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Here there be full court transcripts of JKR vs. SVA/RDR Books for the three-day trial. The snark, it is strong with JKR's side! And thus, the Reileen is amused.

The Reileen is also amused by this gallery of Disney males as gay pinups. I feel dirty, but I can't look awaaaaaay. o_o;;

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[ profile] reileen: Doing NaNo is like finding really crap source material that you can then write really awesome neurotically fleshed-out fanfiction about.
[ profile] reileen: ...or at least that's one way I'm viewing this process of actually writing original shit. XD
[ profile] reileen: You can take the fan out of the fandom, but you can never take the fandom out of the fan!

...yeah. For some reason, I can't seem to make the transition to original fiction all that easily, even though some of the stuff I write for my usual fandoms are only a couple of name changes away from being original fiction. So I have to make some sort of connection to writing fanfic in order for me to write original fic. This most likely defeats the purpose of me writing original fic in the first place, but hey, whatever gets the job done, right? :D

Anyway, I finished doing the outline notecards for Glass Houses. I'm not sure what I want to do from here with this thing. I might try to pull together what I've learned about the main characters into a single comprehensive character file, and/or work on a rough map of the relevant areas that would just establish things like "Neliam is north of Thorlith" and stuff like that. Or I could just go back to my fanfiction for a while. *can never seem to concentrate on one project at a time, which is no doubt going to drive her even more crazy in the future*

I'm also working through All You Need to Know About the Music Business by Donald S. Passman. [ profile] mugging_hipster lent it to me after we had a talk about our dream careers. I'm not even halfway through the book yet, but already I know I'm getting a copy of the latest edition for myself once I get some money. I probably won't even break into the bottom of the muzak biz until my 30's, but I might as well start laying the groundwork now, yeah?

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An absolutely fascinating website on Aztec Reconstructionism, which one doesn't see a lot of amongst the neopagans. Probably because, according to the author of the site, the Aztec deities do demand blood, and Lady knows real pagan deities are all benevolent and whiteness and light and if they demand something from you, especially icky icky blood, that means they're Very Bad! [/sarcasm] No, They're not looking for human sacrifice, at least not in the same way it was practiced in Ye Olden Mesoamerican Tymes (although you should check this guy's essay on how to bring back the concept of healthy sacrifice in today's society - I have to say, it's got some interesting implications), but voluntary drawing of one's own blood is a necessary part of being an Aztec Recon. 'Cause if you don't do it of your own will, the Gods are going to take it from you. Yeah, it sounds harsh, but They're Gods, so They'd have every right to do so.

Of course, being who I am, I'm thinking about this topic not just in terms of how it might apply to my own worship (Artemis, after all, has demanded both human blood and human sacrifice in her mythos), but also in terms of how I can incorporate this into my creative endeavors, particularly for world-building. I'd love to use the idea of "healthy sacrifice" in a sci-fi society.

Related to my own personal worldbuilding: John Scalzi tackles the practical issues surrounding polygamy in modern America. Be sure to check out the comments too; they bring up some really mind-boggling points. Holy shit, the legalities, they are over 9000! (And yet I'm tempted to incorporate some of this into Ryker's society, since I have the impression that, at least in one city he was in, polyamory was alive and well. But I hadn't decided yet whether that acceptance was realized in legal form in that particular city.)

Related to worldbuilding in general, yanked from the awesome [ profile] ysabetwordsmith: A Collection of End of World Scenarios. Already I can hear my characters shivering in fear at my amazing authorial powers of doom! Ohohohoho.


Perhaps this just shows what an elitist whore I am, but I'm really dismayed at all the American-based "How to Draw Manga" books that have been coming out lately. I'd like to think that it's not so much that I'm not Super Special Awesome anymore in my love of Japanese comics and animation as it is that the art that often accompanies these books looks like the shit I drew in 6th grade - when I first started out in anime style. Seriously, y'all, what the fuck is this? This is a marked improvement, but it still can't compare to this. YMMV, of course.


Read through vols. 1-4 of Tokyo Mew Mew after I received them from a trade on [ profile] garagesalejapan. I've been finding myself wanting to revisit the magical girl genre lately for some reason, but instead of returning to old-school Sailor Moon on crunchyroll, I decided to branch out a bit (though I still do want to return to Sailor Moon, omgnostalgia).

Well...I got TMM in a trade for some of my other manga, so I don't feel like I wasted money or anything, and I still want to read vols. 5-7, but the series seems lacking to me. I could have overlooked the outlandish premise ("Rich high school kid tries to fight invading aliens by injecting Earth animals with the DNA of endangered species, but he totally misses and hits five middle-school girls instead!"), since that's pretty much requisite for any magical girl series. And I could have overlooked the generically cute art that sometimes hovered at a "just technically competent enough" point (although it made the fight scenes boring as hell).

But I was not willing to overlook the one-dimensionality of the characters. In fact, these characters are so commonplace that I can describe them in terms of other popular anime characters.

Otaku-speak: Sakura Kinomoto, only much less cute and endearing.
Translation: The goodie-goodie middle-school girl who just wants a normal life and to have a boyfriend, and is always unselfish, etc. and so forth.

Otaku-speak: Tomoyo Daidouji with Rei Hino's personality minus Tomoyo's 'cesty crush on Sakura and her love of dressing Sakura up.
Translation: Snobby rich girl who in reality Just Wants to be Loved.

Lettuce (I kid you not, that's her name)
Otaku-speak: Fuu Hououji crossed with Usagi Tsukino.
Translation: A professional doormat that keeps on slipping out from under people's feet.

Pudding (yes, that is really her name, too)
Otaku-speak: A bite-sized Shampoo with Mokona tendencies.
Translation: A hyperactive Chinese acrobat.

