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I'm not sure that this is the complete list, since I can't seem to find the original list I made somewhere, but this is stuff that I've found by poking around on Amazon, Wikipedia, and other places.

Jan. 5 - Blood Cross (Jane Yellowrock) by Faith Hunter
Mar. 10 - Roadkill (Cal Leandros) by Rob Thurman
Apr. 6 - Changes (Harry Dresden) by Jim Butcher
May 18 - The Demon's Covenant (The Demon's Lexicon Trilogy) by Sarah Rees Brennan
Jul. 6 - Red Hood's Revenge (Princess novels)

Some Amazon reviews indicate that Jane Yellowrock seems to be less strong of a character in Blood Cross than she was in Skinwalker, but I'll see how it goes when I get it from the library. (The cover for it is just as smokin' hot as the first one, though.) I just finished the 4th Cal Leandros book, Deathwish, which I think has to be my favorite by far - I loved that Thurman included Niko's POV this time, and I hope she does it for Roadkill as well. Changes could be potentially absurd in a bad way (secret baby, WTF?), but I'm going to keep faith that it'll at least be an interesting ride that'll show off more facets of Harry's character. I'm a little disappointed that Nick won't be the main character of The Demon's Covenant, but I'll still check the book out because the world is potentially interesting. Finally, I am totally stoked for Red Hood's Revenge because I've heard that we get to find out more about Talia and see a showdown between her and Red Riding Hood. FUCK YEAH.

Feb. 14 - Auralei EP by Artemis
Spring - Body of Glass by Artemis
Spring - Tall Tales for Spring by Vanessa Carlton
Summer - Disturbed
Autumn - Within Temptation
Unknown - Weird Al Yankovic
Unknown - Evanescence

I was actually really disappointed with the samples I heard of the Auralei EP - it's a good thing I held off on buying the downloads. I'll see if there are any songs I might like on the actual album. I hope Vanessa Carlton includes a studio recording of "All Is Well", because I think that's easily her best song yet. Wikipedia says that the new Disturbed album is going to be even darker than Indestructible, but the musical style will be more reminiscent of their album Believe (which I've got somewhere but haven't listened to because I am so fucking bad with listening to stuff from the Music Fairy, ye-e-s). No clue what to expect from the Within Temptation album. Should probably listen to the Weird Al EP Internet Leaks to get an idea of what might be on the next studio album; I wonder if he'll do a Lady GaGa parody? That would be epic. No clue what to expect from Evanescence either, but here's hoping it's better than The Open Door.

Also, whatever happened with Ghost Orgy? I've been checking their MySpace and main website for news, and aside from an update on the main website about releasing an EP in early 2008(!!!), there hasn't been anything. I wonder what came up?
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