nights for $500, Alex!]
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Yes, there is a reason I re-used the title from this entry. And it's because, once again, one little thing after another kept popping up as I was trying to be productive and bit by bit it katamari'd my rage to levels over 9000 and I really wanted to maul someone.

Today, I woke up, intending to finish off my ART260 project. I...

1) Became increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of the last few pictures I had to draw and outline. "Well, whatever, this is just for school and it'll be at a smaller size anyway, and it fits the style a bit too, so it's not that big a deal."

2) Scanned the pictures in, played around with Illustrator's Live Trace function, only to find that it wasn't producing the kinds of lines I wanted - it looked more as though I'd just run all the sketches through a Levels or Curves adjustment on Photoshop. "Grr, whatever. Smaller size, fits the style, and I'm running out of time."

3) Took way longer than I thought to color in all the sketches. "Blah! No way am I going to get this done in time to head to campus and print out at the lab. I'm going to go to Kinko's and pay for a print so that I don't show up tomorrow without a project."

4) Went to the nearby Kinko's and got told that my 13"x19" color print was going to have a 24-hour turnaround. "OH FUCK NO!"

5) Went back home, proceeded to try and save my original .psd file as a .jpeg so I can resize it, only to find that Photoshop won't save my .psd as a .jpeg because of a program error. "WHAT IS THIS I DON'T FUCKING EVEN"

6) Saved the file as a .png, resized it, brought it to Kinko's, got it printed, found out that the skin tones on the people were wonky looking. "...I GIVE UP, MAN. I GIVE THE FUCK UP."

For what it's worth, here's the final project, although because it's on Photobucket as a resized JPEG, the quality is incredibly blurry, but you should still be able to read the text. I'm planning on revisiting this at some point to get smoother lines and better coloring, but that point is definitely not now. GRAR.

(Also, I found out later that I could, actually, have just saved my .png file as a .jpeg if I needed/wanted to. I think there must be something wrong with the .psd file itself, though fuck me with scissors if I know what it is.)
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Hahaha, it's Week Three of NaNoEdMo and I am so behind - still stuck at only 14 hours and 10 minutes of logged editing time. Doing the math...if I picked things up again on Monday, I'd have to log 4 hours a day in order to reach 50 hours by the end of the month. Oops! I might able to cut that down a tiny bit if I can get my ART260 final project (which is, ironically enough, about NaNoWriMo) done by tonight, because that means I'd be able to do work on Sunday. Still, I gotta step up the game.

What's really bad is that I find myself also thinking about my NaNo2007 project, Glass Houses. I think this is more a result of me banging my head against the wall over Daemonsong than it is a loss of interest in Daemonsong, and possibly also just a general lack of ability to concentrate on my part. Whatever the case, it's really annoying, although it's probably good that I'm doing even a little bit of groundwork for Glass Houses, because I do plan to tackle it at some point, so any little bit helps. Even if that point is a couple of years in the future because I don't have the talent or knowledge yet to pull off what I want to do, which is to write Glass Houses in a similar way as to the Japanese light novel form. The prose style shouldn't give me issues, since it's typically simplified with short, direct paragraphs, but the format requires illustrations that I'm not sure I have the talent to pull off (and I refuse to delegate the task to someone else). Plus, of course, there's the plotting issue to deal with (how many volumes? IT'LL NEVER END, MWAHAHAHAHA), and figuring out what kind of story I want to tell. Ideally, I'd like Glass Houses to be my "fuck it, I am going to have lots of crazy nonsensical fun with this series and you can't fuckin' stop me motherfuckers" - the tone would be similar to most of my fanfiction. At any rate, I'd definitely prefer for it to be more humorous than Daemonsong.

Okay, gotta get going. This ART260 project won't finish itself...although that'd be pretty sweet.
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Damn, if it isn't one thing going wrong, it's another.

Last night, as I settled down to work on my ART224 final project due Monday...