Otaku-speak: Rei Hino (or, if you're going by the live-action Sailor Moon, Makoto Kino works here as well) with the looks of Arashi Kishuu.
Translation: Super-gorgeous girl who is cold and distant for some reason that I haven't yet been able to discern, and is initially antagonistic towards joining the Tokyo Mew Mews.

Let's not even get into the love interests, which include Masaya, the requisite Nice Classmate Who Has No Fucking Clue What's Going On (a.k.a. the Houjou of TMM); Ryou, the Jerk That Needs to Get the Hell Offa Mine Side But Is Really Cute/Hot (Inuyasha crossed with Tamaki, in this particular instance); and Kish, the Conflicted Baddie (Nephrite). I admittedly have a weak inclination for shipping Ichigo with Ryou, but that's because I have a general preference for that sort of dynamic in the romances I read about. Otherwise, I'm scratching my head over what these guys see in Ichigo. Is it her Sakura smile? Her pink hair? What?

The plot is even more confusing and vague. TMM follows a monster-of-the-week formula, which would be fine by me, except that these monsters aren't even remotely amusing or even scary. The aliens who sent/created the monsters in the first place are marginally more intriguing, if only because it's revealed that apparently they used to live on the Earth a long-ass time ago and now they want it back 'cause they're pissed that us stupid humans have fucked it up with pollution and shit. I have to admit that I (or a certain Huntress, at any rate) was amused at the environmental angle that TMM takes in setting up the core conflict of the story.

Overall, I might have liked TMM back when I was still a Sailor Moon Maniac. At the very least, I wouldn't have been bothered by the numerous problems I've just pointed out. But I wouldn't recommend it to other SM fans my age or older; it's best left to those of Ichigo's age bracket.


And finally, people think that deviantArt's little icon switcheroo deal for April Fools' this year is akin to rape! Oh, internets, nevar change.

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All right, y'all. I don't care what end of the political spectrum you're from* - you should not spend 80%+ of your fanfiction profile writing about your political views. In great frothy detail. With big black bold font. And a political meme to end it (i.e., "Here's a really obnoxious and badly written chain letter poem thingy, and if you believe in it post it on your profile OR ELSE THE TERRORISTS WILL WIN OR ELSE YOU'LL HAVE BAD LUCK FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!").

Yeah, I know. Freedom of speech and all that. Which means I have the freedom to rant about what I perceive as outright obnoxiousness. There's a line between "stating your beliefs" and "shouting your beliefs to every godsforsaken corner of the world with an Acme-caliber megaphone," and the line was veeerrry fine with this one. Myself, I try to keep the politicizing on my profiles to a minimum - "I'm pagan and liberal" - and have other people decide for themselves whether they want to engage me on that. As an artist**, though, it would be nice if my work could work as a common ground for people from all walks of life to have a productive dialogue about how to fix this broken world we live in.

Barring that, I just want to see well-written slash fanfic for my stuff.

I'm not your wrong direction, I'm not your free at last

*In the interest of full bias disclosure, I lean liberal on many issues, and this particular author was a conservative Christian. Her words, not mine.
**I'm including "writer" and "musician" in this, although I've been looking for a better umbrella term to describe what I do. "Artistiwrimusician" really doesn't roll off the tongue.
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News from Clairvoyant Wank! Over in Stargate Atlantis fandom, [ profile] nightspring is well-hated well-known for posting a lot of short SGA fics or short updates to an on-going fic rather frequently in [ profile] mckay_sheppard. And by short, I mean less than 100 word.

The people voice their dissatisfaction! So [ profile] nightspring agrees to stop posting...posting updates to that one fic, that is. Everything else is still fair game!

But the most brilliant part of the story - and the reason why I'm posting about this - is the series of parody fics that have popped up in response to this wankery. The fics and the subsequent feedback threads mock everything about fic posting from author's notes that are longer than the story to common squee responses to overblown lit crit on the part of the author and the reviewers. I'm not anywhere near Stargate fandom, but I lol'd more than once reading through these parodies. Might not have you roffling, but it'll get you sniggling, that's for sure.


A slightly older entry that I just found in I Wank: OP discusses a wedding in which she wants to stage a mock duel between the bride's party and the groom's party, inspired by Firefly, Asian culture, and love of weird tech. Not technically wanking on the part of the OP, which is what the I Wank community is for, but I got distracted by the sheer awesomeness of the wedding plans. To hell with traditional weddings! If I ever were to get married (big "if"), I would totally do something like this, except mine would be riddled with video game references up the wazoo.

So let's see here. I could wear Peach's SSBM dress, and my groom could wear a tuxedo in red and blue with a matching cap; we'd have at it with the Master Sword on the groom's part and Zelda's Twilight Princess Sword on my part; the bride and groom figure on top of the six-tiered wedding cake would be surrounded by a minefield of tiny little sugar bombs instead of the pink sugar roses. The ceremony itself would be held in Sol Sanctum, and the reception would be held in Grand Chokmah.



EDIT: Also, insert obligatory lulz about Intarwebs Court: Anonymous Vs. Scientology.

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The best answer I've heard yet to the "Is Sheik a guy or a girl?" wanking debate:

I tend to think that Link knows [that Zelda can turn into a guy] and just doesn't care, personally. What better way to have both a boyfriend and a girlfriend while still remaining monogamous? Go Link! -puipui on JournalFen

I think I actually read a Mario/Zelda crossover fic aaaaages ago in the Pit of Voles in which Link was romantically involved with Zelda, both with Zelda being female and then turning into male Sheik. It was a pretty interesting dynamic.

*insert usual Ranma 1/2 jokes here, with a side of Sailor Moon reference*

EDIT: The original JournalFen post can be found here, because there have been far too many responses made of win for me to quote them all in this entry. :D

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