May. 26th, 2009

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In anticipation of summer break, which cannot come fast enough, I've compiled a list of things I hope to do over the summer.

*Language learning - Reviewing Japanese and teaching myself Cebuano in a semi-formal manner.

One of the things that I think has been making it hard for me to learn Cebuano (besides the weird-ass verb conjugations) is the fact that I don't have a textbook to follow from. I do have the next-best thing, which is a grammar handbook, but while there is some thematic organization to the book, it's primarily with regards to vocab (e.g., "fruits and vegetables", "animals", etc.) and parts of speech (e.g., "Nouns and How You Use Them"). That is to say, this book is not "practically" organized.

What I plan to do - and which may or may not break my brain even further - is to start reviewing my Japanese lessons, right from the beginning, and translates those lessons into Cebuano. Example - am I learning how to say where something is in a room? Okay, then I'll review how to say it in Japanese and then find the Cebuano equivalent. Have I come up against those pesky counters? I'll beat myself over the head with them and then do it again for Cebuano! Ad nauseam.

I also hope to finally finish up an amateur translation of a rare Golden Sun 4-koma anthology that's been in the works for a few years now. I'm over halfway done with it, and I'll have the help and enthusiasm of my friend [ profile] kiirobon, who is way better than me at reading and translating, so I'm pretty sure that if I just apply myself (HA!), I'll be able to get this done.


*Career advancement - Freelance work, self-teaching, Artist Alley

Feeling bad that I did so crappy on my earnings from Artist Alley this year, Lauren specifically called me up on my cell phone one night a few weeks ago to tell me about the Alchemy section of that crazy site Etsy. Alchemy is where members can put up requests for custom handmade goods - with "handmade" covering the field of graphic design services - and then interested people can bid on the request. Uh, hell yes I'm going to do this! MONEY MONEY MONEY. Even though I looked at some of the requests and started emoing about how inexperienced I am and how I have no talent at all and there's no way they'd ever choose my designs over someone else's even if I offered it for free and even if I tried I'll totally do everything wrong and they'll hate me and blah blah glitterfries. Alas, I must get some experience somehow, so I'm going to attempt to dip my toes into doing freelancing work, since it's what I want to get into eventually. (I also kind of want to open my own design firm, but that's far in the future, if it's in the future at all.)

Another thing I'd like to do is to get more familiar with Adobe Illustrator. I love Photoshop to death, but I recognize that Illustrator is, like, fucking huge for things like logos and layout and typography and such. Which are all things that I'll probably end up doing for a while to pay the bills after college, so I'd best start making that program my bitch. I've already found this site and its Photoshop equivalent, which made me SQUEEEEEE so hard because LOOK AT ALL THE SHINY NOMG. I'll attempt to work my way through some of the tutorials so that I become more familiar with the workspace of Illustrator and so I can start finding my workflow for the program. I'd also like to learn Adobe InDesign because it's specifically for working with heavy text layouts, like in books and magazines, but I'm sort of afraid to install the progam on my arthritic heap of a laptop, so I guess that'll have to wait. Anyway, trying to learn Illustrator will be headache enough. And I'm also hoping to get more familiar with photomanipulation techniques, since, y'know, that's what Photoshop is for.

And somewhere in-between, I have to find time to work on stuff for Artist Alley! Although I'm not even sure I'll do it next year, because 2009-2010 is going to be my senior year (oh, Gods, please let this be true) and therefore it's going to be jam-packed with all sorts of academic goodies to swallow whole. I guess I oughta at least start working on original illustrations, like for my Teng Shui series and for Shiroko.

*Wasting time - Playing video games, continuing to perform at Borders, writing fanfic and maybe some minor work on original fic.

I totally lost my gamer cred years ago, which is why I'm going to attempt to regain some of it by completing a few of my dust-bunny-covered video games when I can. Contenders include Baten Kaitos (...although first I have to actually purchase this game, oops), Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (and maybe I'll even re-play the first game as a refresher! And maybe Hudson will actually do a reboot of Bomberman 64: The Second Attack), and Xenosaga.

I...actually have no idea if I'm going to be able to do any music over the summer. I was thinking of trying to hit up another Borders closer to my home in addition to the LaGrange Borders, but I'd like to get some new songs on my repertoire before then. In particular, I'd love to be able to get "Eidolon" done, because I think this has the makings of something relatively epic (for me, at least, I don't know if that'll apply for other people). And I'm starting to get a little bored with "Gospel of the Shadow of Nobody", which I guess is a good/bad sign that I really need to be working on new things. Might be nice to get a better arrangement for "One Day" as well. Oh, and I oughta finish up "No Longer Yours Truly", too.

...uh, yeah. Writing. Uh. Me write pretty one day! *thud* When I get some real talent and not the adulterated bland stuff I've been sniffing for the past couple of years.

Speaking of writing, I'm not sure if I'm going to do NaNo this year, what with having to focus on school and such. If I do decide to tackle NaNo again, I'll probably lower the goalpost to 25k and do a fanfic instead of original fic.

*Real world - Getting a part-time summer job.

Mostly because I'm feeling really guilty over making my parents pay for a lot of my stuff, including the non-necessities. Also, I have been watching [ profile] lippy_addicts and other goth/punk-fashion related comms and sites and have been wanting to revamp my wardrobe something fierce. But I would feel really bad if I made my parents pay for this stuff...not that I think they'd pay for that kind of stuff in the first place, anyway. I just started getting apps and turning them in a few days ago, and I have to follow up on some things. I also need to check out more places downtown and on the North Side near DePaul, since I got the A-OK from the 'rents to look for work there. If I have to, though, I'll go back to Gamestop (shudder) or resort to McDonald's (SHUDDER), because like hell I'm going to make my parents pay for...

*Livin' la vida loca - GOING TO MOTHERFUCKIN' LAS VEGAS!

Even if that trip does happen to fall on my birthday weekend.

Yeah, so the story goes, me and a bunch of friends decided we wanted to do something crazy over the summer, so we're gonna fly out to Vegas for a weekend and generally be, uh, crazy. And...stuff. The hotel rates are relatively cheap now because of the recession, and since there's going to be a fair amount of us going, the hotel fare will be split up into manageable portions. We'll be staying at a tower suite at the Stratosphere, I think?

The main problem for all of us is the airfare, which going to and from Vegas ends up being around $340. There's no way I'd be able to make that kind of money freelancing, so I gotta face the real world and go get a job. I hope I end up with something tolerable - I did the math, and even if I worked a slacker schedule of only, like, 10 hours a week, if I worked from the middle of June through July I'd still have enough money to go to Vegas with some left over for extraneous expenses.


oh dear gods my ART264 .psd file is fucking huge. That's what she said! I hope my computer can handle it, because I'd hate to have to be stuck at the computer labs just to work on this. I know, I know, that's probably what the majority of on-campus design students do, but dammit, if I can help it, I don't want to be at school any longer than I have to! Even if the Mac computers in that one lab are some badass muthafuckahz. I'm really leaning towards getting a Mac as my desktop!

Anyway, gotta do some Japanese (which I actually mostly completed earlier in the day, YAY FOR BEING A RESPONSIBLE STUDENT WHEN IT'S ALREADY THE END OF THE YEAR AND NOTHING REALLY MATTERS ANYMORE) and then this three-page peer review paprt for ART227 which I totally forgot I had to do.

hear me out, I'm not your enemy


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