1) I realized that the pictures that I took with the digital SLR camera that I thought were .RAWs were actually .JPEGs, resulting in an incredible loss of information and a generally crappy quality that blurred a lot of the details. (Though to be fair, I suspect part of the problem also comes from my own lack of skill with the focus function on the SLR.) Still serviceable, just nowhere near as nice.

2) Which is just as well, since apparently my version of Photoshop CS2 wouldn't open the one .RAW file that I had anyway.

3) I realized that I'd left one of the pictures I needed back in the storage section of my Mac lab computer.


1) I realized that I only had ten sheets of glossy photo paper left. And that I had exactly ten photos to print.

2) And the lab didn't have any glossy paper for me.

3) One of my photos (incidentally, one of the ones that ended up .JPEG) got fucked a bit - the size was off. I have no idea what the issue was - scaling? Printer layout? Whatever the case, I ended up having to chop down the other nine photo prints so that they'd be consistent with that one.

4) Wow, the print quality is even worse than I thought, and I can see some mistakes that I made when I was doing the B&W masking against the original color photo which were nigh invisible while working on the computer!

Blah, doesn't matter. The project's done and I can start worrying about ART260 and HAA237 now.


Today marks the first time that I've ever been able to ride the El from Midway Airport to Fullerton station without having to make a transfer. Usually, this is impossible because of the way the Brown and Orange Lines are routed: they circle around the Loop before returning back to their home stations (north in the case of the Brown Line, and south in the case of the Orange Line). So the only way I can get north from the Orange Line or south from the Brown Line is if I make a transfer at some point in the Loop.

However, today there was some construction going on along the Wells and Van Buren side of the Loop, so any Loop-bound Orange Line trains ~*~magickally transformed~*~ into northbound Brown Line trains at the Roosevelt station. What a glorious, glorious day, being able to ride the train to school without having to worry about transfers! I wish every day were like today. (...minus the school project irritations.)
On Twitter, Smart Bitches Trashy Books posted a link to this book from Samhain Publishing, in which it is not at all apparent what that man on the cover could possibly be compensating for. [/sarcasm]

(Incidentally, I love the description at the bottom of the story synopsis. "Cornea-blistering sex scenes" makes it sound like the sex scenes would give you an STD so bad that your corneas would eventually melt off. Not exactly the sexiest image, that.)

That got me thinking, though: what would the female equivalent of this phenomenon be? A woman holding two Strategically Placed melons in her arms? A woman standing in a field of flowers with one particularly delicate bloom (bonus points if it's still just a flowerbud, actually) covering up her poon?
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My ART260 professor submitted my second project to the student curator, to be put up for display in the hallway of the third floor of the art building. The objective was to tell or suggest a narrative of some sort primarily through manipulation of type. That sort of thing is one of my (many) weak points as an artist, and overall I'm not really impressed with what I churned out. But then again, I'm not overly disappointed by it, either. It fulfilled the assignment requirements, and my professor thought it was good enough to put up, so I guess that's that.

Apologies for the bad lighting quality plus the flash; I was using my point-and-shoot (instead of the department's sexah digital DLR camera).

There's also a current call for student works to be submitted to the winter quarter thematic show.

Hide, Hyde, Hide and Seek: Winter Quarter Thematic Show
Submission deadline: January 15, 2010
Exhibition: Jan. 27 - Mar. 1
Opening reception: Jan. 27, 4:30pm - 6:00pm

This thematic exhibition will explore the notion of word play in three different ways: Hide, Hyde, and Hide and Seek. The interpretation can be literal; people or things, lost, missing, leaving or metaphorical; seeking, searching in spiritual, psychological and philosophical ways, as in The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The artwork can adopt one of the three words or all three. Work selected for this exhibit may or may not initially appear to conform to this theme. However, consider what is hidden and what is revealed in both the work you see and the work you create.

I'd love to be able to do something for this. However, I am currently running into a big honkin' white brick wall of non-ideas at the moment.


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