Aug. 25th, 2009

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The Gods damn my Asian eyes and brown skin! It makes it more difficult to pull off the typical goth/punk makeup look that I really like. I seem to have succeeded in developing a generic smoky eyes look that works for me, but while I think it looks decent it's not as dramatic as I'd like it to be. (Not that I'd ever need it to be really dramatic except on-stage, but I'd like to start dressing up a little more for gigs and stuff.) I think I need a really thick, deep, black eye makeup or something. Or maybe I just need moar skillz, whatever works.

Also, found that mascara doesn't seem to do much for me. My lashes are already long and black, so I'm not sure why Mommykins told me a while back that I should have some of the stuff on hand. It'd be different if I had, like, metallic sparkly obnoxious colors of mascara.

Also also, I seriously need to find either more dramatic color or more opaque eyeshadow or something, because nearly all of the eyeshadows I have really don't show up that well on my skin. Or they look horrible with my skin tone. I really want to experiment with stuff from Urban Decay, but their shit is so expensive. ;_; Although I remember finding some cheap stuff from them on eBay. Still, no job = no money = no needless spending! I must make do with what I have. And, you know, learn how to apply makeup properly, with that foundation shit and stuff. Waaaah, that's worrrk.


Sorry for the silence. I got distracted with many things, including two vacations to Las Vegas, NV and Branson, MO. I'd like to get the pictures and some semblance of a coherent write-up done soon, but I'm going to wait until the memory upgrades arrive for my laptop - increasing the RAM from 1GB to 2GB and praying that it'll be enough to prevent my laptop from spontaneously combusting on me all the time if I don't have two fans trained on it.

I start classes on September 9. It'll be nice to see my friends again, but I won't have any classes with them and I'm not really looking forward to the senior-level work for A&D. (My feelings of inadequacy in both this area and other areas of my life could warrant a novel of an LJ entry, and while I probably should attempt to sort through that at some point...i dun feel liek it rite nao so dere.) Also not looking forward to what could potentially be a fight with the art department faculty to graduate on time.

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