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Hahaha, it's Week Three of NaNoEdMo and I am so behind - still stuck at only 14 hours and 10 minutes of logged editing time. Doing the math...if I picked things up again on Monday, I'd have to log 4 hours a day in order to reach 50 hours by the end of the month. Oops! I might able to cut that down a tiny bit if I can get my ART260 final project (which is, ironically enough, about NaNoWriMo) done by tonight, because that means I'd be able to do work on Sunday. Still, I gotta step up the game.

What's really bad is that I find myself also thinking about my NaNo2007 project, Glass Houses. I think this is more a result of me banging my head against the wall over Daemonsong than it is a loss of interest in Daemonsong, and possibly also just a general lack of ability to concentrate on my part. Whatever the case, it's really annoying, although it's probably good that I'm doing even a little bit of groundwork for Glass Houses, because I do plan to tackle it at some point, so any little bit helps. Even if that point is a couple of years in the future because I don't have the talent or knowledge yet to pull off what I want to do, which is to write Glass Houses in a similar way as to the Japanese light novel form. The prose style shouldn't give me issues, since it's typically simplified with short, direct paragraphs, but the format requires illustrations that I'm not sure I have the talent to pull off (and I refuse to delegate the task to someone else). Plus, of course, there's the plotting issue to deal with (how many volumes? IT'LL NEVER END, MWAHAHAHAHA), and figuring out what kind of story I want to tell. Ideally, I'd like Glass Houses to be my "fuck it, I am going to have lots of crazy nonsensical fun with this series and you can't fuckin' stop me motherfuckers" - the tone would be similar to most of my fanfiction. At any rate, I'd definitely prefer for it to be more humorous than Daemonsong.

Okay, gotta get going. This ART260 project won't finish itself...although that'd be pretty sweet.
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