Jan. 21st, 2009

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I'm waiting to hear back from the A&D advisor I talked with in fall quarter about getting some of my animation credits counted towards my A&D major. I e-mailed him on Sunday but haven't heard back from him, which is making me antsy. He's teaching at least one class this quarter (a senior seminar class), so he should be checking his school e-mail, hopefully. I'll wait for another week or two before I stomp over to the art department in a righteous fury and demand the right to a major advisor, either to see him or another one.

See, I'm a little antsy at the moment because, although I can - numerically speaking - fit in my needed classes, both for my liberal arts requirements and my major concentration requirements, within the last academic year-and-a-half or so that I've got left, I've just realized that it would probably help to know when certain classes are offered during the year. It'll suck hardcore if I need, say, a certain 300-level art class, and then realize during spring quarter of my senior year that that class isn't being offered then. DO NOT FUCKING WANT. I only need three more foundation courses, which would be pre-reqs to higher-level art classes, and I'm almost sure I can nail those courses either next quarter or in fall quarter 2009-2010.

The other problem I'm having is that the art department is like a fucking chameleon: every year it changes the colors of its program requirements. I've got two lists of program requirements, one from last year and one from this year (both of which I ended up getting from my Honors advisor, wtf?), and I'm like, which one do I go with, this year's or last year's? INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW! I'm assuming it'd be last year's, since that's technically when I entered the major, but I'd rather get official confirmation instead of stumbling around in the dark. In terms of the number of courses I'd need to take, there's not too much of a difference between the two years - last year's has 11 courses for the A&D concentration and this year's has 12. But this year's course list requires more 300-level art classes than last year's, and it doesn't seem to offer Beginning Painting as a credited course anymore. (I'm miffed that Figure Drawing won't count towards A&D credit either - I was really looking forward to finally taking a formal course for that shit, with live models and everything!)

At any rate, my spring quarter this year will probably have JPN106, HON350/351, and two ART courses that I haven't figured out yet. I'm leaning towards ART113 (3-D Foundations) and one of the two art history groupings (one of them has classes in either Asian, Latin American, or African art, and the other one is geared towards art from Dead White Males). JPN106 is the last class in my language sequence for this year, and HON350/351 is the Honors senior seminar course. Both of these will officially complete my liberal arts requirements, and all that's left for me to do is my "experiential learning" requirement by studying abroad! Which is where I'm running into another problem.

It's no surprise to anyone here that I'd like to hop over to Nihonland. In fact, one of the things I was looking forward to most in college was being able to study there for one quarter, or hell, maybe even one year. But as a result of taking a year off, changing my major, and realizing that I'm still sort of precariously balanced on an emotional branch, I can't do the traditional "study-at-some-country-for-a-quarter" deal. Instead, I have to go during break. Summer break is the most obvious one, but my family is planning a trip to the Netherlands this summer to visit my mom's sister, and I don't know yet when or for how long (or hell, even if) we're going. Spring break is ridiculously short, and DePaul doesn't seem to offer any Japan programs for spring break anyway. That leaves winter break.

This year, DePaul CTI (well, it's "CDM", now) hosted the first winter break trip to Japan, a two-week deal that brought students to various places dealing with computer gaming and animation. The coordinator of the program said that they were tentatively planning another trip like this for next year, more centered around Japanese pop culture. I've e-mailed her asking if those plans have become definite. I'm hoping they have, because otherwise...I will be a very sad Reileen, to understate things just a tad. The other alternative is just to do one of the DePaul community service things, whatever those happen to be (haven't looked into them), but I'd rather not do that unless I have no alternative. Right now I'm looking at the other winter break destinations, and other possibilities include Amsterdam/Brussels/Paris, China, and...Morocco. (Camel ride through the Sahara! Yeah, that'll definitely let Mommykins sleep well at night.) The thing that worries me slightly, though, is that the Japan CDM trip is the only one that requires you to take just one associated course prior to going on the trip - all the other ones have two (one in fall quarter, one in winter quarter). I don't mind taking one quarter with an extra class, but taking two, especially when I'm in my senior year, is causing me to twitch just a tad. ([livejournal.com profile] lysis_to_kill, I can't figure out how you managed to routinely take 5 or 6 classes - in science of all things! - a quarter. You're either super strong or super crazy. Four classes is enough to make me want to kill kittens and fry their skin into kitty chicharron.)

I'll just have to check up on the study abroad pages regularly. The deadline for applying to winter term SA programs is May 15th, so finalized plans should be materializing at some point prior to that date. Right now, my more pressing concerns are the two papers (one for ART200, one for HON300) that I have to write this weekend. Also, wtf, why is my tuition overdue? Did my student loans not get distributed or something? Gotta check that shit out soon, and renew my FAFSA stuff too. Also also, I need to formally extend my DePaul Presidential Scholarship. Apparently when they say "four-year scholarship", they mean "four-year scholarship". As in, four calendar years, not academic years. I was told by a financial aid advisor that even though I wasn't in class last year, it still counted as one of the years on the four-year scholarship. So now I have to write to another financial aid advisor asking for a formal extension, and I'd have to "prove" (not my words) that 1) I had a legit excuse for taking the year off ("not just because you wanted to") and 2) that I'd be able to graduate by next spring. The first piece of evidence is easy enough - I can list the name and contact info for the counselor I went to for a few months, although since she moved her office I'm not sure how much of the info stayed the same. The second piece of evidence, well...I could just tell her that, given what I know about the number of courses I need to finish off my credits, it's likely that I'll graduate by next year. But it'd be SUPAR SUPAR nice to have an advisor's official word that yes, despite her crazy antics, Ms. Reileen van Kaile will, indeed, get the fuck out of DePaul by spring 2010!

Which brings us full circle to the beginning of this post. ANSWER MY FUCKING E-MAIL, DAMN A&D ADVISOR!

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