Mar. 8th, 2009

Can I just take some time out to say how much I hate MySpace? The only reason I got an account there was for the sake of putting my music on there, a purpose which is currently mostly fulfilled by my YouTube channel.

I was recently trying to customize the layout for my profile, because the default one is FUGLYFUGLYFUGLYANDFUGLY. (Did I mention it's fugly?) Anyway, the FAQ says we're supposed to be able to find that sort of schnazz in the "Customize Profile" part of the menu bar. No-brainer, right?

Except that for some reason, "Customize Profile" brings me to the same page as "Edit Profile", which is where I fill in all the stuff about shows, the kind of music I play, so on and so forth.

I e-mailed MySpace Customer Service about it, and they were spectacularly unhelpful. No, you coal-brained gits, I don't need help on CSS or HTML, I just need to get to the fucking customization page.

Also, MySpace isn't showing saved changes to my music genres, either. I initially had my listed genres as acoustic/electronic (...don't ask), and have been currently trying to change it to acoustic/gothic/other. It saves my edits on the Edit Profile page, but it won't show up on my actual profile as having been changed.

Le sigh.


A list of 10 endangered languages. As a writer, a lover of language, it makes me sad to think of languages going extinct.

This article from the Washington Post details an interesting experiment where world-class violinist Josh Bell played unfamiliar classical pieces in the middle of a busy D.C. commuting hub in order to see how many people would actually stop and listen to him and/or tip him for his talent. The driving question behind the experiment was whether people could recognize beauty at any time and any place; the results seem to point towards needing optimal conditions in order to fully appreciate something beautiful. (I think this was actually mentioned briefly in Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks.) (Also, I've placed Bell's The Voice of the Violin on my Amazon wishlist.)


I forgot how wonderfully addicting Katamari Damacy is. It's such a simple, silly premise, but oh so fun. I spent quite some time trying to break my katamari size records in a couple of stages. If I ever get money, I'll try picking up We ♥ Katamari.

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